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1 Resident Evil 4

I have played all Resident Evil Games but this one is special. The game scenarios are depicted beautifully. You feel like you are in a village. The zombies look more like real people. Leon as a typical hero. The story was great too. The weather in this game is always foggy or misty which add to the horror. You feel the fear if you playing it for the first time. The story divided into three parts:Village, Castle, Island. The castle is depicted beautifully. Finally, no one forgets the Merchant(What are you BUYING, stranger). Its like this game took place in a fantasy place. Resident Evil 5 may look more realistic but that just kills the fear and fun part.

I've played re0-re6 and this is hands down my favorite. I love the challenge of being outnumbered so often during the game and having to think of strategies to eliminate enemies to slowly even the odds. The merchant is a nice touch to the game and a little comic relief also. Being able to buy and upgrade weapons to your liking I thought was a good idea. I specifically bought my PS2 for this game when it came out and its still my favorite today.

2 Resident Evil 2

Leon's beginning, The Best character in the Resident Evil series. He is so good he is mentioned in games he is not in. For example, Resident evil 5 "not like any zombie I've ever seen its like the Kennedy report" or Resident Evil Code Veronica X "She sent Leon an email and he sent chris."

The scariest, the most suspenseful, best story, beautiful graphics/art/design. The difficulty level was perfect. the most genuine and REAL resident evil experience of all-time. It was better than 4.

One of the Capcom's masterpiece, a true Resident Evil game. This game actually gave you a relief that the nightmare was finally over when you beated the game. The soundtrack was great too, it builds a huge suspense (especially the theme every time when Mr. X appears).

3 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

The Nemesis is the best villain in RE. You are always frightened he's going to come out of no where and attack you. That element was lost after RE3.

This was also the only game to use the, "choose your own adventure" factor. I loved seeing what decisions you made impacted and changed the game. Another dimension that added horror to the game play.

RE3 also gave the quick turn, dodging and good twist. I remember the relief I felt when I got to the bell tower and saw the chopper coming in to save me. Then the Nemesis blowing it up and knowing the game was about to get harder. Great writing! Great fun!

I cannot express how many emotions this game put me through. I swear. One second I was super focused, then I'm out because Nemesis is legit behind me. I'd be trying to get somewhere and then I'd hear, "STARS." RE3 was downright survival horror and I loved it so much. I am hoping for a remake of this soon because people thought that Mr. X was bad... Wait until they get a load of a tyrant that can run, has long distance tentacles to poison you, and carries a rocket launcher at times! Also can't forget about the screwed up music box song that my sister and I laughed at for about 10 minutes after we were terrified the first time, we kept on replaying it while recording stupid videos with it playing in the background. This game has a special place in my heart for the crazy memories it has filled my life with.

4 Resident Evil

Resident Evil Remake is the best Resident Evil because it took everything from the original and updated it. In the remake you can do a 180 turn around, the mansion is lit properly, and the story is tightened up with no loose ends. Resident Evil Remake is the perfect Resident Evil. Very atmospheric, based solely surviving, has the best cast of characters. This game is truly what Resident Evil is all about. While Resident Evil 4 is a good game it is a terrible Resident Evil. It seems like most people on the internet jump on the bandwagon that Resident Evil 4 is perfection and what Resident Evil should be. That game is nothing like Resident Evil there is no need to save progress, no need to save ammo, brightly lit, goofy enemies and a lame ending. Resident Evil 4 is a great over the shoulder shooter that happens to involve Resident Evil 2 Characters but don't be fooled it is nothing of the sort. Play Resident Evil Remake to get a feel of what Resident Evil is.

