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1 Stu Ungar

Phill Ivy is without question the greatest player in the world today but Unger would have crushed him without much effort. You just can't compete with that level of natural ability. There some people in human history with minds lightyears ahead of everyone else. Albert Einstein, Leonardo DaVinci, Plato, Aristotle, Stu Unger was one of those people.

Simply the best poker player ever. If he played with these dumbass-world-class players today, he would get some real money instead of that small amount he was winning before the internet. If anyone should've been better than Ungar, it would be that young guy from Sweden.

Stu unger had a mind like no other player in history. He had a photographic memory and an iq over 200. Had he lived there is no question that he would dominate the poker world like no other player. You just can't compete with his kind of gift.

The most legendary and natural players ever in the history of the Game. He was simply beyond any damn person when it came to cards. Nobody with half his talent can be born again.

2 Daniel Negraneu

A wrecking ball on the felt, but so likable and friendly, frightening when he breaks your game down and tells you your hand, most dedicated to perfecting his game among other pro players who think their game is the pinnacle of poker, number of cashes and titles in tournaments unbelievable, time will show his relentlessness to be the best. when all this is added up you end up with the greatest representative for poker of the poker boom generation

He is born to play poker! You know the poker machine you can fix it 100% to not pay, Daniel Negreanuhe is that good he can defeat the Machine... the human brain is just too weak for him...

My favorite player to watch, period! Plays the odds and the player! Knows strategy and handles the stress of a big game very well.

Negreanu is incredible in future will be recognized because of his reading skills. I think he will become better and better

3 Phil Ivey

I think he will go down as the greatest of all time. It's a shame dur is not on this list because as of today is he is is a top 7 player without a doubt. I have read the stories about Stu Ungar but I think it's like comparing Wilt Chamberlain to Michael Jordan (Positions aside).

Just see Phil playing and you can have an idea of how solid he is. He is a complete poker player with great results in cash games. Daniel is great and so is Doyle, but Phil is clearly the best in the world.

A cool headed player. You can't read his expression if he got 4-A's or nothing. It's all the same expression. Solid with his calls, a bit cocky though!

Phil Ivey is clearly the best living poker player and it is easy to determine. He will play anyone but not everyone will play him.

4 Phil Helmuth

Come on now you may not like him but he is the best the only way to beat him is to outflop him by far the best with the bracelets to prove it!

He called me with Queen 10 honey!

Phil should be #3

5 Erik Seidel

Best and smartest player

6 Doyle Brunson

Is he the best player currently, of course not but when talking hall of fame and the best overall poker player in the world over time, there can be no other pick. he played ahead of his time and everybody else played to catch up. Poker has the same connotation as martial arts, it's a lot of different games as for martial arts it's a lot of different styles but when it game to poker Doyle was able to play all the games and win.

The God Father of Poker. Has been successful over 5 decades and in all kinds of situations. He has been successful as a true road gambler through out Texas and exchange avenue, into Vegas and through out the internet craze. The man is Country Cool

Doyle Brunson has revolutionized the Poker Game. Wrote books, plays poker for more than 50 years with an estimated bankroll over 100 million. He is a great tournament player and teacher with a gentleman behaviour.

What can you say about the Granddaddy of Poker, except watch and learn.

7 Jason Mercier

Very good consistent tournament player, and has the results to show it.

8 Howard Lederer

Howard is the Mathematician of poker! Very technical and rarely makes a mistake. Great mind.

9 Gus Hansen

Love to watch him play the player not the hand.

10 Patrik Antonius

He was a model. Body and brains. Unreadabke too. Like a Renaissance statue.

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11 Barry Greenstein
12 Antonio Esfandiari

The Magician has some great tricks, again plays the player and beats the table.

Great player. Thinks through every hand

Just the best. Most winnings ever 20M+

13 Johnny Chan
14 Justin Bonomo
15 Tom Dwan

One of the if not the most underrated players. Can bluff anyone off and is smart about the hands he plays.

One of the best bluffers and readers of poker. Also arguably the best internet player in the world.

Insanely ballsy with good spirit and the ability to bluff an opponent off virtually any holding.

The most fun player to watch. Would not want to be at the table with him.

16 John Juanda

Scary player. Would not want to be at the table with him.

17 Annie Duke
18 Vanessa Selbst
19 Chris Moneymaker
20 Scotty Nguyen

He is the best poker player in the world I ever seen and you know he get rich he is wear god in his neck to get luck that how I like about Scotty Nguyen!

He have a lot famous and he is very poor and now he it very rich because he always wish to be rich when he it a little kid now he got his wish he is very happy now that his wish come true that why he he thing got it helping you and that was I thing too!

21 Tony Guoga

He's the best, forever.

22 Carlos Mortensen

Knows when to fold. His selective aggression wins him huge pots. Why Dwan and Antonius are so low in this chart I don't know. Esfandiari should not within top 20, just a lucky guy who hits every draw, every time.

23 Ted Forrest
24 Viktor Blom
25 Bertrand Grospellier
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