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81 Jonathan Winters

So all of you idiots think that the greatest improvisational comedian of all time is no better than #105 on your pathetic list of the funniest comedians of all time. Really? You've got to be out of your minds. No way, Jose. The guy you have at #6, the great Robin Williams worshiped Jonathan Winters, and patterned his style of comedy after that of his idol.

Robin said on more than one occasion that he believed Jonathan to be the funniest comedian of all time, and I wholeheartedly agree with him.

If you really think this is where Jonathan belongs on your phony list then

You might as well say that Babe Ruth was the 105th greatest baseball player of all time, or that Muhammad Ali was the 105th greatest boxer of all time.

In other words, your list is a bunch of bull.

He was always on, even coming to the dry cleaners to pick up his shirts. A consummate entertainer.

Okay, yeah, sure, this guy should be at the very top. Shows how short people's memories are when it comes to comedy. Robin Williams would agree.

Something about him just makes me laugh whether he is telling a joke or not.

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82 Greg Giraldo Greg Giraldo

The most underrated comedian in the history of comedy. Hands down.

I have watched his CC specials over and over again. Such a genuinely funny comic. RIP Greg Giraldo.

His blunt and intelligent stand-up rivals the greatest of all time. He is also the greatest roaster to ever live.

A straight up legend. Giraldo was extremely honest in all his routines, never stopped to breathe, and was just funny as hell. Nobody can deny his comedic ability. RIP. - alexschubert

He was a genius comedian who actually spoke about issues of modern times, he never really had the exposure he deserved but anyone that saw Greg on either the roast or doing his genius stand-up could immediately see that guy undoubtedly one of the best comedians in the English language!

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83 Bo Burnham Bo Burnham Robert Pickering Burnham is an American comedian, musician, singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, and poet.

His combination of vocabulary, savagery, creativity, and his overall tall scrawny nerdy character make him one of the best new comedians, started incredibly young, 16 making songs on YouTube, and now he's selling out shows and people are singing along before the songs are even released (he hates if you sing at shows by the way) I'm not protesting that he should be the best on the list people like carlin and chappelle have much more experience and are also very funny, but he is my personal favourite and if you want to see an innovative take on comedy, Bo is the place.

He may be the most inventive comedian living today, an intellect far beyond his years, depth and honesty in all his work. He's still only 25 years old and his accomplishments are astounding including writing credits, directing credits, acting credits, producing credits and more. He'll make you laugh, make you think, make you question, all in an unpredictable and original way. No one can doubt that he stands out amongst his peers, so do I believe he should be higher up on this list? I sure do.

Bo does very witty comedy in a theatrical way. His humor is very different than other comedians, so he ruined my ability to enjoy other comics because he is so unique. You never know what is coming with Bo Burnham! He is very impressive for his young age, 23, and became well-known for his comedic songs at the age of 16 via youtube, and became the youngest person ever to have a comedy central special, which was taped 4 days after his 18th birthday. Look him up!

Genius sense of humor

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84 Tommy Cooper

His timing was remarkable, a man who could make people laugh by walking in a circle or lifting up his arms, he openly laughed at himself on stage and was a genuinely nice man only people who have watched all of his shows will agree that he deserves to be in the top 5 at least

84!? This guy should be within the top 5! No matter how many times I see videos of his performances, I practically can't stop laughing. If you see a video of him performing, you'll understand.

Tommy C at 101? I guess that shows the age of those polled and their knowledge of comedic greats.

No question that he is the funniest person ever

85 Norm MacDonald Norm MacDonald

Crazy funny, severely under-rated and not understood... The comics favorite comedian and too smart for the masses. Masters the true art of comedy.

Are you people kidding? Norm MacDonald at 171! There are "comedians" on this list who no one has ever heard of, above MacDonald?! This guy is easily top 15. You want to know how highly this guy is regarded, check out what other comedians think of his work. He is constantly on all the late night talk shows and the hosts all love this guy.

People who think Norm is funny think he is the funniest out there. Since he does not make everyone laugh I understand why he does not rank high, but his fans loose it when he's on. Just check out his skit about the heart and tell me I am wrong. I know with many others that this guy is a misunderstood genius!

Norm is amazing I love how unpretentious he is and I know that most great comedians jokes wouldn't work for others but I think Norm is the best example of it. Jokes of his that make you die laughing of his could maybe not even get a laugh if performed by others. I also like how he pretends to be stupid it's like all of his fans are in on this elaborate joke. This man is very intelligent. He could also legitimately think he's dumb which is also cool. Some of his jokes in my opinion might be the best jokes ever. Some of the best SNL sketches as well right up there with Farley and Ferrell.
Again two more comedic geniuses that pretend to be dumb and might even think they are.

