Top 10 Best Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapons

Which is the best weapon in COD: Black Ops in your opinion? These 10 weapons are my top 10, if you think there is a gun missing just add it and vote for it.
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1 Galil

The Galil, is best suited for those that like the mid to long range fight. Coupled with a suppressor and a reflex sight you can effectivly hit targets across the map. It's fire rate at mid to close range keeps rushers at bay without any problems. I constantly go >20-0 with this weapon but, I tend to play very methodical and get a bit campy.

Although it can run out of ammo, it is probably the greatest gun on black ops! I have always used it in multiplayer and in zombies if I get it. Really good rapid fire pretty good damage, pretty good range and accuracy! Barely any recoil also. Overall best gun ever made!

The Galil, its strengths were do we start, ok it is very accurate it has very low vertical recoil with a slight bit of weird ass horizontal recoil, however it is controllable. It has doesn't damage and a pretty good fire rate, and is very good for clearing out rooms to lasering someone across the map. A very good weapon overall.

Great gun easy to get kills and is a overall winner. Plus you don't have to be a high level to unlock it and then buy it. My favourite attachment is suppressor so with suppressor it 10 out of 10. Thank you treyarc for this amazing gun!


The Famas Kills like no other! Get sleight of hand perk ninja perk the other perk doesn't matter. Its like a two bullet hit kill at short, medium and long range. Use the dual mag attachment and you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

It's got some recoil but red dot sight will somehow lower it's recoil. It's in fact like the ACR from MW2 because it can still shoot through walls without hardened. For long distance, 3 round burst the gun and you'll be all set.

Very high fire rate and good damage. The AUG comes very close, but if you want a weapon that gets you kills quickly, accurately and efficiently, then the Famas is the best weapon to use...

It's pretty good I don't love it I prefer an encircled or some semi automatic shotgun I don't understand how the famas is number 1 but hey if it works for you by all means use it!

3 Commando

The Commando is a great rifle. It has attachments that help improve it's shot and damage. The Commando also has a bigger damage impact then the FAMAS. It may have more impact which moves the gun a little when you shoot so you have to hold the trigger button for no longer than 3 seconds. The Commando has a t least 10, 15, 20 more impact damage then most gun and is good with long distances when you either have the ACOG Sight, or the Infared Scope, but I would recommend the Commando. Besides the FAMAS being in first place every position and place for all these rifles are great!

Brilliant gun no recoil should definitely be number 1. Amazing fire rate, power range. Equip with dual or extended mags or red dot site and silencer. So easy to get kills with this weapon - it is the overall winner. This gun kills easy noobs and campers easily and is great for raiding close combat situations. Have with hardline, slight of hand/warlord and hacker perks. Thank you treyarch for this gun.

Why is this gun not first?!? It has no recoil an excellent damage fire rate! This gun works really good with any attachment, but it is best paired with silencer and dual mags for extra ammo if you don't like scavenger. This gun is perfect for whatever game mode your playing, use it!

Accuracy > Damage. It doesn't matter how much power you have if it never hits. I tried the AK47 and I got killed like hell. The commando almost has no kick and it turns your opponent to Swiss cheese in a snap.

4 AK-74u

Only been playing black ops for a few days and read a few reviews on the best gun. Just unlocked the ak74u and it seems it s unstoppable, I play it with suppressor and longer magazines and works well. (ghost). But as I'm only on level 18 I'm yet to unlock a lot of other weapons. But can't go wrong with this choice.

I think the ak74u is beast at med to short, I would suggest grip with rapid fire. For long I would highly suggest aug or ak47. If you want to stick with a close med and long range gun and win all gun fight I suggest the aug cause it has a high rate of fire and low recoil. But the top guns I think will be SMG: ak74u, mp5k ASSULT RIFLE: Aug, galil, ak47. Shotguns: Spas 12. Snipers: psg1 Lmg : sonter-8

It is really good in close range, especially with rapid fire. It goes really fast with the fire rate because if is a SMG. It also has great range. you can put like any attachments on it. it has the best stats for the SMG section and I think that section it that best.

