Top 10 Minecraft Books from Mark Cheverton

Mark Cheverton is an awesome author who wrote my favorite Minecraft books! This list is a tribute to him! Note that I don't really know how to rank them, so I listed them in the order they were published.
The Top Ten
1 Invasion of the Overworld

This book was the one that started it all! In this book, we find that every entity in Minecraft is alive. There is a great war raging, do to Gameknight's appearance in Minecraft. Literally. He is actually in the game. He learns the consequences of his griefing, and learns to reform himself. Erebus is the king of the Enderman, leading the monster troops to destroy the server so they can eventually reach the Source.

I like this series.

2 Trouble In Zombie-Town

We find in this book that the war for Minecraft has not ended, and this time, Herobrine has joined. He crafts a zombie king, Xa-Tul, and Monet113 also enters this game in an effort to meet Crafter, Hunter, and Stitcher, so Gameknight must save her.

3 Battle for the Nether

This book introduces my one of my favorite characters, Hunter, and the ghast king Malacoda, who kidnaps the village crafters for mysterious reasons. He finds Erebus on this server, and they form an alliance, sort of. They create a portal from diamond crafting benches, which were formed at the expense of a crafter's life, and go to the Source. One of my favorite books!

4 Confronting the Dragon

I've read Invasion of the Overworld and Battle for the Nether. But none of the two are better than this one, Confronting the Dragon. Gameknight999 goes on the Source server and he fights the Ender Dragon with Crafter and other NPCs. I loved the plot of the story

This book has Gameknight999 on the Source Server, introduces Herder, and the first book to have Stitcher play a main role here.

5 Saving Crafter

Herobrine's evil is leaking through Minecraft and attacking Crafter, so Gameknight and his father, Monkeypants, must go into the game to save him.

6 The Jungle Temple Oracle

From here on out, the Oracle will assist Gameknight999 through his adventures. We also meet the first spider queen, Shaikulud.

7 Last Stand On the Ocean Shore

The epic final (? ) battle on the shores of Minecraft. Herobrine crafts 3 new kings, Reaper, Charybdis, and Feyd. In the end, Herobrine is trapped in the body of a pig. (Which was pretty funny)

8 System Overload

SPOILER ALERT: This book had Herobrine's one fatal mistake: Feyd. He sacrificed himself to kill Xa-Tul. Nobody knows why he did it. Feyd could have helped Xa-Tul, while only sacrificing himself to kill all the NPCs and the User-that-is-not-a-user, but he sacrificed himself, saw Gameknight's point of view, and saved everyone. Amazing book.

9 Destruction of the Overworld

This book has Herobrine, somehow reborn into the form of the Ender Dragon. He teleported into the Overworld and learns a special trick that allows him to spit a transformation wave, changing the Overworld into the End!

10 Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine

The final battle in this book takes place in the Nether. When the Herobrine Dragon was killed, he dropped his XP, but it is making a whining noise putting the villagers on edge. They stop cooperating with each other, and they decide to drop it into the Abyss, and landmark from the Great Zombie Invasion. However, somehow Herobrine's XP controls Herder, and he takes it to the Nether. He accidentally breaks the box, and he is infected by Herobrine. Gameknight must find a way to kill Herobrine without killing his friend. My favorite Minecraft book my Mark Cheverton, by far!

The Contenders
11 The Phantom Virus

When Gameknight returns to Minecraft, he finds what appears to be strange glitches happening. Pigs walk backwards, it snows in the desert, and cows are upside down. He learns that what is happening is actually command blocks programmed by Herobrine. The severity of the command blocks are increasing, and they must go into Herobrine's secret chamber to shut off his timer programmed to dump lava on all the villages on his server. This is my second favorite Minecraft book my Mark Cheverton.

12 Attack of the Shadow-Crafters
13 Overworld in Flames
14 The Great Zombie Invasion
15 Herobrine's War
16 Monsters in the Mist
17 Terrors of the Forest
18 Mission to the Moon
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