Best Characters from Crypt of the Necrodancer

This list isn't necessarily about the objective best character, but also about how much I enjoy playing as the character. I will also take the soundtrack into minor consideration, although it won't be a big part of it.
The Top Ten
1 Nocturna

She is by far the most powerful character in the game. Starting off with a cutlass is ridiculous, as it adds both range and the parry ability. The ability to turn into a bat is also amazing, as it deals ridiculous damage, allows you to see enemies, and lets you avoid traps. The final chance you get after losing all your health is also formidable.

2 Melody

She may be weaker than Cadence, but I find her a lot more fun and engaging. The way you have to change your thinking in order to fight even the most basic enemies is interesting, and she has no drawbacks other than having to use the golden lute, which I enjoy. You can also change your skin to be Ibuki Mioda, so I love that as well.

3 Cadence

The basic character is still one of the best in the game. Most of the other characters are designed to present another level of challenge. Cadence is just a fun character to play as in general, due to having no restrictions.

4 Diamond

Being able to move diagonally is a massive help, as it essentially allows you to move two spaces at once. Since it isn't compulsory, it is simply a benefit. My one issue is that you can only hold two items, including bombs, due to the hotkeys also being bound to the diagonal movement.

5 Tempo

This is my favorite challenge character. It adds a level of intense urgency while being extremely unique. Having infinite attack is also really nice.

6 Aria

Despite the fact that I've never beaten a run with her, the extreme challenge and the gimmick of going through the levels backward make her a decently fun character for those who are veterans of the game. Her soundtrack is also a really cool metal remix.

7 Eli

Having infinite bombs gives you access to a multitude of extra loot through shrines, which is cool, and kicking bombs around is fun.

8 Bolt

One of the truest tests of skill in the game, the double speed essentially requires that you be able to predict the movements of the enemies many steps ahead and react accordingly. It makes every move that much more important, and any wrong move will harm you that much more.

9 Coda

Despite the fact that it is absurd to beat a single floor as Coda, this ridiculous difficulty is also hilarious. Combining the gimmicks of Aria, Bolt, and Monk is absurd but still funny. No challenge character in any game I've played comes anywhere near the difficulty of this one.

10 Dorian

It's really tough to try to maneuver when every movement makes you move two spaces. The only reason he's on the list is that the other characters are even more painful or annoying to play as.

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