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1 Black Knight

Skin itself is kinda overrated, as any actual owners of the skin know that you'll get instantly BM'd and shot at first in a squad for using the skin. I personally just use the shield, as it's more low-key and people usually can't tell you have the skin until they're spectating you.

The Black Knight is the so-called "scourge of Wailing Woods," and a scourge is someone who causes suffering, so anyone who makes the worst drop spot suffer deserves top 5. Top 3... No. I'd say Black Knight has 4 at tops. Also it'll never be back so... Top 4!

I do like the raptor a lot, but the Black Knight just looks so great. I actually like this more than the red knight just due to my preference on the color, black.

Black Knight? It is rare and I have it like I like skull trooper once I don't have it but I prefer black knight like look at the colour like it's a boss and 1 skin and it's a lot rare

2 Omega

This should be 1st place of best fortnite skins but love ranger isn't best fortnite skin. Omega is best fortnite skin ever

Max Omega just looks so cool with its colors. Definitely the best in the game.

This is definitely the coolest looking Fortnite skin.

Max omega is the coolest and it is rare as black knight..!

3 Skull Trooper

It's amazing and it's ultra rare. So if you see someone with this skin there's only one thing to do... RUN

I have this skin now! And it's really good

The skin only comes once a year!

Over rated. Terrible skin

4 Raptor

Raptor is a pretty great skin! The Raptor definitely deserves the Top 3 and the 2000 V-Buck, Legendary rating. Now, this skin also comes with the Raptor Satchel back bling. This outfit deserves this spot, possibly even number 1. I don't decide, you guys do... I guess I also can vote but you know... I need everyone's help! Make Raptor overcome Love Ranger and we are so close!

Raptor is the best skin in my opinion, it has such a simple design and theme, but is so good. And... Ceeday of course is another reason, and also he is one of those skins that is iconic in Fortnite.

Legit best skin ever.
Literally had to refund Crackshot to get this skin. Wasn't wrong either! Great skin with outstanding Back-Bling. Definitely worth it.

This was the first non battle pass skin I bought and nearly always use it. My favourite skin in the game by far.

5 Cuddle Team Leader

Only you can stop V-buck scams.

It's the one of the best

Is a good meme

Best skin in game!

6 Love Ranger

The Lover Ranger skin is definitely not #1, at least in my opinion. It came out in the Valentines Day Update and cam out with... the crossbows! I'm pretty sure that the gun it came out with speaks for itself. But if that doesn't convince you than maybe the fact that it's ridiculously overpriced, being a Legendary skin. When I first saw this skin, I thought, why is this not purple? I mean, it's a cool skin but I'm pretty sure that Omega or something cooler could be #1, but obviously I don't decide. If I did I would definitely put this in the Top 10, but not first. The other thing is that it probably won't be buyable again since it came out for Valentines Day.

Honestly, its all rounded the best skin. The back bling is excellent, there is no competitive disadvantage (Like how Cuddle Team Leader has a huge head, or Calamitys Smoke blocks your close range view) And it looks amazing.

This skin isn't best. Omega is best skin ever and this skin looks like nazi warrior or soviet warrior or Joseph stalin or Adolf hitler. This skin rip offs nazi warrior, soviet warrior, Joseph stalin and Adolf hitler

OK did no one listen to me overwatch is way better fortnite is only good because ninja and mystic plays it also because it's a free game and comes out in mobile.

7 Raven

This skin is amazing, it's like retro grim reaper. Worth the money, and when I saw it in the item shop for the 3rd time I was so happy cause I wasn't here for the other two times it was. This deserves 1st

I've been wanting raven since it came in the item shop because I liked roblox at the time and the raven skin reminds me of the dominus in roblox.

It would've been the PERFECT tier 100 battle pass skins. It would go well with that. Compare it to all the other ones. Should be number one

AbsolUte best because he actually looks cool and like a raven. Why would love ranger be at one? People only like the wings

8 Dark Voyager

The Dark Voyager is a pretty good skin, but the thing that's bad about it is it literally has LED lights strapped to it. You can be seen from a mile away!

Love this skin! First battle pass I ever got.

This is so bomb

Just plain boss

9 Default Skin

The default skin is something that will never be surpassed as a video game cosmetic ever. It's raised to be the most notorious in the community because it represents a level of "rookie". Cosmetics in video games were always meant to be an addition, or an optional choice, well what I'm trying to say is that it never was supposed to be required. But when it comes to Fortnite, everyone has to have a skin of some sort, and it's so obvious that Epic Games is racking in millions of revenue to this system, which is actually great and it just amazes me that it actually works, and that it may keep working.

