Reasons Why Minecraft Is Better Than Terraria

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1 Better Graphics

No way Minecraft has better graphics look at the spider in Minecraft climbing it just freezes and moves upwards awkwardly. While terraria spiders have their own new animations when they climb. And the magic is amazing looking unlike Minecraft.

If you look at terraria's weapon, mobs, or bosses you can see that this is false look at the hemogoblin shark it is beautifully animated or the celebration gun it looks better then a Minecraft firework. The lunatic cultist is an amazing looking boss fight. even if the game is in 2D it excels in animation and you can clearly tell the devs put amazing care and effort in the game so this is false. -Raiju92

Even though I agree Minecraft is better, I don't agree with this because in Minecraft everything is squares, and the circle objects are made of smaller squares.

If Minecraft is classed as a game with good graphics, I don't know what to say. The graphics make my eyes want to throw up. At least in Terraria the dungeons actually look like dungeons. In Minecraft they are just a mob spawner and a chest. Talk about creativity!

2 Bigger Worlds

But Minecraft diodes nothing interesting with it I just keep searching in Minecraft but I just find the same village prefab.While we have a beautiful dungeon and Minecraft dungeon are just mossy cobblestone with spawned and chest which feels lazy.

In Terraria, the game pretends to show exploration, but if you're me, the only exploration you ever do is (A. Across the surface so you know where the dungeon, corruption/crimson areas (B. To find the jungle temple (C. To find biome-specific things to spawn bosses. Meanwhile, in Minecraft one has to explore to find many things, such as finding Strongholds, Nether Fortresses, and End Cities. Strongholds and Nether Fortresses are required for reaching the Ender Dragon and End Cities are a necessity for getting an Elytra. People say that the Minecraft world can be walked across in 10 minutes, and they are talking about Console edition. Console edition is the runt of the litter, and even Pocket Edition has worlds that span 16000000 blocks from end to end. While there aren't a plethora of generated structures, there is no guarantee that you will walk across a stronghold in 10 minutes. In Minecraft, you actually have to explore. In Terraria, everything is generated in front of you.

Although there are bigger worlds, there are hardly any uses for them. Rarely, you'll find someone who will rob 15 different villages, fish in 20 dofferent oceans, mine 1500 stacks of diamonds and mine every single tree in the world.

You won't lose your house if you either bring a compass or a map! It really depends on the player, if they like exploring or if they just want to beat the game and get it over with.

3 Better Characters

If by "characters", you mean protagonists in both games, Terraria takes the cake. Actual dialogue and quotes make Terrarian npcs actually worth talking to. However, if you mean character customization, Terraria is still pretty good, with 30+ types of dyes, 50+ vanity sets, 100+ vanity items and a large selection of haircuts, eye colours and clothing. Also, not everyone in Terraria looks the same (why does every skin in Minecraft have to have a fringe? )

Which characters are better, Terraria's NPCs, who give you advice, helpful (and not even comically expensive) trades, and who help you out with fighting? Or Minecraft's Villager NPCs, with horrible trades, and the only useful part associated with them is the Blacksmith building, only because it can be looted.

Really? When I play minecraft I have a tiger skin, and I see lots of other tigers. In terraria, everyone's starting character is different. What if they are the same? Well, over 40 vanity clothes and armour sets should stop everyone in the same server looking like each other. Terraria is better than minecraft no matter what - astroshark

Is there a nurse which can heal you to full hp in Minecraft? or a goblin which can make weapons better or worse? Or a drunkard (maybe or not) which sells you items to summon a raid Without even having any mods?

4 Its In 3D While Terraria Is In 2d

3D I don't like it much I mean ya it's blocky but in terraria 2D that's what Minecraft lovers hate about just for 1 reason...come on 2D is like going back in the old days enjoy it and people rage just because a creeper sneaks up from behind and boom dead lost everything terraria your ok just check:ok no fire imps behind me... Oh no arch demon!...dead but still have stuff so that's another reason why terraria is better.

That is probably the biggest thing. I have never played Terraria but in Minecraft you have beautiful 3D worlds, alongside beautiful music. But I also quite like the retro, pixelated imagery of Terraria.

It makes building structures a lot more complex, meaning more ideas and better quality the builds are. And that means you can get around it unless it extends to the world border (a transparent wall with blue stripes)!

3D is better. The games you guys reason is horrible not because it is 3D,
the gameplay itself is totally horrible. 3D can actually make a game better.
because in Terraria you can see a mob coming behind you but in Minecraft, seems like
a horror game and makes it pretty challenging because it is 3D.

