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1 Zezima

He will always go down as the #1 RS player ever but don't get me wrong he is also one of Runescape's biggest douches. The stuff he would say to the group of people following him in the early days was at times just horrible (holocaust remarks, stuff like that stood out). These days you can go into the zezima clan chat and you don't have to be lucky to be one of the people who are booted in a mass kick by one of his ranks. He literally told the cc a few hours after a mass kick by a rank, "yeah, if ______ is bored he'll do that sometimes laugh out loud"

I heard awesome things about Zezima, but I unfortunately never met him. He seemed awesome. If anyone who plays Runescape, doesn't know about this guy, they clearly are not a very experienced player, or haven't played for very long.

This man was popping 99's all over the place long before any of us where even half way to getting one of them. He is in my opinion the best. He is the best. He always will be the best. He is a runescape legend. I cannot stress that enough.

Zemima is the best... You don't even need to vote everyone knows it haha...
And also I can't remember who but they killed zezima 3 times in the wildy...
But that does not defeat the purpose and fact that Zezima is still the best.

2 Tehnoobshow

He the best and the funniest! You have to love this guy! Way better then zezima if you ask me... Since I never met zezima I say he's a myth or a bot

Because of his 'How Runescape Began' youtube video started. Hilarious!

Bob (tehnoobshow) is awesome I watch his funny vidios on ruescape all the time he's just awesome!

I voted for tehnoobshow because he's halarios and he doesn't care what lvl you are.

3 Kingduffy 1

Remember seeing him in canfis, he even talked to me in private messages, I was like level 40 at the time. Pretty cool guy.

I've never met him and he's not mean to noobs. When I saw zezima last words "bye noobs"

4 Yogosun

Hard worker, currently (June 2008) Number One in overall highscores. I talked to him a few times and he is a very nice guy.

5 Green098

She has always been the "go to person" for ways to make your RS player better. Her chat was always active with positive feed and helping hands.

I mean come on. Everything to 99 lets people in chat. Responds to messages. She is amazing

6 Drakie

Drakie is the best... Nice stats... Cool funny guy

Drakie is the best RuneScape player! , very nice and funny.

Very nice player, he's very funny!

He's emo laugh out loud

7 Uloveme

This guy was incredible man. I was like new to RS at the time and I met him (he was like about level 100-110). I only came to him to ask where Falador was for some certain quest. And it's funny because he even let me follow him all the way to Falador! Then he gave me some rune armor that he didn't need anymore and we became friends! He told me to reach level 70 and he would give me a present. And I worked so hard that I got to level 70 within a week, and I came to him and he was surprised how fast I was Haha! He told me that I'm gonna reach the top one day and then he gave me 1 mil! Can you fking believe it? Then I became a member at level 80 something and I joined his guild and I later became one of the division leaders, man I miss those days, it was so fun!

8 Vodka5
9 Thehate

Friends with him on the game, his dedication on the game in unreal. Great player and nice guy.

Trolled all of the beggars and bots but helped all the hard workers... Awesome house too.

His real name is Gary and he likes to fling semen into peoples faces.

10 Season

I met him at the grand exchange and he gave me 100k, so I think he is a pretty nice guy. He was also helping someone else before he gave it to me

Season is actually a woman...Friendliest player in game! Love her!

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11 Skychi
12 S U O M I

First person to max out in the game. He is truly a legend in my eyes. They should raise the cap to 10 billion.

The true legend of runescape, too bad he didn't play in runescape anymore

13 odvark

I think he's the best player I saw him own a level 126... He's on my friends list and I'm level 94 he can own me. He is level 77.

14 wokabooma

Wokabooma is the best player in Runescape hands down! He is so nice, he once gave me 10 million coins just for helping him in a quest! I wish every player was a nice as Wokabooma!

I once met Wokabooma, he was really nice when he gave me a dragon chain body. Huh, for some reason this program must have glitches in putting him in place no. 31!

Wokabooma, my hero, my friend, and the reason I got level 99 in everything and 100m coins! He's the best Oh Yeah! And nothings going to ever stop him! GO WOKABOOMA!

Yahoo! I am so glad to see Wokabooma on this list, but, I am not glad to see him at 36. HE IS THE BEST! Once when I was in Falador he gave me 20m just for showing him the way to the bank!

15 The Old Nite

R.I.P. if he didn't died, he would have been the first guy to achieve 99 in every skills, instead Zezima took the record when he died...

"This person was of great importance"
"The inscription is worn away and unreadable"

16 Zarfot

Zarfot brought efficiency more into the mainstream and changed the way many people played the game and achieved their goals.

From what I've heard, he is the most efficent player on runescape.

17 NightmareRH

Funny as hell! He is always givin back to his fans, always showing guides. He's just a great player in general

Great guy and his videos have always sent positive vibes to the Runescape family!

I met him once, he was putting on a party because he got a 99 skill. Use to love his videos!

NightmareRH is funny as hell. You gotta love him.

18 drumgun

Bumped into him training divination, a genuinely nice person.

19 telmomarques

He's cool and awesome and by the way I met him :o and he also helped me in many skills to reach 99

20 Woox16

The greatest PvMer to ever live, Zezima #1? He is well known, but whats hard about getting a few 99's?

#1 Player vs Monster killer the game has ever seen.

The best PVM I ever seen... This guy is awesome

21 N0valyfe

He played for under two years. In that time, he managed to pass ZEZIMA, and stay ahead of him for months, until his computer got a virus and broke. He is currently in college and plans to return.

I think he went to my school.

22 kurianty1996

Yeh, I think kurian is a good dude and he really does help out starters quite a lot to be honest, go Kurian!

Hey Kurian Thanks for helping me when I wanted Tunas. Remember, help more people

23 jexx200

I remember when this list only had Arcane knights and zezima. TAK

Jexx200, without her I would have quit Runescape a very long time ago. A great friend, a great clanleader. Though at times annoying, you'll always be my favorite RS player ~ Youyou_6300 (I don't know how I didn't vote for myself )

24 Durial321

Bank your items! *Planet Hell intensifies*

25 Troy9999

Such a great player with a nice attitude!

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