This is the best gun in black ops. You can't compare the famas to it, because this gun lets you move faster, and, like most SMGs in black ops, shoots fast and kills fast, considering its damage per round. It's also awesome for zombies.

5 AK-47

I love this gun because it is so powerful. All it needs is extended mags and maybe a silencer, it takes a while to get used to but once you get the hang of it is a beast. Best AK47 on any Call of Duty, don't like it on MW3 because there's too much recoil and looks too big. Its not bad on Call of Duty 4 though.

Good damage output and good ammo load out. Awesome with dual mags and the suppressor. It takes some time getting used to. The gun is accurate but the gun moves up and down and resets. If you can get used to this kick then you can dominate.

This gun is just plain amazing. If you know how to use it it can be very good for long range, mid rand, and close range. I go with silencer on this gun and secondary c7z5 with fully auto. Ghost (or hardline if you prefer it, ) sleight of hand and hacker. Can't go wrong.

The AK always rocks in Call of Duty, period. The black ops AK is definitely the best of all of them. I hated this game so much because I felt like I was at a disadvantage using anything but this gun.


MILF! 2nd highest damage per second as proven in Call of Duty Wiki (Highest being the M60)Little recoil mixed with its awesome fire rate and high damage makes it the best gun there. Excellent a firing in burst for long range and shred 'em to pieces with a dropshot at close range! Combine with Sleight of hand pro and say hello to a 2.18 k/d ratio like mine!

An incredible Assault Rifle. Second highest dps in the game. I always use an acog on it. You can fire it accurately at all ranges although you need to burst fire it at long range but it only takes a couple of shots to kill anyway. Absolutely destroys on maps like nuketown. I often kill people before they even finish the scoping animation.

Beast gun for CQB. Use it with extended mags, suppressor or dual mag. Rips people apart at close to middle range. No issues with kills. Use scavenger pro, sleight of hand pro and marathon pro. Best game- 36-2 using Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane and Blackbird.

I seem to like this gun (AUG) the best with it's fast fire rate. Burst fire this gun with a long shot. I like the AUG with extended mags and just iron site, along with Sleight of hand pro. This combo goes really for me on Nuketown

7 Stoner 63

Really, I was torn between the M60 and the Stoner, but in the end, the Stoner is (barely) a better gun. Its more practical and feels like an AR with LMG upgrades. The biggest issue I have is how little ammo it has, carrying a total of 120 bullets with 30 bullets in a mag (60 with extended mag) this thing will blow through ammo in no time. But I think it has an amazing iron sights, despite what people say, and is brutal when firing from a crows nest. The reload time isn't all bad either. I recommend using extended mag and tactical insurgon with this bad boy. Have fun winning.

Despite the slow movement speed and reload of this weapon, I believe the stoner63 is probably the best weapon in the game for a passive player or someone who is not rushing all game long. The high fire rate and damage gives this weapon a very quick kill at all ranges and I would recommend the red dot sight for pinpoint accuracy as I personally don't like the iron sights.

I think it has a balance where it has low speed for the player but high damage output. If players have 100 health and you do a body shot it's anywhere from 3 to 5 shots that is 33 damage at most and 20 at very least on body shots. It does 50 to 33 damage per bullet on a headshot. It is a great overall weapon that makes you feel insane when you fire it and it has low recoil.

The stoner is kind of like the famas but is slower. The thing is though is that you can aim faster than the famas due to the nerf it once got. It aims faster than the rest of the LMGs and you move a little faster too. The movment isn't great but it's better. The gun is really good at long to medium range combat and can be very fun to use. I used hardened. It allows me to spam shots through cover and tear my enemies apart.

8 M60

The m60 is a great gun. Screw sleight of hand. The capacity is very large at 100 bullets. The gun is also the strongest automatic weapon killing in just 2 shots within medium range. Try using flak jacket with warlord and tactical mask. You can make your enemies cry.

