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His name itself is one damn joke. - HezarioSeth

This guy is not a stand-up comedian. To sum up George Carlin in a singular term would be far too insulting for a man of his stature. A philosopher par excellence, his biting satirical takes on the inanities of mankind in general, and Americans in particular can spark ideas and riots with equal aplomb. The others on this list may be good, but were he among us today, none of them would have been able to match the sheer ferocity of George's well-honed skill. There's a reason why so many of the greats call him an influence.

What? George Carlin is the one the only the true legend of stand up comedy, with him the stand up comedy evolved in something pure something good something we all like to sit and laugh, number two.. You people disgust me and off the record George Carlin is the only comedian that didn't joke on his show, he just saw things differently than us for that I know George Carlin was talking from he's heart and for that I will never forget the true master of stand up comedy George Carlin.. Rest in peace you deserve it

What was really impressive about George was not just that he was great at political satire or the way he criticised the society (with a great sense of humor); he was also very articulate. His stand ups seemed mostly like captivating and funny speeches. Most comedians these days are just complaining about their lives or ridiculing themselves because that's what it takes to be "a good comedian". George would make you laugh, he would make you see the point he was trying to make and he would never bore you. But he would never do those thing by complaining about his life (criticising the society in general is completely different) or ridicule himself with silly stunts. And that's what makes his comedy stand out from the rest

Without a doubt, one of the gods of stand up. He influenced the legends of today. Worked harder than anyone else at his craft. He had an HBO special at 70 years old. He was truly a people's comedian. He never toned it down for anyone, never dumbed it down for anyone, and set the bar for intellectual comedy.

Are we really comparing Carlin to Peters? Assuredly, Peters style is funny but his material is limited in a way that Carlin's never was. George Carlin was fearless, there wasn't a topic that was off limits. And after you finished watching his pieces, they stayed with you, because they all held truths we are too afraid to acknowledge ourselves. Funniest, most honest comedian ever.

Marvelous Comedian with outstanding materials to awaken our conscious state clouded by the senseless stupidity of world ignorance, ridiculous media spins, outrageous political rhetoric, and careless people who don't give a damn! He's really a true PATRIOT of what a Real American should be in expressing his DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM of SPEECH to Voice the Sarcasm, Irony, Mystery, and Criticisms of why the United States of America is suffering from Amnesia, Consternation, and Idleness! He blows your Mind where not Man's Ever Been! REALITY at his Best Jokes! Laugh with a sense of Dignity, Regret, Ambition, Reincarnation?

George Carlin isn't just hilarious, he is truthful in what he says.
"I gotta tell you folks, when it comes to bull... big time, major league bull, you have to stand in AWE... of the all time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims, RELIGION. No contest! No contest! " "Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man! Living in the sky, that watches everything you do. And this invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do! And if you do any of these ten things, he has a place full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry for ever and ever till the end of time... BUT HE LOVES YOU." -George Carlin

The "But he loves you" part makes me laugh every time.

Honesty, intelligence and humor all packed up in the personality of one man. You often find that humor and intelligence aren't really mutually exclusive. In fact, it's pretty much the other way around. Carlin, however was not only intelligent but he also made a lot of sense of it. An intelligent and honest person is very rarely found.

I not only consider Carlin the best comedian ever, but a very important person from whom one can learn a lot. Intellectuals like Carlin are needed in a world that's gone astray.

George Carlin was a game changer in comedy. He set the stage for so many that came after him. To have "Peters" above Carlin really devalues this list. I didn't even know who Peters was until I "You Tubed" him, and then I couldn't relate to his humor because it doesn't appeal to everyone. Carlin's humor was non-specific. It appealed to everyone. Everyone in American knew who George Carlin was when he came onto the scene. I wouldn't put "Peters" in a top 10. I would put Bill Cosby at the top with Carlin. Peters? Come on, man!

You can tell a joke, and you can tell the truth, but to be able to make a living by being a comedian who simply tells the truth is amazing! Not a single person has gained so much respect and linked me emotionally to him like Carlin did. A man whom you respect as a person. He's not the yo-mama joke teller who gives an empty laughter.. He is the man who inspires fans like me to write about him even when not having much time to waste.

His material is always funny, no matter how many times you watch, listen to, or read it. He makes me laugh every single time. He was dead on about everything he said. It's a shame he is no longer here. He was a legendary man, future generations can learn a lot from him. His jokes were so funny, lots of people tried to take them and claim them for their own, but they can't fool us. They took those jokes from the only comedian who was able to stay funny over the years, George Carlin.