I think that these types of skins are cool for two reasons:

1. They don't cost a dime, showing that you can have fun in this game without spending money.

2. People underestimate them. If you are a good player and you are using the default skin, there will at least be one person who will think you are inexperienced. They would be in for a surprise.

What is this?
Defaults are the best. Even though I'm not a default I used to be one.
It is so fun to do the default dance after killing a player with a skin.
Defaulty boi for life

The default skin gives me so many memories. I love to meme around with it, and it doesn't cost a penny. I always pretend to be a fake default, and have fun

10 Ghoul Trooper

It's a pretty nice skin especially with the galaxy back bling.
It's a female skin so it's slimmer than the skull trooper making it easier to avoid bullets.
It's got the epic rarity and has only ever been in the item shop once.
It's so basic just a zombie.Is awesome!
I wish I had the skin... but I'm not season 2 player so...
Hopefully epic do sent bring back the skin and ruin its rarity in later years!
- A season 7 player

Looks way better than the skull trooper, and you see it much less in game. I wish I had this skin

Way better than the skulltrooper is tied for my favorite skin along with the merry maruder.

It is so overrated but so good.

The Contenders
11 The Reaper

Love the movies, love the skin.
If you see a John wick with angel wings, though, prepare to die.

The Holy John Wick...

He goes well with the Best Mates emote.

The cleanest and most bad ass skin out there!

Its John wick this is the best skin!

12 Peely

Ok, Peely is the BeSt skin of all time. I mean, he is literally a banana with a face! He looks kinda dorky and weird but he a good skin

Isn't he smoothie now? Anyway Peely is my favourite Fortnite character - Unnamed Google User Remade

It just called to me as soon as I saw it!

13 Calamity

Why the hell is she not wearing a bra in her stage 1, Like brub, This game is rated T and some storm can happen and she can lose her tank top!, Epic games needs to stop being sexist!

Really just cool! and She is the first female upgradeable skin. Shes strong so go, strong woman!

Very good skin

Bad ass as hell

14 Red Knight

Coolest skins regret not buying it in season 2 or getting it's partner the black knight. Would have the full set if I had got the black knight but this is definitely cooler.

This is the best skin in the game the love ranger is first because of the backbling not the skin.

Red and black blend perfectly. Very intimidating.

Worst pile of trash ever

15 Eternal Voyager
16 Jonesy

Is Jonesy a default or not? people say he is a default but then I searched it and it said he was uncommon- he's an okay skin, not the best

17 Wukong

One of the best skins in the game. Has a very good backbling. Looks scary, but in a good way (if that makes sence). I have over 13 bought skins from the item shop and I use the wukong the most.

I my opinion most awesome and beautiful skin ever.

Back bling looks good on other skins. plus its just so detailed I love it

Don't have that skin

18 Crackshot

The best skin in the game, considering that at the same time its one of if NOT the most rare skins in this game because of it coming out on the shop once. I'm fortunate to have it, and trust me, I'm hella glad I bought it!

I love Crackshot but, honestly, where's Growler and Lynx?

His face resembles the people who made the game.

The head gives you a 30% extra of being headshotted, how is this good?

19 Dark Vanguard

Best skin in the game because of the orange and I do love the voyager too not as much as this

It is god like

20 Havoc

Pure awesomeness. He's Raptor's twin, because they are built off of the same model, is impossible to get from now on, and is a suoer cool military skin.

Ok it is dope as hell

21 Drift Max Armour

Lore of him coming from another reality and growing in a new world is quite interesting. As well as having customizable layers this makes for a great skin.

The best skin in fortnite by far. It looks amazing with plunga and fabled cape

He has a coat, not armour.

Dang man, I need it

22 Rust Lord

Rust lords are the best to get little kids to send hate messages and death threats to you, you knock them, do take the l for 3 seconds, and finish them instantly, little kids get mad

I wear this skin all the time and absolutely love it!

Underrated as crap, why do people hate this skin?

Better than rogue agent... how is that 25

23 Fishstick

Best skin by far! Fishstick and Peely tie, the both are weird and funny skins, and he looks funny doing emotes too. My friends and I call him Fishy as his nickname

I don't know how someone couldn't like the diabetic skin. Definitely the best skin in the game.

K, how is this so low? It has 4 styles and is one of the most purchased skins. WHAT

Best skin in the game without a doubt.

24 Catalyst

Catalyst top 2

25 Brite Bomber

Colourful skin. I feel like brite bombers are really intimidating nowadays. Would be better if it came with the brite bag or something though

Looks better in game compared to when in the item shop. A 'must have' skin.

Love the dyed hair. It is my favorite skin though I love the OMEGA!

By far the best skin. Cute, pros use it, and when she flosses she be thick

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