My goto gun. Use warlord, flak, and second chance (Pro for all three). With warlord you get two attachments. I use the grip and an improved sight. Mainly red dot (changed to teal) but reflex when there's a contract is just as good. ACOG (when there's a contract) but it's not as easy for me.

Slow reload, but why would you ever have to reload with 100 shots! Just an all around great gun! Just. 3 shots and your target is dead. Once unlocked use this. If you need to get SOH, but it is still great without it

My All Time favorite high damage, moderate light machine gun. Personally, I believe it is good with the M72 Law and the Ninja/Worlord/ghost perks. M60 Rocks!

9 Python

Dual Python is like a shotgun up close, extremely strong but poor accuracy and range which is exactly like a shotgun. If you feel like there should be a secondary shotgun pick dual python.

Spammy high damage revolver that you could throw on a speed re-loader? HELL YEAH

10 M16

This is easily the best gun in the game. Personally, I dislike all iron sights except for the kiparis's.

This gun only takes maybe 1-2 shots (since it shoots 3 bullets per shot) to kill from long range, medium range, to close range. If enemies rush you and get close enough, they will get you, but if you aim at them, they're dead. Equipping an ACOG allows you to snipe across the map, and using a dual mag should eliminate the need for sleight of hand. You can rush with it too.

Additionally, it has a lot of power. With about a week or two of practice, if you solely use this gun, you can easily master it.

The M16 is very versatile. It has the longest range of all the assault rifles. You can kill people in one burst at insane distances. Try the m16 with the acog sight or even the IR scope. Hardline, hardened, and hacker are good fits. You may consider sleight of hand due to longer aiming but its not a bad fir either.

This gun has great range and damage. There's no need to waste your money on anything else. Plus with the hardened perk and grenade launcher you'll be force of nature.

Highly accurate! And easy to shoot at distance when your far away from an enemy. The gun is equal at everything and I always use it, so that's why I choose it, Okay.

The Contenders
11 Olympia

The only cons of this gun are its capacity and reloading speed. It destroys at close range. Maybe pair it with sleight of hand to push away the problems of slow reloading and a 2 bullet capacity.

12 Dragon's Breath

It's cool and should be given on 4th rank after commando.

Come on people it shoots a bullets that on fire blow there feet of

This would be an awesome pap upgrade for zombies and a good attachment in multiplayer

13 Thundergun

An infinite damage wonder weapon, with a respectable amount of ammo. Criminally underrated in this list. The Thundergun's only weakness is the fact that it can't spawn drops.

Great Wonder weapon but not multiplayer accessible so I see the reason why it's this far down the list.

One of the best guns ever made. The Thundergun will get you multiple kills per disc!

A fine weapon with extreme damage.

14 Ray Gun

The raygun... Takes me back in world at war -deep sigh- best weapon till round 24... The upgraded takes 2 shots in round 24! I hate this gun! Jk jk it just have hard aiming ability and reloading is too slow plus 1 shot takes 5.2 MICRO! Seconds NOT SECONDS! I must say this is a premium weapon the best part is it's good weapon for second in hand if you know what I mean... Although I vote m16 better!

This gun is one shot kill. It can shoot from long range and has a lot of ammo. The best part though is that if you need reviving in zombies it counts as an pistol so you get to keep using it.

No doubt ray gun is good but 10 place seriously.

In zombies this thing is unstoppable!

15 MP5K

Rapid fire and steady aim pro is killer. You can get easy kills up to medium range while hip firing with this gun. Not to mention ADS is still good. Has decent recoil without rapid fire and solid iron sights so you could also throw extended mags and have sleight of hand pro with very fast reload, quick aiming, and very fast movement speed when paired with lightweight. This gun is much more versatile than people give it credit for, and it's a starter gun!

This was first my favorite gun, but after I got the AK74U this baby only got on second place. It is still one of my favorite smg's. Good firing rate, good damage and just an overall good performance.

