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1 World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is too addicting for me to play, there are more people who had gotten addicted playing that video game all day and all night, I don't want to get addicted playing World of Warcraft . ./.

This should be number 1 without a doubt. Tetris? Really... I highly doubt that Tetris can ruin relationships and drain months and months and even years out of someones life. WoW basically ruined my highschool life, I'm glad I quit before senior year or else I think I would have gone through depression.

Played this game for YEARS of my life. From when I was 7 until I was 16, I had no bills to pay and no responsibility aside from school.. Thank god I didn't have a job and responsibility or a girlfriend, they all would've been lost this game NEEDS to be #1 on this list.

Hands down the most addictive game I have ever played, and I have played most of the games on this list. Allot of the people that voted probably have no idea just how addictive WoW really is as they haven't experienced it before.

2 Tetris

Tetris is a digital skinner box precision-designed by evil Russian scientists to prod your psychological buttons and rot your brain.

"I'll do better next time," you vow as a line piece fails to hit its mark. But those damn tetraminoes always win eventually. THERE'S NO STOPPING THEM!

Yes, but it's not original as you say. This is rip off of original tetris, but nobody noitced original tetris, becauce it was made in Soviet Union. Americans made a rip off & get much money on it (americans stole much things, like state "New Mexico" from Mexica).

Author of original tetris was must tell about it, to get americans to prison, but he don't made that :'(.

I loved Tetris when I was a kid but what the hell! I still love playing it. Me and my friends still love this contagious game. Tetris rules for many years

I have spent way too much time playing tetris that it's sort of embarrassing, I think I'm genuinely addicted.

3 Super Smash Bros.

The Super Smash Bros franchise, in my opinion, isn't addictive, but those are still very good games and fun to play. The only thing I can consider as addictive might be the story mode in Melee and Brawl, but if you play in singleplayer, besides that, it's not really addictive.

I'm in love with this game! It's so insanely time consuming and once, I went through the whole story mode in one shot! Took me nine hours, but I just couldn't stop playing! This game has consumed me.

Using different characters on different maps, Using Mr Game & Watch to smash mario into oblivion whats not to love?

So addicting! Provides hundreds of hours of playtime for the owner.

4 Super Mario Bros.
5 Minecraft

Guys if you think Minecraft isn't good. Then first play it and continue playing it until you know the game. don't simply be like Minecraft is the worst game ever. And if you think graphics isn't good in Minecraft as of this generation. The answer is yes Minecraft doesn't have a good graphic but remember graphics doesn't make a game and it is good because of this graphics. If you don't play it then don't say Minecraft isn't good, because you don't know anything about the game. And there are tons of people who like this game.

You can literally do anything in this game. It's so cool. You wont understand this game when you play for the first time just keep playing and then you will understand this game. This I guess also helps you learn something about resources and stuffs. You might not like to play single player but multiplayer is the best. 26.95 US $ is worth it. I recommend that you play this game before its too late nvm this if your already playing.

There's a difference between a GOOD game and an addictive game. This one is addictive as ****. Once you play it, you want to discover EVERYTHING that's in that game, and because Minecraft is a really big sandbox game, you can do a lot of things and join other server, which can put a lot of kids addict to it.

Unfortunately, a lot of things are bad in this game, like the toxic communities and other stuff, but it doesn't change the fact that it's addictive.

Really great but it can cause bad affects on children such as decrease of creativity, addiction, selfishness, vitamin D decrease, and much more. It makes kids less smart because everyone thinks it enhances creativity which is true but it doesn't encourage kids to use there hands and it decreases active hand use and decreases mental strength. My co-worker's kid became really addicted to Minecraft and made him less selfish and when he was doing Lego with his friend he didn't do it the normal way he got a computer mouse and started clicking on it he didn't use his own hands. The kid's creativity decreased and whenever he plays building blocks or Lego he gets a computer mouse and starts clicking. My co-worker was really shocked

6 Grand Theft Auto IV

Dammit! I have lost it and I feel so bored. I feel empty!

Cousin! Let's go bowling!

Bad language but fun

Love this game!

7 Angry Birds

Only addictive if you can beat the level you play. Instead, you just never play this game.

Actually I played it for a short time and then I got bored...

8 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Could have been considered addictive previously, since it was the first most accomplished and accurate modern warfare game of its time and it fitted in to the countries political mood during the time it was released. But if you were to play it for the first time now, then you'd probably put the game down quicker.

6,174,000 the number of possible Create-A-Class combinations, not even counting overkill. Addicting is an understatement

Really? 49?! Don't you think that you have to remove the 4 behind the 9?

I know a kid who's parents let him skip every Monday of the school year to play it

9 StarCraft

Alright this is the last game today... One more wouldn't hurt... OH I need to try this build... And I can't stop...

Who called for an exterminator?

Very addictive... My favorite one...

10 Pac-Man
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11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I hate it because of how addicting it is. Just kidding this game is a masterpiece. I would sit down and play expecting to stop in maybe an hour and in a flash, the entire day is gone. I never play that much in any other game.

I'm sorry, can someone please explain why something like Minecraft, Angry Birds, or Tetris even be on this list? We're talking about addiction, not a way to kill some time. This game will destroy your life. Especially if you haven't been able to play it for the last 6 months like me. :(

I was going to vote World of warcraft but you don't need an internet connection for Skyrim so I could see people getting more addicted to this game. I was so addicted to this game I played it forover a week straight most of the day tell I beat the game now I haven't touched it since

Seriously? I have to add this to the list. Number 1. What other game can people say I have 100+ hrs playtime and are ready to rack up hundreds more? None.

12 Mortal Kombat
13 Mortal Kombat (2011)
14 Petz Nursery
15 Wii Sports

It's an addictive and fun game, it shows off what the Wii can do with the motion controls!

Only addictive if you are with people. If you are alone, it's not really addictive.

Gonna have to vote on this one. Very Addictive and love to play with friends

I can't stop man...the bowling

16 Team Fortress 2

The only game to ever claim 2,700 hours of my life. It's definitely going to claim more by the time I'm 6 feet under.

I didn't want to stop playing this game! I eventually quit it after playing. 80 hours in just 2 months.

Good game, But sadly a lot of P2P making fun of F2P's for not spending a penny on the game.

I've lost so much of my life to this game. And you know what? It was awesome!

17 Dead Space
18 Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

This game's about as addictive as the song is.

19 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I used to be somewhat addicted to this game
I still love it a lot, but I'm not really addicted to it anymore

20 Disgaea
21 MinoMonsters
22 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky
23 StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Yes. I actually played it and it was really addictive (its proably reason why I'm busy at TheTopTens).

24 Dr. Mario
25 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Really addictive the first time you play it, but after you beat Ganon (or complete it 100%) you just move on and play another game.

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