Top 10 Best Players, that addictive online multiplayer game that takes the concept of survival of the fittest to a whole new level, has seen a wealth of players demonstrating unbelievable skills, strategies, and an uncanny knack for survival in the game's minimalistic, petri-dish like universe. From deftly dodging threats to engulfing unsuspecting prey and growing their cell, these players have turned this seemingly simple game into an art form.

While the game doesn't have a specific leaderboard or officially recognize top players, the community is teeming with names that have gained a certain level of fame (or notoriety, depending on how you see it) for their impressive playing skills. Whether it's through streaming their gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, or by earning the respect and admiration of fellow players in various online forums, these top-tier players have managed to stand out in a sea of anonymous, colored blobs.

Who makes it to this list, though? That's where you come in. It's time for you to throw in your two cents and cast a vote for the players who, in your opinion, really take the cake when it comes to mastering the merciless microcosm of

Remember, your vote isn't just about recognizing the biggest blobs on the block. It's about paying homage to strategic gameplay, stealthy maneuvers, and split-second decisions that can be the difference between growing or getting gobbled up. So, who will it be? Cast your vote and help us separate the amateurs from the aficionados.
The Top Ten
1 Jumbo

Jumbo is also a pro player. He is really good at playing solo but he can't team well. Even though he can't team that well he still gets really high scores.

He is best because not all people are good at solo, and teaming is easy but solo is hard.

I have watched Jumbo videos on youtube. Jumbo is amazing! Jumbo is great at solo and teams. Jumbo should be #1

2 Wun Wun

If you don't know. Wun Wun is a pro at playing solo. He also knows how to multibox (playing with himself between 2 tabs) and has gotten really high scores. Overall he is an AMAZING player.

One of the best players I have ever seen. he can come back from the dead like that!

Wun Wun is the best ever. But he sadly quit now

3 TYT Sirius (TYT Clan)

TYT Sirius is the leader of the TYT Clan. He knows how to splitrun but all he does is team with his fellow TYT members. He does do solo but he's not good at it.


PUMBA is a really good player and he likes to team up with CHICK. They make trolling or gameplay videos. Overall they're really good.

Pumba is just pure skill! He can play well in solo and is also good in teaming up with Chick...

5 Hero Koji - Leader (Hero Clan)

Koji is the Leader of the Hero clan and is really good. He likes to team with his clan members but he isn't good at solo.

6 Arcade Go

Arcade Go is a decent player. He is good at teaming and good at solo. Overall he is a good player.

7 Ward TNT (Ward TNT Clan)

Ward is the leader of the Ward TNT Clan and he likes to team. He is like Sirius but he doesn't have as much skill. He knows how to splirun but like Sirius, he isn't good at solo.

8 ETZesty (and Dandy)

He is a really good player and he likes to team with Dandy. He is good at teaming but he isn't good at solo.

9 Kolibri

Kolibri is an awesome player and his youtube channel is cool too.

Kolibri has a lot of skillfull tricks and we learned something!

Kolibri is a very good player he destroys team lots of time he is better than jumbo

10 Smash

He destroys teams with ease and is amazing playing solo I think he should be higher up on the ranks

The best person in the world everyone else is horrible at this game

The Contenders
11 Rest in Pieces

One of the best players in Team.

12 Bubblebalz
13 TZ
14 Ghost-TYT
15 TeamTugaPT
16 Sirius
17 Toxicities

I think whoever plays this one is pretty good and nice. The much larger cells tend to bully him or her a lot. That's probably why he or she does pretty much the same thing. Not the best player, but definitely not the worst.

Overall, Toxicities is a pretty good player. Some bad moments, but also some epic moments as well.

18 Doge
19 Hero
20 King

He loves to play teammode everyday. He's a decent player, very professional with teammode but he's good at teaming.

21 master OV

I feel like although he stopped playing, he is really good at both solos and teams.


He is a really good player. He makes videos on solo and bots/hack. He is a decent player.

23 Phoenix
24 Scorpion
25 whitelighting
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