Great little weapon, I put a suppressor and red dot on this, definitely my favorite smg. I only use this and the commando.

Put Rapid Fire on this bad boy and spray! No Steady Aim needed! Just had a 200-19 Domination game using this gun!

16 MPL

The only downside of the MPL is that is has disgusting iron sights. If it is paired with rapid fire, it's hip fire can be deadlier than the AK74u's one. It is also good in ADS even with it's bad irons. It also has a healthy 32 bullet magazine, so it naturally fits Rapid Fire. Overall, this along with the PM63 are my favourite guns.

Beast gun, very accurate, low recoil, and good clip size. Must pair with rapid fire. Slight of hand or steady aim is a must, depending on your play style. Iron sight is the only downfall

By far the best smg in the game. Low recoil, good accuracy, high rate of fire and decent range. You don need any other smg besides this.

This gun is amazing. Though the sights are cluttered use warlord put silence and sight on and you're good to go

17 G11

Absolutely love this gun. Packed with great damage from its deadly 3-round burst, this ugly gun is VERY deadly at any range.

Great iron sights, superb accuracy. The low power scope attachment is unique and easy to use, also good hip-fire accuracy. Should be number 1

This is true and it shouldn't be number 9 it should be number one because it is the best type along with the sniper l96a1.

Amazing on long range and has smg hipfire with hardened pro hardly any flinch so this gun is amazing.

18 Enfield

Severly underrated. As a user of the SCAR in MW2, for me this gun rings the truest. Accurate at great distance with a good trigger touch and just enough power at close range with a great iron site as well.
A+ weaponry, have been consistently at a ratio of 2.50 with this bad boy

It has low (although slightly inconsistent) recoil and a SMG-aim speed, making it very versatile and pretty handy up close. Perfect when prestiging and deadly at most ranges if burst fired effectively.

This gun may not be the strongest or most effective, but it sure is a fun weapon to use.

Good gun for beginning players, easy to control recoil and decent stats.

19 L96A1

For any sniper out there like me, you played this gun because it was almost always a one shot kill. This was the best sniper hands down. PSG1 was a close second.

The only good sniper out there and in my opinion the best gun in call of duty history period.

My first quad was with this, now even though I don't play Black Ops I, I still love this gun.

This gun is boss! Even though it is bolt action it is still awesome!

20 Crossbow

Crossbow is last seriously you don't even need to hit people to kill them with this pwning gun!

When pack a punched it draws the zombies away from you and to the explosive tip

21 PPSh-41

Best weapon in Call of Duty history it's a buzzsaw!

Iconic. Great primary weapon

This should be #1

22 Ballistic Knife

I am really good against my really good cousin but I beat him badly

Good when it's pap

23 Wunderwaffe

The FN FAL is a great gun for a number of reasons.

First off, the long range that it has is perfect for maps like Grid, and the mobility of the weapon makes it good for maps like Summit, where the whole battle takes place in one room (for the most part), so you have to be used to rushing and sprinting.

Second, the power of this rifle is (I believe) the highest out of any assault rifle in the multiplayer game. This, combined with long range and extreme mobility, is extremely useful, and allows the shooter to kill people at all ranges in two or three shots, rather than 10 from the Famas or the Galil.

Third, it pairs well with perks like Ghost and Second Chance, as another poster had said (and I'm paraphrasing), "you are already used to having to pull the trigger multiple times rather than just holding it down." This means that it is great for second chance because you pull out a pistol, which you have to pull the trigger multiple times to use. It pairs ...more

Good gun to pair with second chance as your already used to repeatedly pulling the trigger rather than holding it, it also has excellent damage with 1 shot kill in hardcore, the sights are attractive as well (for me anyway).

If you had a good trigger finger, you'd drop everything in you path, and even without a good trigger finger, it was a decent gun.

Semi auto is awesome

25 SPAS 12

I played BO1 for 35 online days and this way by far my favourite weapon. Unstoppable with steady aim, ghost and hacker.

The best shotgun semi-automatic high damage and great for close quarter

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