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Chances are if you love anime, then you must love mobile games based off of your favorite anime franchises too. Whether you play it for the addicting gameplay, the immersive story, or just waifu collecting in the hopes you don't get spooked (looking at you, Sumanai-san), every anime fan has probably at least heard of or played one mobile game based off of anime. This list will be counting down the best anime mobile games. Keep in mind these mobile games must either be based off an existing anime franchise or at least be based off of a franchise that at least has had an anime adaptation or is anime-esque in style, which is why you might see entries like Fire Emblem Heroes on here.

That said, feel free to vote and add to this list. Yorokobe shounen.
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1 Fate/Grand Order

If my content and interests are anything to go by, almost all of you should know that I'm a HUGE Fate fan. Especially when it comes to me being big on Fate/Grand Order. Since day one, I've been logging in and taking every opportunity I can to strengthen my Servants and team lineup in a grand effort to save humanity's future. Because that's pretty much the premise of Fate/Grand Order (at least for its first arc). In Fate/Grand Order, you take on the role of a novice Master who's recently been recruited into the security organization Chaldea. When things suddenly go awry when Chaldea first attempts to embark on a rayshift mission, it's up to you as the Master along with female lead Mash Kyrielight to take on the Grand Order of taking back humanity's future and saving it from inevitable incineration. Fate/Grand Order is fairly straightforward in its turn-based strategy RPG gameplay, though it can be really fun making team compositions based on the card distributions of what Servants you can get. Throw in some gacha fun, waifu and husbando material, a compelling storyline that faithfully creates the visual novel feel the Fate/stay night visual novel had, astounding production values that improve over time significantly, and you got yourself one of the most successful and popular JRPG mobile games in history. Trust me, if you're a Fate fan or you're looking for a good storyline in a game, go play Fate/Grand Order.

2 Honkai Impact 3rd

Why so low? This is the best, dude. The graphic, the gameplay, the story, 10/10.

My favorite game. So fun and such a great story!

3 Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

You can say all you want about the licensed games for Sword Art Online by Bandai Namco, but in all honesty, I think Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag is arguably the best mobile game to be based on the Sword Art Online series. I know Sword Art Online: Integral Factor was recently released on the Google Play Store, but I think Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag still holds up a lot better to me to this day. I actually just got back into it recently after having lost my first account a year ago (trust me, you better issue and record your data transfer ID. Bandai Namco's customer support is incompetent at account recovery). Memory Defrag may not be the same VRMMORPG experience that you would get if you were to actually put on your NerveGear and immerse yourself into the world of SAO, but like Fate/Grand Order, it's quite an addictive mobile gaming experience. You mostly play by playing through the main story arcs just like the anime adaptation, but in addition, you can also play Extra Quests and events that really give a lot of Adaptation Expansion to the universe and cast of SAO. Grinding and rolling for good units won't be easy, but if you can take advantage of the discount rolls and work hard enough, Memory Defrag will no doubt be both a challenging and fun hack-and-slash experience for any fan of the SAO franchise.

4 Love Live! School Idol Festival

For the record, I'm not really into the whole moe niche of anime and mobile games in general, and while I'm not into the Love Live! franchise, this mobile game based off said franchise seems to be actually quite popular. I may be more into action-oriented fantasy RPG mobile games, but a tap-to-the-beat rhythm music game can certainly be addicting for those who are really into the genre. Especially when it goes hand in hand if they're Love Live! fans. Again, as I'm not into Love Live!, I don't know an awful lot about Love Live! School Idol Festival, but I'll just reiterate once again that Love Live! fans will most definitely enjoy playing this game if they haven't downloaded the free app already.

5 Bleach: Brave Souls

And now we have our first shounen anime mobile game on the list. Again, I've only played FGO and SAO: MD and can only afford spare time for those mobile games, but I can definitely see what all the hype for Bleach: Brave Souls. In spite of the Bleach manga ending, Brave Souls seems to continue its popularity with Bleach fans quite well to this year and the future to come. To put things simply in my terms, imagine Memory Defrag with Bleach, but in 3D instead of 2D. Basically, it's just a 3D hack-and-slash game. Brave Souls plays out like any gacha mobile game with battle, co-op, and story modes, but if you're especially a huge Bleach fan, then definitely consider downloading this. It's free just like the rest of all these anime mobile games (free-to-play, that is...).

6 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
7 Azur Lane

Pretty damn good if I'll be honest.
Saw it in an ad multiple times on YouTube, decided to download it as a joke. I didn't realize I'd have an addiction for it and keep playing it daily for months.
"Gameplay" is great.

