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1 Oka Ruto

Okay, this seems kind of strange but Oka is a bit like me. I have a liking for the paranormal and the occult. I am also regarded as 'weird' and 'strange' by some people. Not only is Oka one of the cutest characters in the game but I relate to her in some ways.

Honestly I feel she is overrated, and she is only liked because she is edgy and shy.

OMG she's like my favorite character. Personally, I don't really like Yandere sim as much as everyone else on the list, but uh yeah she's in meh waifu folder TvT

2 Yandere-Chan

Good and original character (sometimes a lot contradictory, but in sometimes). But it is a little pathetic that of wanting to be completed with another person.

Best backstory ever, awesome voice acting! Not to mention she's the main character! Common peoplez! How's Ayano not the best?

She's different a character with no emotion that tries to fit in when really doesn't feel anything and just wants to experience feelings I've never seen a character like that before and her voice is the best.

3 Midori Gurin

Alright, I love this girl! I ship her with Yandere-dev. Like, screw Mai Waifu. I kinda hate Mai Waifu.

Amazing how she breaks the forth walla and stuff. I relate to her a lot.

Best girl. Is it wrong that I ship her with yandere dev?

4 Info-Chan

So unknown, so perverted, so manipulative, so crazy minded, so twisted, so sadistic and so special. I'm telling you, there's a reason she's in the top 3 favorite characters Yandere Dev loves to play with, because there's nobody else like Info-Chan, and who knows? Maybe in the final game, as a reward for Yandere-Chan for killing her rivals and giving Info-Chan what she wanted, she might reveal her name. *MIGHT* That was just my theory :3 (sorry if someone had already guessed, I'm kinda new to the game-)

Alright, we all know Info-Chan is kinda pervert. And we need panty shots for services. I know it's kinda expensive like 25ps like OMG, but her voice is really cool and I love her!

Her voice, design and personality are very cool!

5 Kokona Haruka

Kokona Haruka just kinda grows on you the more you find out about her. I'm actually sad that she won't be an official rival when the game comes out because YandereDev has already built up a lot of her personality.

I love Kokona, she's my favorite character, I hate how she and Midori are usually the victim for killing, they both are awesome, and shouldn't be used as a main material for testing!

I really didn't like Kokona at first until I watched some Yandere Simulator youtubers, one of which was LaurenZside who got me hooked on like the "best friend" thing. It was hilarious!

6 Daku Atsu

I like his glasses

7 Saki Miyu

Why is she really low on the list? She has a beautiful mind, helps people hen they are down, and let's not mention she looks like hatsune miku. She is the best Yandere character.

I love the fact that she helps Kokona when she needed it! I don't really like the fact that she is the main mindslave. She deserves to live, and she also did nothing horrible in her life.

Why Saki Why?!?! She is beautiful and cute! HOW DARE YOU NOT VOTE FOR HER? I mean why you not vote for her? She is a caring person and always help Kokona no matter what until she needs to sell her...underpants and gain money to help Kokona debts problem. I COMPLETELY DISAGREE when YandereDev chooses her to be the main mindslave. If you have mercy for her, please vote for her and comment something good about her

8 Sakyu Basu

OMG! Sakyu Basu is so pretty! And she's so kind! Sakyu Basu is the best character in Yandere Simulator! Her sister Inkyu Basu is the second best character!

9 Pipi Osu

She has the cutest voice in the world. I'll never kill her.

10 Budo Masuta

I also love budo so much I think budo is handsome, strong and friendly and taro is so boring I hate taro yamada he is so boring,lame I think ayano should be with budo ayando is the best ship ever.

Budo is martial club leader. He is strong, friendly, outgoing, cute... I prefer him to be senpai rather than Taro. This boi is much more interesting. I prefer Ayando over Tayano (Ayaro)

This guy is strong. I think I'm falling for him. A real Budo Masuta. (Budo Masuta is Martial Arts Master)

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11 Yui Rio

I don't remember her but she's cute. Can someone explain to me why she is evil?

This girl is god damn EVIL. Like Jay could relate already.. I love her.

She's evil and fabulous at the same time.

12 Osana Najimi

I love her personality and how she says BAKA, but I don't really like her voice.

Also Senpai should get a hearing aid!

She is so cute because, even though she acts mean, she is sweet and cute, bakas!

She got some cake. Cute hair too, but mainly cake.

13 Osoro Shidesu

She's my favourite character, she's a badass. She seems cold on the outside, but on the inside, she's really sweet

14 Senpai

Chill, guys, he's not that bad. He participated in a rap battle against Budo and had some pretty good points.

Weak. Coward. Dumb. Boring. Plain. No style. Dunno why Yandere-chan likes him, Kokona's match, Riku, is an even better fit from this dude

Why do so many people like him? All he did is seat beside the fountain and read

15 Jay

Dude! Notice him already! He's popular and underrated in the YS Fandom! Of course who wouldn't ignore him?!

16 Mai Waifu

I think it is funny that Mai's name sounds like My Wifeu. Jay, you here?

Her style is cool

17 Amai Odayaka

My favourite rival in Yandere Simulator is, of course, Amai Odayaka because...

1) She's cute and sweet
2) She's nice and kind
3) She's talented at cooking
4) Her voice is pure and smooth
5) She is in Cooking club ( cooking club is my favourite club )

If the week is her turn right now ( week 2 ) I would eliminate her by "Befriend" or "Matchmake" but I will choose "Befriend" because for some sweet reasons...

Amai is actually an inspiration to me. She inspired me to get into cooking and baking, and now I plan to bake every weekend! I just finished making a carrot cake myself (P.S. I am a young kid). She is an inspiration to kids when it comes to cooking and is a pure, innocent angel. She is talented and a very sweet girl, and underrated. I seem to like underrated characters. I would never harm her in any way. Also, #CookingClub.

She's really cute and sweet! Amai passes out food too, but if I had to kill her for a goal. I will.

18 Mei Mio
19 Megami Saiko

Now if Ryoba and Saikou were together, Megami wouldn't be the 10th rival! But she is really pretty and has blue diamond color hair. Love her.

She has a unique appearance and also can defend herself and the smartest student.

Really awesome and mysterious...

20 Ayano Aishi

Of course I'll vote this girl! This girl is like a real teenage yandere girl. Notice her!

Cause why not?

21 Shiromi Torayoshi

Best student council girl alongside best also-rival, Megami, no doubt.

She is queen! I love her!

22 Yanderedev

Man literally makes the game. He is the character of all characters. Plus, it's fun to watch his sanity deteriorate the more Midori Gurinu communicates with him

Come on, it's the creator of dis game! Get him up at least at 11 or somethin'!

I love this guy. I can't even say anything else.

23 Yandere-kun
24 Horuda Puresu

Horuda is nice

25 Akane Toriyasu
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