5 Resident Evil Code Veronica

Totally underrated in my opinion. Code Veronica was the start of my interest in Resident Evil. One day, I found it while looking at games for PS2 and wondered what a Resident Evil game was like and popped this game in ASAP. Beautiful soundtrack. And if I'm being honest, one of the hardest Resident Evil games I have played. I have completed every Resident Evil game and I believe that making it to the Tyrant on the airplane with limited ammo forcing you to restart the entire damn game makes this game so difficult. And you are already halfway done with the game at that point. But other than that, I was glad to see a Resident Evil in which Claire's own journey to find her brother was focused on. I know how I said that this was the beginning of my Resident Evil interest but after playing the others, I appreciate the gap that this game filled. Once again, can we just take some time to appreciate how epic the soundtrack was? Like oh my god the versions of the "Berceuse" played in many parts of the game are so powerful and have so much emotion. From the piano roll to the music box variations, the melody will be stuck with you for a while. If you ever get an opportunity to buy this game, you will not regret it. As frustrated as you may get, give it time and patience and you will soon see why I consider it such a good game.

6 Resident Evil (2002)

Amazing Resident Evil game! This is the scariest one in my opinions. From the setting to the crimson heads, Lisa Trevor, and the tyrant. Also, this has Jill, Chris, and Wesker in it.

Not just the best remake ever - one of the best games ever.

This game is sooo creepy because of crimson heads and lisa trevor.

7 Resident Evil 5

This or Revelations 2 is the best game. This one is awesome. Its not a scary game its more about the action. You know? How a game is suppose to be. If you are looking for horror then go watch a movie.

Though this is the game where the franchise jumped the shark, or in this case punched the boulder, it's still a decent game in the series.

The first few missions had a genuine sense of horror to them, but it turned to a standard action game as it went on. Still a good game.

8 Resident Evil: Revelations

RE revelations has always been my #1 and will always have a place in my heart. I remember playing it when I was like 7 on my older brother's 3DS and that was sooo scary to me back then. So since that little memory, I've always loved it.

This is so scary that I have to pause every time I turn a corner so I can be ready for the scare because this has a super creepy atmosphere.

This game is very well orchestrated. A bit scary (you always have to be ready for a creepy sick guy to come out from nowhere). I couldn't say if I like RE4 or RER more.

9 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Now, I admit that this is the only Resident Evil game that I have played, so I'm not the person to ask which game in the franchise is my favourite. However, what I do find supprising was the fact that as I am currently typing this Resident Evil 6 is currently ranked higher than Resident Evil 7. I have never played the sixth game so I can't weigh in my opinion here, but based on all the criticism that Resident Evil 6 gets I am suppressed it is ranked higher. In my opinion, I felt this was a fantastic game that made me feel multiple emotions while playing, and was just generally fun to play. I also connected with the characters and SPOILERS, I felt sorry for all of the characters except for Lucas, as he was a despicable person. Overall, I wish that I could erase my memories of the game so I could play the game again for and experience all those emotions again. Excellent work Capcom, keep it up.

10 Resident Evil Zero

Love how they told the story from the STARS bravo team perspective via Rebecca Chambers and also the outstanding new character Billy Coen. The game also innovatively introduce character swapping or cooperation between the two characters while ditching the inventory chest system instead, adopt the item dropping system. Very atmospheric, good level and monster design while introducting James Marcus the main villain and the creator of the T-Virus.

Resident evil zero was a great addition to the original franchise introducing the leeches and the beginning of umbrella. It also incorporated new ideas such as the coop options and dropping your items anywhere when you're carrying to much. This is deserving to be in the top 5 of this list.

This game is as tense as classic RE games and the best thing this game has Rebecca Chambers on it! On of my lovely waifu. I hope she will appears again someday...

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11 Resident Evil 6

No matter what people say, even if you hate it or not, you still played it and don't you dare say you didn't crack a smile half-way through, especially playing with a friend.
OF COURSE, it's not old school RE. But let's be serious, now... It had an overall good plot and smooth gameplay.
Let's not mention the characters that were scene-stealers.
So, in the end...

Leon, Ada, Chris and Sherry returns in this Resident Evil game with new characters including Jake Muller and Helena Harper. The zombie monsters are much more scarier and 4 campaign stories are epically awesome!