8 Danmachi: Memoria Freese

DanMachi: Memoria Fresse as of now is the most recent entry on this list, as it just came out earlier this year. It's Crunchyroll's first published mobile game, being that they're the company who took it upon themselves to give Memoria Freese an English localization. I have yet to watch the entirety of the DanMachi anime nor have the time to play the game (I'm already occupied with FGO and SAO: MD), but Memoria Fresse looks to be an exhilarating dungeon-crawling RPG that all DanMachi fans will enjoy. In fact, I think I might just put DanMachi on my bucket list of anime to watch whenever I can on MAL. I'd totally love to go exploring dungeons and battling monsters in Orario with Kirito- er, I mean Bell Cranel and "Loli Big-boobs" Hestia. Man, I'm just so tempted to play Memoria Freese. Also, I just realized Memory Defrag and Memoria Freese sound totally similar in title structure. Hmm...

9 Girls' Frontline
10 Fire Emblem Heroes

Now it's quite debatable as to if Fire Emblem Heroes is an anime mobile game or not. Fire Emblem Heroes really mostly goes off of the Fire Emblem video games. I mean, Fire Emblem never really had an anime adaptation, and really, the OVA's based on it aren't really that great, so I'd really love it if Fire Emblem would receive a true anime adaptation. That said, Fire Emblem Heroes may not be a true anime mobile game, but it sure does have the same feel as one. Like Grand Order and Memory Defrag, Fire Emblem Heroes is a gacha game. In other words, it may very well be Nintendo's answer to Fate/Grand Order. Regardless, Fire Emblem Heroes retains the same tactical role-playing gameplay that the Fire Emblem franchise is best known for. Except now you get the feeling of getting your favorite Fire Emblem waifu in the same vein as if you just got Jeanne Alter or any other Servant waifu in Fate/Grand Order. I wish I knew a lot more about Fire Emblem Heroes, but based on what some of my friends have said about the game, it truly sounds like a great Fire Emblem mobile gaming experience that will delight any Fire Emblem fan.

The Contenders
11 Arknights
12 Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

And now we approach our second shounen entry on this list. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle for the most part is a little like a puzzle game, but more like a puzzle game in the form of an action game. Basically, you just tap on the circles (Ki Spheres) in order to rack up power and unleash devastating attacks to defeat formidable opponents. It may seem fairly straightforward and simplistic in structure, but there's no doubt Dokkan Battle will hold back on reenacting and giving the same feeling of awesomeness that comes with your favorite Dragon Ball characters like Goku or Vegeta pulling off their signature moves. It seems weird for a Dragon Ball Z game (sure, it's a mobile game, but still) to have puzzle elements instead of purely being a fighter-based beat-em-up, but I can only guess that Dokkan Battle is a mobile treat to any and all DBZ fans.

13 One Piece Treasure Cruise

For our third shounen entry, we now have One Piece Treasure Cruise. I first heard of the game back when it aired its Marineford Arc chapter release in a Crunchyroll ad that popped up when I was watching Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga more than a year ago (ah, good times). Anyways, Treasure Cruise plays out like any other gacha RPG mobile game (now that I think about it, almost all the mobile games on here are gacha RPG mobile games). But one thing to note according to Ranker is the time-sensitive turn-based gameplay that's essential to the core of victory, even being compared to the mechanics of the Paper Mario series (seems a bit far-fetched, if you ask me). Either way, it looks like Treasure Cruise is just one of the other few great mobile games based on the One Piece franchise that will definitely satisfy fans as they battle along with their favorite Straw Hat crew members.

14 Dragon Ball Legends

Honestly, Dragon Ball Legends seems to blow Dokkan Battle out of the water as of late. I mean, using command cards in real-time hand-to-hand combat with your favorite Dragon Ball characters drawn by Akira Toriyama himself? How awesome can Dragon Ball mobile games get? Basically, imagine Fate/Grand Order, but with real-time combat instead of RPG turn-based strategy. I don't play Dragon Ball Legends, but man, I got to give credit to the graphics and sheer amazement of legendary combat between Dragon Ball legends.

15 King's Raid
16 Pokemon Go!

I love it, played it ever since it came out with smaller periods of hiatus. It's really helped me to stay active and get some exercise, I could never take walks before because I needed a purpose in doing something, this has given me that and my health is very thankful for it
Whatever danger people are talking about right now is BS honestly. All you need is some common sense and if you don't have that then the risk of playing this game is the least of your worries.
That being said it Does mean younger children should Not be playing this unsupervised.
I love how much better I know my town now as I feel safe going to new places I haven't been having a map in front of me and landmarks to help me find the way back. There's so much to do with so many features and generations out now, even if I've been lvl 40 (max level until recently) for years now there's still always something to strive for and reasons to get out every day and keep walking

17 Gacha World

Never had it. Worse gacha game ever

18 Attack on Titan: Assault

I believe the official title of the upcoming Attack on Titan mobile game is "Attack on Titan: Assault" according to Anime News Network. Man, why did it take this long for Attack on Titan to finally get a mobile game?

19 Genshin Impact

The best part is that both weebs and non-weebs can both enjoy it for it's addicting gameplay.

One of my favorite games of all time!

20 Ultimate Ninja Blazing
21 Bang Dream!
22 Neko Atsume
23 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond Records
24 The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
25 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links
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