5 More Popular

Just because a game is more popular doesn't necessarily mean it's better, like Fortnite is extremely popular and that's practically the worst game ever made.

Popularity does not define a game's quality. Sonic '06 got a surprising amount of sales, would you say it's good?

This shouldn't be here. Call of Duty Ghosts are popular but actually the worst
Call of Duty yet.

Minecraft was ranked #1 streamed game. Terraria missed the list by like 500 places.

6 More Expansive

It'd be nice if some actual reasoning was put into this argument.

The games are so different that why compare them?

More expansive means it's worse...

Terraria has more things.

7 Came Out First

If a game's age is used to determine a game's quality, I assume Pong is the best game I've ever laid my eyes on. Am I right?

Terraria came before Minecraft. Minecraft was released on November 11, 2011, while Terraria was released on May 11, 2011.

So in conclusion for first person shooters I assume halo combat evolved is the best fps game?

Actually terraria was in development way before minecraft.

8 Minecraft is fun, Terraria is not

Just because you think terraria is boring doesn't mean others think so too if it was a completely boring why is there a army of people defending the game here. fun is subjective and is not a point to prove a game is better then another.Raiju92

Terraria is fun Minecraft gets repetitive every time I play and fun is subjective. Terraria is more creative in terms boss fights and and enemies.

I love Minecraft more then Terraria and I amit Terraria is fun, but I find Minecraft more fun. Maybe it's because I have played Minecraft longer or it's just I like to relax and build nice structures without getting attacked by a slime ever few seconds.

Terraria gets boring after 5 minutes of beating up slimes an digging mindlessly to the bottom of the world, or building boring, stupid, useless, 2d structures that only take 5 second to complete. Which ever you prefer you terraria loving losers

9 Better Creativity

Minecraft allows for the player to express themselves in a way that is a little more difficult to do on terraria, terraria is a fun game but it is more for those that prefer a challenge or enjoy game progression and stuff like that, Minecraft is about building or finding more efficient ways to work around problems like Redstone which can also be used to enhance a build.

In all of it's simplicity, Minecraft has no goal. I think of it as a good thing because you do whatever you want with no rpg limitation. Of course terrria has more swords items etc. BUT Minecraft doesn't need this Minecraft is about exploration and building without any sort of rpg. So here's my point: if you prefer adventure play terraria if you prefer building go out and let you're creativity to build something.

Uhm, have you seen Terraria? Minecrafts swords and weapons are just the same style except a different colour. Terra rua has from swords that shoot laser beams to swords that shoots rainbow cats. Terra rua is obviously more creative than mine craft.

Swords are same design, villagers are only other human tools are same design, the tremor model has more creativity and you don't know that because you haven't even.played terraria

10 It Doesn't Have Complex Tasks

Minecraft has to simple task that doesn't make people really feel like a master because it is so linear you never really have to much trouble aside from endermen and creepers. Terraria is not to complicated and it makes you feel like a master after using new complex strategies to finally beat bosses. Raiju92

Actully, you don't have to do the complex tasks in minecraft or terraria. You can sit back and Bulid, go on a fishing trip, Try and survive in hell (Nether or Underworld) and set your own goals. That is what's exciting about the game! You can create your own path and follow it!

I actually have no idea how this is a point. If players nowadays expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, I'm disappointed.

Man, I can make full iron armor with a diamond pickaxe and sword on the first day. So easy bro.

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11 Better and More Recognizable Characters

By character it means your appearance and skin. This makes sense cause in minecraft you have hundreds of pixel to work with if not thousands. And I know some will say that minecraft has two default characters but when have you seen more than 5 steves standing in a giant serve of a 100 players. Minecraft is a game that encourages player creativity so it allows the players to make their own characters rather than have a million skins to choose from.

Disclaimer: the following gave reference to java edition only!

Those great characters such as Steve, Alex. Does minecraft have a cyborg or maybe a pirate how bout a nurse to heal everything, the guide is possibly the best because I don't know jack crating recipes.

That does not mean Terraria doesn't have recognizable characters either.

Okay yea, everybody looking the same with steve and alex is super boring.

12 Better Multiplayer

In my opinion: the fact that less people play terraria's multiplayer makes the ambiance between players much, MUCH better than Minecraft. I can have fun while playing multiplayer Terraria, and I can't say that about Minecraft, where the average player's age is about twelve years old. And I don't know about the average player's age in Terraria, but at least they don't act like they are twelve year olds.

