Top 10 Best Horror Video Games

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1 Silent Hill 2

By far one of the most scary and disturbing survival-horror games out there.
Great story, crazy characters, horrific environments, eerie atmosphere and what enemies make of Silent Hill 2 my all time favorite horror genre video game.

Silent Hill 2 isn't just the scariest game ever made. It is the most disturbing game ever made. It gets into your mind and goes for a purely psychological horror instead of the usual and tired jump scares.

One of the most influential horror games ever, Silent Hill 2 is the one Silent Hill game that literally got everything right! It's pretty much the God of all horror games in a way!

2 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Oh yeah, the fact that these creatures are just straight up stalking about in the dark while you wonder around in an abandoned castle filled with monsters that will kill you with no way to defend yourself whatsoever in the dark is totally terrifying! Oh yeah, and you deal with all this while losing your sanity, slowly slipping into insanity with every moment that passes by while you explore that God forsaken place! Not only that, but multiple gamers, including the #1 subscribed channel in YouTube, Pewdiepie, have gained fame from playing this game (or slender, but we're not talking about that) due to the horror they had to face and share with the internet. Yeah, this deserves this spot since so many people peed in their pants to escape this game.

3 Five Nights at Freddy's

While most horror games show no promise and are about zombies and evil dead and what not. Five nights at freddy's is actually not that stupid! 1)There is great story in it. 2) The graphics are good. 3) There is actually bits and pieces of a story and that is why it is much better than the other games 4) The characters are relatable. And 5) the parts and places look and relate to a lot of things today

To be honest, I love watching theories about FNaF and make theories. I don't even play the game, I just want to know all the secrets about it. It's so mysterious, and the backstory is scarier than the game in my opinion. It's about a Chuck E Cheese-like restaurant. The animatronics are just normal animatronics that sing, dance, etc. They were normal, until the Purple Guy came. So, there are the four main animatronics, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, but there's also Golden Freddy, which is a hallucination that the night guard sees rarely. The Purple Guy is an employee in this restaurant, but one night when it was a child's birthday, Purple Guy killed four children, and also his son (we don't know why). After that, there's this puppet called Marionette, and when the restaurant was closed, Marionette stuffed the bodies into the four animatronics, and it stuffed the son of Purple Guy into Golden Freddy, which was an old animatronic with no endoskeleton they used in an older restaurant (Fredbear's Family Diner). After that, a lot of people were complaining. Parents saw blood dripping out of Foxy's mouth, which is also why Foxy is out of order. When the restaurant was closed, the Marionette gave the four animatronics stuffed with kids a gift, the gift of life. So the spirits of the children were controlling the animatronics. At night, they started to kill employees, because the employees actually wore a purple suit, so when they see an employee at night, they think it's the Purple Guy, the murderer, so they kill the employee. That's why they're trying to kill you when you're the night guard, they think you're the murderer. Also, if you actually read all that, thanks. I want more people to have interest in FNaF and become members of our big, beautiful fandom.

4 Outlast

Best horror game by far in my opinion. The story is good, the scenarios are horrifying and the gameplay is great. Makes you feel very invested and really brings you into the game.

Would 100% suggest playing this game if you love survival horror games, or just horror games in general.

This game is phenomenal the 2nd one is even better scare wise. Not as good story but I loved it. Definitely the scariest game of our time. Until dawn was also a good horror game though not scary it was a fun story.

Man, I can't forget my first experience with this game... It's still unsurpassed in terms of how sick and twisted it is. The scariest game made so far.

5 Resident Evil 4

Great atmosphere. RE5 was good only with Co-Op, and RE6 was a generic action game. RE7 plain sucked. It was more like Outlast or something, where are the characters of the RE series? Resident Evil is dead.

The game you can finish 20 times and still not get bored of it. A true masterpiece.

I'm not much for violent video games, but love this game!

6 Dead Space

Dead Space is such an amazing game. The horror and skill required to play a third person shooter, combined with the kind of play style required for this game it is both challenging and fun for any gamer...

The game is refreshing and was a great start to an amazing series...

Should be higher, its just plain awesome.

I can't understand how this isn't at least in the top 10 on this list. The story, atmosphere and pacing suck you in and keep you riveted to the screen until the very end. And even a bit after that too! Dead Space is by far my favorite Survival/Horror game out there.

7 Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

The best horror games are made in Japan. This game has original gameplay, and original story.

8 Slender

Very suspensful, because, who wouldn't be scared when there's a guy with NO FACE stalking you in the woods? And scary drums in the background that come from nowhere?

This guy is so hard I can't even collect all of the pages!

9 Silent Hill

This game is very dated by today's standards and can be overwhelming if you've never played similar games before. However, I must say that this game truly changed my life and my preferences in gaming when I first played it. I purchased this game on the last day of 2012 for my newly received PS3 as a Christmas gift, along with the first Metal Gear Solid (which is my all-time favorite video game, along with this and Silent Hill 2). Initially, I was actually scared to play it because I had never owned a horror game before. When I finally mustered the courage to play it, I was surprised by how old it looked, and I didn't expect it to scare me. But it did.

