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1 Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal

To me this game is the most memorable of the series. It has the largest amount of weapons, with decent weapon upgrades through the different levels. The story is just marvelous and funny as hell. The story line is possibly the longest of the different R&C games and for me an important detail is that all the mini-games which are not necessary for the story are really fun too!

Lastly I played this game when it originally came out, and at that time it was just perfect. Therefore the little gameplay problems it had are not taken into account.

This was the first R&C game a ever played. Everything is excellent. I remember playing it again and again, it never got any boring actually. The characters, the dialogues, the gameplay, the story, the side missions, the planets, the weapons, the Qwark comics, the soundtracks. Tons of fun and laughter, memorable moments and cutscenes (Qwark's plans, Nefarious, Lance and Janice, Ratchet dancing like C. Gears)... It was the greatest game of it's time and the best of the whole series.

I believe that this is the one game that deserves both a movie and a re imagining. What do you think guys?

2 Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time

This game not only has great humor, an engaging and memorable story, but also outstanding gameplay that hasn't been replicated by the series since.

There are plenty of new additions such as free spaceship flight and the hoverboots that make it hard to go back to the older games after this one. And, the story is also the best that the series has ever seen, with plenty of memorable characters and some of the most memorable boss fights yet.

Couple that with refined gameplay and some of the best guns that the series has seen, along with a ton of bonus content to explore, and you truly have the best Ratchet and Clank experience available.

Of my many years of gaming, this is the series that has (with one or two minor exceptions) only grown better with time. The variety of play elements, action and stellar voice characterizations/scripts bring a phenomenal story to life, with the important message of friendship and loyalty developing along the way. The weapons and gadgets are over the top, and the star fighter scenes (with a multi-station onboard radio! ) are reminiscent of the golden age of gaming. You are simply not doing yourself any favors by not playing this game. Psm1701

3 Ratchet & Clank 2 Going Commando

Man, I love this series! But Going Commando for me was the best one! Immersive world with excellent detail, introducing upgrades to weapons, great humor and the list goes on and on... And while almost every Ratchet and Clank game contains all these pros, the thing that makes this one stick out to me, is well... The sheer amount of content! Seriously the world's are big but not so big you can easily get lost, the weapons don't take a millennium to level up, there are more planets and weapons in this one than in any other, in my opinion this one is just the most replayable out of the rest. I own every Ratchet and Clank title, with the exception of Quest for Booty and Secret Agent Clank. Simply put, this one just gives you the most bang for your buck.

Most weapons in the series. Most levels in the series. Most mini games in the series. Most bosses in the series.

This game introduced many elements to the series that have become staples such as armor, automatic weapon and health upgrades, arena battles, strafing and a challenge mode with much more extra content than the first Ratchet and Clank game. To this day Going Commando remains to be the game that had the biggest influence on the series.

4 Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Best way to kick off a side series of a game. Tools of Destruction tried to be like UYA, and did it nail it on the head! Tools of Destruction is the best in the future series in my view. Quest for Booty, we don't talk about that... And Crack in Time was okay. Tools of Destruction is my favorite game, and always will be.

This one is a defenitive R&C expierience, it had the puzzle and exploration - heavy attitude of Going Commando, The exceptional and varied, upgraded weaponary of Up your arsenal, great level design, art, story and humor, A crack in time, despite trying to best this game, sways too much from the established R&C formula and thus feels like a stranger. Overall, This is the best game in the franchise, that offers its best elements in a shining glory

My childhood game was Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction. It had a really good story, and was really fun to play. The graphics were just awesome! I could play this game over and over again. definitely my favourite game in the series, and is a game worth to buy!

5 Ratchet Deadlocked

Ratchet & Clank on steroids! High octane mayhem throughout. This game is unique in the series, and I think it should be ranked as one of the very best. The weapons are great and the upgrade options are fantastic. Wielding the Scorpion Flail with reckless abandon against hordes of enemies has to be one of the most satisfying things ever. Deadlocked has a different formula from the rest, but that also makes it fresh and very exciting to play. This should be in the top three.

Better than FToD, because: weapons. I was really underwhelmed by the weapons in Future Tools of Destruction, which is ironic considering it's title. They just failed to satisfyingly destroy things fast enough, and combat was ultimately a slog. Deadlocked, on the other hand, is pure combat joy, unadulterated mayhem-destruction-domination. I think this game gets unfairly overlooked because it does not fall into the tried and true gameplay formula. But that is actually its strength.