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86 Denis Leary Denis Leary

The only thing I really do love of Denis Leary is because of the fact that he is "Hand... Some" and is down right funny if he could do his comedies more so about Barack Obama as the Donkey he is. Even though if I was married to Denis himself id be the Next "Future Mrs. Gavin" because I have a lot of Bratty and so much congeniality towards the fact I find Denis with a good heart but could he'd be a little less of cussing... Thank you and Denis I find you really sexy for your own age and love you as the "Man... " you are and respect you and your family a lot and a great thanks for supporting the 9-11 from "Rescue Me", By the way I would love to see you to really cry for REAL even play sensitive roles too, PLEASE thanks Leah McPherson of Ohio I may have down syndrome but some more like you a little.

This man is god of the F*** Everything. He is the man. Really Carlos Mencia ranked higher? WTF SEX Drugs, Chain smoking and hating everything that sucks.

Good to see Denis Leary listed but to be fair, votes for him should also be added to Bill Hicks' score...

Funny with everything he does, especially in Rescue Me

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87 Amy Schumer Amy Schumer Amy Beth Schumer is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actress, and producer. She is the creator, co-producer, co-writer and star of the sketch comedy series Inside Amy Schumer, which debuted on Comedy Central in 2013 and has received a Peabody Award.

The problem isn't that she has sketches stolen from other sketches that just happens in television. The big thing is so much of her stand up isn't original and uninspired. The thing I don't like about her the most is that everybody now is saying women are funny. A completely sexist statement and ignorant. There is no such thing as one sex or race or anything being funnier than the other. Furthermore, if you want to go into funniest female comedian this joke doesn't hold a candle to Silverman. In my opinion

I don't actually think she is any type of comedic genius. She is a thief and people just let her get away with stealing other original material. If you don't believe me or the youtube clips and lack intuition and logic to connect the two well then big surprise. This is America and lazy people like her and carlos mencia get T.V. shows for being thiefs. While hard working stand ups get their material stolen from them. Life isn't fair though and probably never will be lots of great jokes and premises are taken from others. The fact that she is even close to Birbiglia and Norm Macdonald on this list is whack though. I'm not even going to go into this further but Birbigs and norms delivery are definitely top five and Mitchs is the best and he is ranked lower than Bill Cosby. The man was Jesus.

The least funniest comedian of all time, can't put together one single joke that could make me laugh, and defiantly deserves a lower spot.

Amy schumer is ranked 88
maria bamford is ranked 425
It seems these votes were from avid fans of stand up
For those of you who don't know maria bamford look up unwanted thoughts syndrome so funnny
Anyways my point is she is not even close to the best female comic way behind bamford, madigan and silverman

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88 Dennis Miller Dennis Miller Dennis Miller is an American stand-up comedian, talk show host, political commentator, sports commentator, actor, television personality, and radio personality.

I find Dennis Miller very funny, especially his earlier stand up. We all know the feeling when he goes over our heads on occasion, but that's just his schtick, Cha Cha. I just wait for the next hilarious observation I can relate to, which is often. He's one of my favorites, that's for sure. - Ned964

If you listen to his radio show on a daily basis, the humor gets easier to understand, otherwise, I get why much of it goes over people's heads. Give his early stream-of-consciousness bits a try though. They are hilarious and very accurate.

He hardly strikes me as an intellectual. I think the main problem people have with him is he's about as funny as an outhouse.

Should rank close with chris rock, eddie izzard and george carlin. this is a ridiculously questionable way under rated ranking. how the hell did dennis miller end up at 136th funniest? I think this was miscalculated. not b/c I'm a fan but b/c hello, hbo stand up specials (he did at least 3), b/came famous performed a few years in hbo comedy festival in aspen, which introduces world to up and coming future most famous comedians, Google it. the dennis miller show (weekly) episodes, hbo too I think. he is huge. right wing conservative (which I am absolutely not), and he still is hilarious, was very surprised how funny and smart his sketches were to me. this ranking though? What the f*ck?

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89 Chris Hardwick

I love watching Chris's standup! He is one of the funniest! Deserves to be much higher on the list!

This man is amazingly hilarious. TEAM NERDIST!

90 Jim Breuer Jim Breuer James E. "Jim" Breuer is an American stand-up comedian, actor and radio host. He is most noted for his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and starred in Half Baked.

Jim is the best... His impersonations.. And most of the stand ups I've watched he does not curse, he is awesome!

Just see his Metallica impersonation! Amazing

I Have Only one Thing To Say...


(if you don't get this, watch Jim Breuer and laughter for all. )

Simply hilarious

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91 Zach Galifianakis Zach Galifianakis

This guy is hilarious... Awkward and random... The only time its good to yell out "I have diarrhea! " is when you're playing scrabble because its worth a s***load of points

Extremely funny, and somewhat different form of comedy, taking a lot of risks. Some of them don't work. But when they do, they are Hilarious!

