Dave Chappelle

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David Khari Webber "Dave" Chappelle is an African American stand-up comedian, screenwriter, producer, and actor.


No one knows how to play the humor with the brains of his/her audience better than dave chappelle. Comedians like russell peters is famous just because of a couple lines he said that made him an amazing one hit wonder. However Dave chappelle doesn't have a few lines that stand out from the rest of his work, because ALL OF HIS LINES stand out. And he doesn't have to make reference to race just to be funny. He can make reference to virtually anything. I'm not even talking about the Chappelle Show, I'm talking about just his stand up alone. Dave Chappelle's the best... If you don't believe me... Just you tube his name, and you'll understand.. Trust me

It all depends on how you view comedy but Dave Chappelle by far has my number when it comes to humor. I would give Richard Prior props for being father of this type of humor hands down. Without Richard there wouldn't be over half of these comedians. Dave didn't invent this comedy like richard, but he did transcend it to a different level better than Pryor did. His stand up alone was amazing, but his show was biggest income for comedy central as well. Like said humor varies from person, so no it won't make you think but he does great job at bring the his stories to life on stage that you don't even have to have great imagination to feel drawn in. With perfect timing an delivery, story telling, voice acting, animation, crossing boundaries in good way, bringing all races/sexs in on joke and great energy, makes Dave a legend with so few comedians being as versatile as him.

The best ever. This man is so much more than a stand up. Practically anybody can be a stand up nowadays. It is actually is getting kinda annoying everybody thinks they can be one and many are successful. Even though they aren't even funny. Chappelle is mad funny I could watch his specials on repeat. He is a real artist and will never be another like him. My favorite thing about him would have to be his stories he comes up with that are out of this world funny. I'm getting sick of all the comedians that are trying to go up on stage and just tell stories from their life where has all creativity gone. I don't want to go a show just to hear an autobiography try to write a joke people. Anyways Chapelle rules and is the best and if he isn't then it is definitely Hedberg.

So much respect. Walked away from 50 million dollars due to the corruption and illusion of media and show business. Stayed true to himself and morals and cold be more sane than any celebrity of that stature. But still hands down the most brilliant comedian I have ever seen. Not only were is jokes hilarious, but perfectly formulated making light of social issues in a way that makes you realize how ridiculous the world is and gives you a chance to laugh about it. I'm glad I had the chance to watch him growing up and proud that he remains an Ohioan. A true breath of fresh air from Hollywood senselessness.

He just makes me laugh. It's not even what he says. His pauses are hilarious. The way he delivers his jokes and his timing are just perfect. I think if anyone else was delivering the same material, it wouldn't be nearly as funny. I like comedians like George Carlin for his intellect and Louis CK for his honesty. I like Jim Gaffigan for his good will and Chris Rock for his observations. I like Dave Attell for his crudeness and Hannibal Buress for his quirkiness. I like Kevin Hart for his hilarious personal stories and John Mulaney for his unique personality. I have a very diverse taste in comedy. That being said, no one makes me laugh as loud and as often as Mr. Dave Chapelle. I don't really know why.

Hilarious, educated on the subjects he jokes about properly, makes the fears we have about certain aspects funny and kind of clears the air a little; quite comforting... Over all an amazing comedian and would love to see more of his work.

Time and time again I will watch the same things, but it only gets funnier. This guy is funny throughout his career, unlike some comedians. You cannot sit still watching this guy, he will make you hurt from laughing so hard.

Chappelle is the voice of a generation, a man who tells it like it is and observes the racial tendencies of our culture. Being able to laugh at our problems is a necessary step toward change, and Chappelle is the only one to do it anymore. We need him back.

Chappelle is one of the, if not funniest man I've ever met. After seeing the Chappelle Show and watching a few of his stand up comedies, I have enjoyed every bit of it. His imitations, parodies, role-playing, etc. is genius.

I love Dave Chappelle, He talks about real life things and makes it really funny without being preachy. I'm happy he made the top ten list. I don't know how Dane Cook made the the list. My pinky is funnier than he is.

He is incredibly amazing on how he describes a situation. He observes things that we all subconsciously think of, and puts it in his stand up. He is by far the best comic in the world! I recommend killing them softly for standup, and chappelle show... Of course

Saw Dave in Philadelphia and recently in Hershey, he made me laugh from beginning to end. His material is always different smart, intelligent and great stories with raw humor. My other favorite comedians are George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Robin Williams which are all deceased. I put Dave Chappelle up them. He is truly a comic genius!

It's amazing to think about how much of an impact Dave had on pop culture with only two complete seasons of Chappelle's Show. We can only imagine what heights the show (and his legend) would have climbed to if he decided to continue the show.

FEARLESS on stage, never seen a comedian this relaxed when performing he will take you to the other side of the world and back and then hit you with jokes you wont see coming. he is the BEST no wonder illuminati wanted him and even offered him 50 mill. after refusing to that offer he made his mark that he is no puppet and that's when he attained my upmost respect.

He's literally a comic genius. Few people have an ability to make us laugh like Dave. A sense of humor is a survival tool and being able to laugh about hate, drug use, etc..., in a positive way, helps us overcome it.

How did Russell Peters beat out Dave Chappelle! This guy's a genius! His transitions in his stand-up flows so well too! Honestly, I feel Dave Chappelle is an incredibly masterful comedian (especially in his incredibly clever and out of the box stand up).

He is absolutely hilarious. Dave is a pure genius at his art. This reason why he has left television on top is insane and pure genius at the same time. Give me more of your crack Dave... It's so damn good...

Laugh out loud! His stand up is awesome. The chappelle show is the only dvds I own. Not because that's the only thing I watch, but over time I've thrown out/given away everything else but held on to those. It's still funny!

AMAZINGLY FUNNY. He never ceases to amaze me. Even just him talking about everyday things is super hilarious. He also doesn't make fun of other races or peoples beliefs to get a shock laugh.

He is the best comedian because he presents stereotypes in a way that even the people getting made fun of can laugh at it. He says things that people always think but can't always say, and he does that very well.

Dave's skits on Chappelle Show kicked Living Color's, which I would not have believed to be possible had I not watched the Chappelle Show. Half Baked was an awesome movie as well. Dave is really a funny guy.

I'm from europe and white but for me he's the best comedians ever. I think some of his stand up specials I saw over 100 times and I love them almost like for the first time. I'm glad that he's back with his three new specials for Netflix

Funniest comedian ever. Greatest writer and best standup comedian. Dave Chappelle is the greatest. Please come back Dave!

Chappelle is a comedic genius. His insights into daily life, masterful storytelling, and ability to do various voices make his comedy the best of all time. He is truly a legend and a joy to watch.

The best there is out there. Let me remind everyone that the "white people this, black people that, Chinese people this and Indian people that" kind of comedy is evenly distributed throughout comedians of all races. Deal with it.