6 Ratchet & Clank

Hard choice between 1 and 2. Going Commando had all the great features that come with the sequel to a game (upgradable weapons, more nanotech, Insomniac museum, battle arena, etc. ), but the first game really was classic. The story was the most epic, but what really one me on this one was the levels. Each world was unique and completely different than the one before it. Sheer epicness. Oh, and let's not forget classic Ratchet before he got a personality shift.

I didn't like 3 as much as, well, everyone else seems to. There is no question that it was a great game, but it felt a little cheap to me, mainly in appearance (the menus were sort of ugly and boring, the nanotech got turned into a flat bar, the weapons weren't to great, the worlds didn't compare to the ones in the previous two games).

Absolutely amazing games, this was my childhood in a nut shell. This started everything off and laid the foundations for the entire series. I didn't enjoy 2 as much, not sure why really, 3 is my second favourite behind this one.

One thing I will say though, this is my own opinion but I think the original trilogy, 1, 2 & 3, are much better than the newer ones, Ratchet & Clank future.

The new remake/reboot on the PS4 is excellent, it mixes all the best things from the original trilogy and blends them perfectly. A great series through and through, well worth a purchase

7 Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Quite the psp game, even though the controls really sucked, it was quiet the experience with descent graphics and gameplay.
Must have for PSP fanatics.

Yep yep! This is the first game I've ever played in the whole Ratchet & Clank series. The soundtrack is so nostalgic that made me play the game again.

This was made by the developer who ruined Jak and Daxter. Enough said.

8 Ratchet and Clank (2016)

It's everything I loved about the first game, and more! I had an absolutely great time while playing this, and it managed to make itself more than just a great remake, more than just a great movie tie-in, but a great, fun game.

It is goof to have this game back. A nice remake of the first ratchet & clank but still got the nice extra upgrades from the newer once, such as tools of destruction and a crack in time.

The best weapons, best graphics and a great story. It is also a good length being 12 hours for me and it is £28. It is a retelling of the first game, adding in newer weapons, extra characters and a slightly different story. Can't go wrong here!

9 Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus - Playstation 3

A fresh return to an amazing franchise! The game digs back to its roots while being different enough that it forms an identity for itself. A perfect installment for the perfect franchise! And what R&C fan wouldn't go into TOTAL NOSTALGIA during the museum tour?

Keeping in mind this was released as a budget title fairly late in the PS3's lifespan, this is a really solid R&C game. It's an example of when more of a good thing is a good thing. It's nothing new or groundbreaking for the series and it's too short, but it's fun action while it lasts.

Although Gimmicky, I found this game to be more fun and more interesting than future tools, and still more fun than a crack in time.

10 Ratchet & Clank Quest For Booty

So Flipping good! I got this when the 'Welcome Back' deal was on, and I never had a problem with the replayability or the length (I was only little, I dug bite-size games). Plus, it was my first in the series, so it will always have a place in my heart

Loved it but the 2 problems that I had with this game is, 1. Clank is not a playable character, and 2. It's really short, I finished it in 2 and a half hours, but the gameplay, story and graphics are amazing

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11 Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

The best co-op game of all time. Whenever you are playing online or with a friend, it always ends up being really funny! The coop is designed of a very enjoyable way, and you will most likely enjoy this game and laugh. Playing with others is really fun~

Multiplayer is fun in this game. However I do miss classic gameplay, but it is cool.

Although this game isn't part of the main series, its still a blast and really fun to play with your friends and family! Me, my little sisters, my cousins and my friends always have a great time playing this game togther! I love it :D

12 Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

The graphics looks Amazing. This was my fist game. Multiplayer make it more hard. but also about defending your base.

This game makes the series look bad.

13 Secret Agent Clank

It could be better, I thought it was going to be like daxter but it isn't

14 Ratchet & Clank Collection

I will always play this classic video game.

All three of the original ratchet and clank games in one. enough said

This a best collection
But full frontel assult was awesome too.

15 Ratchet & Clank 2: Locked & Loaded

Awesome best game ever. I loved it and it was great.

North America version is Ratchet and clank: going commando so if your from there vote for that

16 Ratchet and Clank: Before the Nexus

Great game,it brings all the fun of Ratchet and Clank to the mobile game world.

... That's all I have to say.

17 Ratchet: Gladiator
18 Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile

Please oh please

19 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
20 Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force

Q-Force is brilliant! Sure, it ain't QfB or CiT but me and my couch partner have a hell of a lot of fun playing it, and it is better then both PSP, iOS and most vita ports.

I'm pretty sure the North America version is full frontal assault so I don't know about this

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