I really don't know how to define George Carlin... A philosopher? A society analyst? A comedian?... How about all 3 together? Because his funny and he makes you think... Long live the king of cringe worthy humour and comedy in general...

Lets all pray for the world, to Joe Pesci or maybe Carlin... Both will have the same 50-50 chance of answering our prayers anyway...

Carlin is number one on this list no contest. Even if Peters apears to be on top. Carlin is not only, in my opinion, the funniest comedien but he is the most loved comedian as well. Folk will remember that man...

By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?

He is the best comedian who ever lived cause his comedy isn't just funny, its clever and mostly true. I agreed with every word he said on stage, so basically he is not just some guy who makes me laugh, he is a guy who has a point on every thing he says stimulating your thoughts even when you don't agree with him, and all that while making you laugh. There are not many others who can do that. So because of that I think he deserves to be called without exaggeration the best comedian who ever lived.

Carlin is the man always will b he revolutionized the industry and told it like it was. Funniest man of all time and anyone who came after him owes his career to him. His bit about the differences between football and baseball will forever go down as the funniest joke of all time, and the way he related everything he said to what was happening in the world around him makes it timeless. This man is a true genius in every since of the word.

George Carlin was brilliant! His comedic style is appreciated by those with a more sophisticated sense of humor. I love the typed of things he would talk about and once he said them they all seemed so obvious. He had a remarkable mind in my opinion. He was not afraid to speak the truth or express his opinion on things. He was incredibly witty and in the last 15 years (which was when I was introduced to him) I have not seen a single comedic act as "smart" as Carlin.

I don't see how he isn't at like 90%, he basically invented comedy. Observational humor it its finest, best story teller I have ever heard, and even leaning a little more to the right, I loved his political humor. Almost everybody on this list is great (except Dane Cook) but Carlin does it for me... "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that"

George Carlin is the BEST! Period. Longevity... Quality and a comedy that not only makes you cry tears of laughter, but a comedian who really makes you think and question things. He makes you see things differently. Whether you agree with his views or not, you must admit that he pushed the bar and open the door for many many comedians of the future... Yet no one has quite been able to give us another George Carlin. R.I.P. George. You will be missed greatly.

Carlin was the master. There are none finer. He was peerless in his observation skill, his mastery of his set, and the timing and delivery needed to express more than just a setup and deliver comedy. Other comedians of today are in debt to Carlin, Pryor, Bruce, and Williams. Though there are other great comedians, these were the stars who transcended the club scene to primetime.

Although I'd been listening to George Carlin for decades, I finally saw him in person in 2005 just outside Philadelphia. Wow was he sharp! That man knew his material cold... No ad libbing... No stalling... He could deliver his material word for word and each word had been chosen for a specific reason - there was no filler - not a word wasted... Brilliant. I've done stand up comedy but I'd take off my hat for George any day of the week. I was sorry he left the planet at such a young age. If you've never heard him do the Hippy DIppy Weatherman report on Johnny Carson - say his 1966 appearance, check it out sometime.

I miss him, he was truly one of a kind. He is my number one all time comedian. He would touch on subjects that no one else dared to do and he was very controversial for his time. George, thank you for making me laugh and thank you for sharing your comedy so that I can still watch your performances over and over. I still laugh as hard as I did when I first saw them.

I agree with you about George Carlin. I'm over 70 and have seen comedians come and go. But none of them were better than George Carlin, who was something of a modern day comedic prophet who spoke out many things that need to be said in as wide a venue as possible. Sure he did some stupid stuff as well from time to time. But even that was very cleverly done as he kept his audience entranced most of the time even with the silly stuff.

How is Russell Peters number one? there's a reason he only had 5 or 6 specials. he's above average at best. he's the 250th greatest at best. Carlin is the true #1. over 50 years of genius. never got old for a minute (materialwise) R.I.P. to the funniest, smartest man ever - jbeach91

As sick as it is that Groucho and other greats like Jonathan Winters are forgotten and lurking at the bottom of this list, reassuring to some degree that Carlin is at the top! Great how he evolved from esoteric cleverness to hard-hitting social commentary and satirical attacks on stupidity. "Think of how stupid the average person is. Then realize most people are even stupider than that."