Very true. Every single time I try to go on a server in terraria it crashes. And due to the fact that you equip the same character, It messes up your terraria gameplay. Minecraft on the other hand, is better and more efficient, because there are actually admin who care about the server and not stuck in survival mode trying to get an item for 2000 years. Minecraft servers are better.

Actually I rather enjoy getting my cousins and me to band together to take on duke fishron via Xbox live. I played Minecraft with my cousin and we're like "what is there to do? " I already have a fort that nothing can get through. And diamond gear Minecraft gets boring online unless you're on a hypixel server which we console gamers do not have access to.

To be honest, I think that this is the only suitable reason why Minecraft is better than Terraria. Other reasons are not supportive enough.

13 It's About Building and Exploration

True Minecraft has better building but terraria has some building aspects that Minecraft could benefit from like being able to change block's shape with the hammer and has many versions of the same block and changing any block's coloring with the painter. Raiju92

It's a sandbox game.

In all of it's simplicity, Minecraft has no goal. I think of it as a good thing because you do whatever you want with no rpg limitation. Of course terrria has more swords items etc. BUT Minecraft doesn't need this Minecraft is about exploration and building without any sort of rpg. So here's my point: if you prefer adventure play terraria if you prefer building go out and let you're creativity to build something.

Minecraft has no goal and its roots are giving you a 3D virtual world for you to build your awesome things on, while Terraria focuses more on RPG stuff and fantasy.
Like building structures? Minecraft.
Like adventures and story? Terraria.

While terraria is basically a game that forces you to go out and fight mobs, bosses because of it's story. It'd be great if you could choose your story in terraria.

14 It Has Creative Mode

You can get creative mode for Terraria via mods. Also, some of the Terraria staff are actually considering adding official creative mode to the game. However, unless you want to make giant pretzel dragons in the sky or building a full scale model of the mona lisa, there's no point in getting creative mode in Terraria. It only takes away all of the challenge.

The thing is, minecraft is more of a building-oriented game whereas terraria, is more of a adventure-oriented game, so not having a creative mode isn't that bad for terraria, also, getting building resource in terraria isn't that hard, so you doesn't even need creative.

Mhm. True. And it is actually a great gamemode and a great idea. If you want to take a break from survival and adventure, why don't you go to creative? In terraria, It's basically the same idea over and over again. It gets very repetitive and boring. Minecraft easily has won!

This is very true, terraria is really dumb, (in my opinion) sometimes people want to be killed a stuff my monsters in survival, other times you just want to have fun and build whatever you want without those worries. #teamMC4lyfe

15 Better NPCs

The NPCs in terraria don't just have amazing items for sale they have personality and feel surprisingly human for game characters and we can't forget how they help you. Minecraft has bland copy and paste NPCs who sell junk. Raiju92

Minecraft, maybe, has more recognizable and quirky NPC's, but that is because the game has had more coverage and naturally people have been more exposed to them. Terraria arguably has better NPC's, as they can interact with each other, fight, sell you a boundless quantity and scope of items from wings, crafting stations, weapons, ammunition, etc. which vary from one's progression in the game. there are also 23 NPC's in Terraria at the moment, and they have diversity rather than the different variants of one NPC, ie the villager.

Okay, whats better here, a squidward that wants to trade a useless gem for leather or, Having a npc with personality, that can sell guns, wings, or fireworks?

In Minecraft there are villagers that you can have fun killing cause they have bad trades and weird noses, in Terraria there's just normal people, booorrinnggg...

16 The Minecraft Villagers Are Sexier

Minecraft Comes Alive is a mod that lets you marry villagers (which now look like regular humans).

That could be true. But seriously they're not.

This is the only thing on this list which is actually correct to be honest

The only valid reason

17 You can fly

"But minecraft has elytra" Great, cool, wings were terrarias idea but can you fly up with the elytra. No not really, you gotta fly from going off a cliff or by building a huge dirt tower. For what? A 20 second joy ride?

How minecraft flying works: walking on air
How Terraria flying works: Get a jetpack or wings and soar the skies.

You can in terraria too.

I like flying

18 Minecraft Has a Lot of Mods

STOP I hate when Minecraft's are losing the argument they just say we have mods stop adding mods to the conversation.

Terraria player: We have better Combat, Weapons, mobs, Bosses, and Caves

Minecrafters: Well we can just use mods like ore spawn BOOM, Minecraft is automatically better and we will not consider anything else because MODS.

