Top 10 Funniest Stand-up Comedians

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481 Mike E. Winfield
482 Chico Bean
483 David Strassman

By far one of the funniest shows I have ever seen live and on dvd it never gets old

484 Robert Kelly
485 Joe List
486 Dan Soder
487 Mark Normand
488 Larry Wilmore

The man brings racism and "Black Lives Matter" into a whole new light on "The Nightly Show"

489 Joseph Williams

He is emerging as the star of the century. Williams in his breaking joke talks about the Prime Minister of a country who testifis in camera before the commission of inquiry about the circumstances that led to the brutal murder of Lt General by the defense force (soldiers who were supposed to protect him). He said " my lordship, I want to speak in camera because I am a politician and do not want to weaken my support base." He continued " whatever truth I tell this commission don't make it public, because my supporters do not like the truth, but what words of leadership from me their leader. They need hostile words, a sign of bravery." The truth is " the Lt General was killed wrongly by the soldiers and I will make them account". But this statement ends inside this boardroom. The commissioner asked "Do you admit that a crime has been committed? " The Prime Minister "Yes my lord only in camera". Your Lordship, please do not be pertubed if I say the opposite when I am out of this ...more

490 Patti Vasquez
491 Brad Stine
492 Michael Jr.
493 John Branyan
494 Anthony Griffith
495 Jeff Allen
496 Stevie Ryan
497 Josie Long
498 Robin Harris
499 Aubrey Plaza
500 Amy Sedaris
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