This game remains one of my all-time favorites, even though it can be challenging to follow at times. I love it so much that I recently purchased a mint condition original copy of it for the PS1, even though I don't own a PS1, just to have it. If you enjoy adventure games, this is one of the best. If you want a game with class and style, this is it. If you want a game with great dialogue between characters, this may not be it, but you should still buy it anyway. It's one of those rare experiences that gives you a sense of accomplishment once you've finally completed it. And once you have, you can even move on to Silent Hill 2, which is, without a doubt, the greatest scary video game ever made. PERIOD.

It takes about 15 or more hours to beat on your first playthrough, and about 8-9 hours on your second (and I highly recommend playing this game multiple times). If you don't believe me, look up another review, there are plenty out there. By the way, it doesn't matter what anybody says, Silent Hill is STILL better than Resident Evil.

10 F.E.A.R

This game should be the first one on this list, if you've played it then you know what I mean, such a scary game with a great storyline.

This should be higher, sure graphics maybe a bit outdated on 1 but 2 was a perfect mix of horror and action, 3 was... well ig better for co op but horrid due to another company taking over. But this game scared me a lot as a kid and the AI is better than most games today. Should be in the top 5 if not 1st

I play previous version of this game. it's like a thriller game some places goast comes like a Hollywood movie... definitely I play this version you try it...

The Contenders
11 Dead Space 2

The best game to get easily scared and pee your own pants.

12 P.T.

It's everything that makes a horror game terrifying all shoved into one game, there is no safety.

13 Silent Hill 3
14 SCP Contaiment Breach

The problem with big industry horror games is that they're not even scary. This game got everything right about horror. You don't need jumpscares for horror. Jumpscares are for the weak. The variety of strange items is a bonus and the environment is extremely eerie. You never know when you'll see SCP-173 chilling around. Then you blink and you're dead. The blinking mechanic is brilliant and just adds onto the things this game got right. The game gives a sense of insecurity which isn't given with most horror games.

15 Bendy and the Ink Machine

This game is not so much about the jump scares or monsters as it is about the atmosphere. You always feel like something bad is going to happen. Just go play the demo (or even better, buy the game) and see for yourself. I highly recommend it.

This game is awesome, it has amazing taste of style, it isn't night shifts or run away from some demonish thing, you run away from your own creations. It's amazing to see how something so single like cartoons can make something so creepy, just like this.

The adventure and game play are what brings this game to life. The amount of turns and twists will make you want to see and play through to the end. I highly recommend this game if you love catoony game style.

16 Slender: The Eight Pages

The whole slender series scared the heck outta me I can't play them anymore

17 Alien: Isolation

This game was the one of the few horror games which really made my heart racing? Why so low on the list?

My my this game whoever play it remain on his or her heart forever

18 Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2 is a awesome psychological horror game that is grueling to play.

19 Doom 3

Doom 3 for its time had the best graphics and realistic lighting of any game, and was easily the scariest sci-fi shooter of all time. Even today, it's still a horror masterpiece. While not quite on the levels of say, Amnesia, the exceptional FPS aspect of the game makes up for it.

Imagine walking through an eerily quiet, dark, metallic, and claustrophobic corridor, flashlight in hand. The radio is now quiet after a good 10 minutes of hearing your fellow marines scream and desperately cry for help as they are brutally slaughtered. As you turn a corner, you hear a shriek behind you and instinctively turn just as a fireball hits you. You pull out your shotgun, but with your flashlight gone, you can barely see the thing that is rapidly approaching you, ready to pounce. As the 12-eyed demon slashes at your face, you fire and blow him to pieces, his body turning to a pile of glowing ashes as he lets out a final ear-splitting shriek.

I've beat this game so many times and while it does get less scary, every playthrough is pulse-pounding and exhilirating. Amazing game!

20 Resident Evil 2
21 Silent Hill 4: The Room

I'm a cold blooded person who plays horror games to laugh actually however, this is the only game I could NOT play alone. Just.. Scary as hell.

Scared the hell out of me when I Played it first time... very disturbing and scary atmosphere and the jump scares are like AHAAHAAH!

22 Doki Doki Literature Club!

DDLC has had an incredible amount of thought put into it, and that really shows in the game. You originally believe that it is just a typical dating sim with a neat poetry mechanic, before the charming mask of the beginning is slowly peeled off to reveal a terrifying other side to the characters as they are manipulated to their untimely ends. Truly an amazing horror, should be ranked higher.

Number 35? That is insane.
There is a lot of unnoticeable depth in this game that flies over the average player's head. I especially loved how Monika was self-conscious she was truly alone, and hacked the game from Steam. That probably means she logged into your account. I loved how she changed all the characters at her will. Who can forget the ending song either? Just perfect.

23 Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach
24 Cry of Fear

Awesome game ever because it has many features and jumpscares I love it! Like you recieve messages on phone

25 Soma

I was recommended Layers of Fear and Amnesia by youtube and friends, got them both for free from Epic Games. Decided against both and played SOMA because it was also free, not after playing all 3, SOMA is the best. SOMA may very well be the best story-driven game I have ever played. No game, from Skyrim and the Witcher to Amnesia and Layers of Fear got me thinking and hooked as much as SOMA did, it scared me a couple times, but most importantly, it shook me to my core. The story in this game is on a level above anything else I have ever played. As well, the game knew exactly what it needed to do to keep me unnerved and uncomfortable, not through scares, but through philosophical questions and disturbing thoughts. Play this game, it will stick with you, and it will get you thinking. Never has a game got me as hooked in a mystery as SOMA, I can do nothing but recommend it.

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