Not all Minecrafters are like this but there are a few who are. And stop saying things like everything in terraria vs the KING because terraria has mobs who are indestructible (The spikeball and flaming wheel) and the KING is not even in Minecraft the game.

Minecraft needs mods because it has very little combat-related combat. Plus, most are crap. In Terraria, we have mods that, 1. Are only needed when you've played for YEARS, and 2. They add immense amount of content.

Only real reason, terraria has stupid mods that just add more items, Minecraft has mods with items that make ones from normal Minecraft look weak and puny. Hardest video game bosses in my opinion, let's go rahovart vs everything in terraria, rahovart wins!

Mods are updates to make the game better just like terraria gets updated to make it better. Mods are completely valid.

19 Vanilla Minecraft has more items than vanilla Terraria

What you just said is the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

TL;DR This is the biggest lie I have ever heard in my life.

I agree. Terrarians always say that they have more items but we have literally infinite items. You want an atomic bomb? Rename a piece of obsidian "Atomic Bomb". You want an iphone 7? Rename an iron bar "iphone 7".

First hour of terraria over 5 chest of unique fun items. First day of minecraft, 20 chests, 19 of them full of cobble, the other full of wooden slabs.

Terraria has more items, Bosses, Weapons, and enemies. Face it terraria more diverse and better.

20 More Combat

Terraria is combat center while Minecraft has weak combat. Terraria has cat sword and laser prism and laser yo-yo etc. Minecraft has the same sword in different colors and generic weapons. Oh and mana is in terraria so that means magic weapons.

Minecraft has lame combat and weak enemies. Ngl once you get an iron sword you are basically strong enough to beat all the enemies it just takes longer to kill them and also you don't need any weapons to kill the final boss you just use beds

terraria is centered around combat and adventure they put hours of time and effort in just the Bosses, Weapons, events and enemies the game's combat is almost fine tuned to perfection an exception is the summoner.Raiju92

Are you kidding me? Terraria is based on combat, and I can't believe that this is even an option. What's even more cringey is that these rabid 4 year old Minecraft fans are downvoting every strong point in these votes. Fennekinfan, some anons, and others are proving good points, while you toddlers mass downvote them. Disgusting.

21 Armor & Weapons

Yes The same sword in different colors is variety. Minecraft has a major lack of variety and creativity in terms of weapons and armor. And terraria feels like the weapons are out of someone's imagination.

Terraria has cat sword and laser prism and laser yo-yo etc. Minecraft has the same sword in different colors and generic weapons.

This must be a joke, Minecraft its just the same weapon in diferent colours, most of terraria weapons are different from each other. Also Terraria has waay more armors and weapons than minecraft.

Minecraft mods are better than normal Minecraft, you have to be kidding me, you can take orespawn, and titans, and mythical creatures, and 100s of other mods.

22 Command Block

It's very helpful for anyone wanting to learn how to code and what not which I can agree which Minecraft does do better.

But I don't like how you cannot get it through even normal creative mode. You have to actually type out its spawn info just to get a good number of them which I don't really like... Same goes for the mob spawners...

This is something amazing, which terraria does not have. You can basically spawn a creeper, with a volcano sitting on it's head, which is puffing out smoke made of sheep.

Minecraft is better than terraria.

This is why Minecraft doesn't need mods to be fun. You can literally create anything with these. But in terraria you can't.

A good start to learning how to code a computer. Makes custom maps powerful and like a minigame.

23 Terraria is a ripoff

Fun fact:
In Minecraft, you can get spalsh text which says "Also try Terraria! "
In Terraria, sometimes if you look at the top of the screen it says "Terraria: Also try Minecraft! "

Neither are ripoffs

I may like Minecraft more than Terraria, but even I know this is stupid.

What I define as a ripoff is a blatant copy that adds little to the game but is still just the same thing. terraria is not that

Terraria's global release is actually 1 week before Minecraft's.

24 Infinite Possibilities

Same as in Terraria. There are plenty of builds to do, like Minecraft, but in Terraria, you can play over again with different strategies. >inb4 this gets downvoted by some of Minecraft's immature fanbase

You can do working automobiles in Minecraft. What about Terraria? Plus, you don't NEED wings to fly. (creative mode people! )

More stuff in Terraria. The contenders are really nice to Terraria and ignored this list.

25 Minecraft has way better guns in Vanilla

This item is hilarious. There are no guns in Minecraft vanilla.

Bro, bro...

Minecraft - 0 guns
Terraria - 37 guns

Really? Way better guns?

You what? I can't shotgun creepers in the face.

Yea, I'd love to rapid fire some creepers.

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