This man is"Genius"! Just the scene in the hangover where he's walking to the elevator and stands with his hand on his hips alone is enough said!

100% Funny 100% genius 100% comedian

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92 Jon Richardson Jon Richardson Jon Joel Richardson is an English comedian. He is known for his appearances on 8 Out of 10 Cats and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and his work as co-host with Russell Howard on BBC 6 Music.

Jon is hilarious. He is so cynical and his stories about annoying things people do are great.

Top quality comedian

93 Mo'Nique Mo'Nique

She is funny t

94 Steve Harvey Steve Harvey Broderick Stephen Harvey, known professionally as Steve Harvey, is an American comedian, television host, producer, radio personality, actor, and author.

One of the best to ever do it, I can't believe he's this far down, what are they're judging! This crazy, I love everything he does.

Steve Harvey is super funny. I enjoy when he reads a question on Family Feud and a contestant gives a dumb answer, he will be speechless and the audience will be laughing. This guy rocks on that show. - kmyeakel

Steve Harvey Is So Hilarious! I Always Watch Little Big Shots, The Steve Harvey Show, And Family Feud!

He's such a good comedian,he shouldn't be all the way down here! he's even funny on family feud! - Narutomaster5000

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95 Johnny Carson Johnny Carson John William "Johnny" Carson was an American television host, comedian, writer, producer, actor, and musician, best known for his 30 years as host of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

The only late night host besides Letterman who was truly funny and had staying power. Leno WAS funny, at first. But it wore thin very quickly because his humor was so mechanical, slick. Carson retained his vulnerability and un-slickness throughout his entire life, which made him super-funny when doing politically oriented satire especially.

I don't feel the present comedians due justice to late night the way Johnny Carson did. He was funny without using profanity!

Often overlooked. Superb stand-up & ad-lib talent. - Billyv

Still very funny. No blue and always ready to skewer every sacred cow..

96 Milton Jones Milton Jones Milton Hywel Jones is a Welsh comedian. His style of humour is based on one-liners involving puns delivered in a deadpan and slightly neurotic style.

I called up the spiritual leader of Tibet the other day. He sent me a goat with a very long neck. Turned out I phoned Dial a Llama.

The King of one-liners and being able to make people laugh just by wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

King of the one liner. Also, no profanity.

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97 Demetri Martin

I like parties, but I don't like pinatas... Because the pinata promotes violence against flamboyant animals: 'Hey, there's a donkey with some pizazz... Let's kick his a'.

I feel that his humor is like a smart humor where to have it be funny you have to be able to understand it while others like Daniel tosh in 17 uses bad humor that can offend many and foul language to be funny and his T.V. show tosh. o made lower my expectations for him because he isn't even doing anything himself anymore just his fans on his site do it but many of the clip on his show I seen all ready on trutv or months n years ago with a new comment n that's it he himself has yet to do anything about it but demetri works on his show with his mind tosh could toss a dart at a board with video submission titles n have a show with comments n captions from the people who send them in

I used to play sports. But then I found out you can buy trophies. Now I'm good at everything... - jbar62

Love his stand-ups and books.
He's the most charming with smart jokes.

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98 Nick Swardson

I think he lost me with his bomb of a television show, but his standup is absolutely insane. I nearly died laughing, I saw it a week ago unrated and I'm still laughing just thinking about it. The joke about getting a massage from E. Honda was insane, I honestly wanted to turn it off because I didn't think I would make it through the rest of the special.

46!? Are you kidding me? Nick Swardson's seriously who farted made me laugh non-spot for at least and 3 hours. I LOVED his story about the Asain spa with the elder woman who jerked him off at the end of the massage and he claims she "attacked his dick with her hand" so he had to masturbate himself and she started cheering him on! Haha best moment ever!

His stand-up had me laughing for an hour. I love him, I couldn't even pick one quote. Great stories


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99 Kathleen Madigan

I can not believe this woman is not in the... well, at least in the top 50. She's hilarious and smart. She doesn't do "men vs woman" humor or crude or insulting humor. Her comedy style is for everyone. The kind of person you'd love to have as one of your best buds to have a few beer with and watch football. Kathleen Madigan is a great stand up comedian and you can tell she loves what she does. Look her up on YouTube and you'll agree.

This woman deserves so much more credit. Her stylings have Lewis Black all over them and they deliver very similarly. She is raw and witty. Love her special Gone Madigan!

Absolutely hilarious... Love the voice too!

She needs new material she's done the same jokes for quite some time but she is so funny

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100 Henry Rollins

I love Henry! Technically he is "spoken word" but he is funnier than most of the people in the top 50 and very original, angry but with a lot of humanity.

Right up there with George Carlin. I can't believe no one else listed him.

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