I love this game! 4 scenarios to play (Leon, Chris, Jake, and Ada) The story is amazing. Oh, and the mini games such as The mercenaries, Agent hunt, predator mode and others are simply awesome!

12 Resident Evil 2 (2019)

A phenomenal restructure of the second game in the Resident Evil franchise. The newer mechanics with the familiar environment was outstanding. Very interesting gameplay. I recommend this game for any Resident Evil fans. In my opinion, I believe it smart to not start with this game necessarily for some reasons.

Some complain that Mr. X is too hard.

If you know how Resident Evil works, you know that they throw obstacles at you like rice at a wedding. There's also a fight or flight response that is usually triggered as well. And it is highly suggested that you use the flight method on an enemy that won't budge if you shoot it after the 3rd bullet. So start with the originals to see how you must conserve ammo and how you might need to run instead of killing everything you see.

Some say that the zombies are bullet sponges

Yes, I will agree that many encounters on this game make you feel as if you wasted a ton of bullets. But once again, Resident Evil players would know that you might want to save that magnum ammo for that huge boss battle between you and G Stage 3.

Some complain about the knives breaking

Yeah knives break. Deal with it? That's a new one though. That has never really been a problem until this game. But it's kind of like the same deal, you just need to know when to use things. And I understand, sometimes you are trying to avoid a zombie and you get grabbed and unless you want to stay in caution for the next half of the game (assuming you've used every herb somehow) it is preferable that you stab that zombie with your knife. Or you can just find all Mr. Raccoons scattered around each story/scenario to unlock the infinite knife.

Take this all with a grain of salt however. If you aren't a Resident Evil fan or player, you can still play this game. But if you complain about any of the aforementioned situations, then maybe the survival horror genre is not for you.

13 Resident Evil Outbreak

I absolutely loved this game because it showed what all was happening during the beginning of the outbreak where you play as civilians trying to make out alive and the boss in the last two chapters were so difficult.

I really love this game!

14 Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Underrated and must be praised more!

Best rail shooter games

Loved it really fun

15 Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

This is an awesome RE game right here. Super fun and action packed

I think it's the best one no?

You can play as everyone

16 Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Graphics are pretty good and I like it how they bring back some of the classic maps

17 Resident Evil Village
18 Resident Evil Outbreak File 2
19 Resident Evil 4 (2023)
20 Resident Evil: Dead Aim
21 Resident Evil (Gamecube Remake)

While the original game hasn't aged well, Capcom decided to remake the game from scratch and re-release it for the Gamecube. Sure it didn't sell very well (Nintendo wasn't known for darker games at the time), but this is the perfect reimagening of the game that started the franchise.

This is just the best. It's the one that actually makes you feel like you're in a survival horror game. Every time you move from one corridor to another there's something to build suspense especially zombies turning into crimson heads

Better visuals, better voice acting, better controls, better scares, better everything. Simply put, a remake done right.

22 Resident Evil 3 (2020)
23 Resident Evil: Director's Cut

Best Resident evil game ever made!

24 Resident Evil: Revelations 2

I love this game so much. It's not mindless shooting like Call of Duty. It actually has an interesting story and the characters are good. If you like games with an interesting story and action. I highly recommend this game. You can also play co-op with somebody else. I love how this game combines puzzle with action. Puzzle is my favorite video-game genre so I think that's I love this franchise so much. Don't let the cover fool you. This game is not just mindless killing. If you have a friend you should both have fun playing this.

I thought this was a very interesting resident evil game with having older characters like Barry Burton and Claire Redfield and then having two new characters Moira Burton and 9 year old Natalia.

Oh God, this game is simply great! Much better than RE5 or first part of RE: Revelations. Moira is one of the best characters from all Resident Evil franchise.

25 Resident Evil: The Mercenaries

Not as good as Revelations but it's still pretty awesome.

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