Top 10 Best Team Fortress 2 Scout Weapons

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1 Soda Popper

The Soda Popper is arguably the best Scout primary weapon. It has similar firepower to its default counterpart but has the added ability of doing five air jumps (six jumps total) every eight seconds. This is actually insane, and anyone who thinks this is worse than the default Scattergun is out of their mind.

There are several differences between this and the default Scattergun. Firstly, it fires 50% faster. Secondly, it has only two rounds in a clip. Finally, instead of reloading individual shots, it reloads both shots at once very quickly. If one shell is left in the chamber, it will be discarded upon reload. These statistics show that it has similar firepower, faster kills on weak targets, and better efficiency during sustained battles. The only downside is having two shots instead of six. However, having six shots is only better if you have bad aim or if you are trying to kill a full-health Heavy.

Basically, its weapon statistics are already a straight upgrade from the default Scattergun. However, people often forget that just by running for eight seconds, you gain the ability to jump an extra five times in midair after the initial jump. This makes it incomparable to the default Scattergun, as there is no way that the default Scattergun can beat that many air jumps.

Don't use this gun if you have bad aim though.

2 Scattergun

The default Scout primary weapon. This weapon is a shotgun and deals high damage up close but low damage from far away. It has high spread, meaning that up close, it can hit multiple targets, but far away, it can barely hit anyone and will usually deal 3 damage per shot (the lowest default class health is 125). This makes it a strictly close-ranged weapon.

It holds the most rounds out of any Scout primary weapon, with six shots in total and 32 in reserve. It also has a moderate fire rate. However, it has a tedious reload speed, reloading the first shot very slowly and reloading the rest slightly faster if done consecutively.

Compared to other Scatterguns, it is definitely the most popular due to the vast majority of non-premium players. Scout is one of the more appealing classes for new players, and because of this, the Scattergun ranks as the most popular Scout weapon.

However, unlike what some people say about it "having no downsides," therefore making it "the best" Scout primary, this is strictly untrue. It is the best in some situations, but there are many other, equally good if not better, variant Scout primary weapons.

3 Force-A-Nature

The original double-barreled shotgun, before the Soda Popper came and destroyed it. The Soda Popper is its descendant, a mixture of the Force-A-Nature and the Bonk! Atomic Punch, two unlocks for the Scout.

The Force-A-Nature can fire 50% faster than the default Scattergun, has only two shots in a clip, and can fully reload much faster than a Scattergun if both were at zero ammunition.

It also has more pellets but less damage per pellet than the default Scattergun.

The Force-A-Nature's selling point is its ability to deal greatly increased knockback compared to other weapons. When enemies are on the ground, it deals regular knockback. But anyone unfortunate enough to be in midair will be propelled at breakneck speed across the map (not that far, but still). This can create a problem, as it may be difficult to follow up with a second fatal shot if your targets are pushed away. The knockback also affects yourself if you are in midair and can be used to perform powerful jumps.

Definitely a *force* to be reckoned with. Probably better than the default Scattergun, but not as good as the Soda Popper.

4 Sandman

This weapon is great because the alt-fire ability allows you to throw a ball, and if you get a headshot, it stuns them for a while. This is great if you're at low health and being chased, or if you need to kill a Heavy quickly. Just use the alt-fire, then shoot them, and they're dead. Great weapon.

You get to whack people, but the best thing is that you can shoot a ball to stun them and then finish them off. The only bad thing is that it reduces your health by 15, but with the PBPP, you can restore it. Plus, you can kill people with a taunt.

5 Baby Face's Blaster

This thing has been robbed of its previous claim to fame. It used to be a powerful default Scattergun counterpart. It once had higher accuracy but lower damage. It once had the ability to run at breakneck speed and sustain that speed at the cost of no jumping. It was once legendary.

Until Valve came and nerfed it so hard, it ain't funny no more. Look at this pile of junk. The way it used to work, and still does, is that you start off slower, but by dealing some damage, you run a lot faster at the cost of no jumping. Sounds fair, right? Well, now, boost is reduced on air jumps and by taking damage. I honestly don't know the point of restricting its only upside.

And it lost the low damage high accuracy bit and instead received a measly -34% clip size, or 4 bullets in a clip. Seriously? Throw this garbage in the can until Valve buffs it again.

6 Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol

This weapon's stats as of 2017 are as follows:

Base Model - Stock Pistol
Active (when deployed) On Wearer Upside - No fall damage taken
Active (when deployed) On Wearer Downside - 20% more damage taken from all other sources
On Hit Upside - Gain 5 health at any range
Weapon Mechanics Downside - 25% slower firing speed

In my opinion, this weapon is better than the Stock Pistol. Its slower firing speed is insignificant as it still deals the same damage per bullet and has the same clip size. The firing speed only affects extended pistol fights, which should be avoided. Slower firing speed also makes up for bad aim and is effectively ignored if bullet spread and timing of shots are taken into account. If shots are fired individually, there is no difference in firing speeds. The firing speed only matters if the finger is held on M1.

The weapon's falling damage attribute can be useful for jumping or falling from high places. However, the weapon must be active for the upside to be applied.

The weapon's health-on-hit can be very useful for topping up health. It is best to target distant or unaware enemies when using this weapon for the healing.

The weapon's only real drawback is a damage vulnerability while it is active. Hence, I suggest targeting enemies who are less likely to shoot you until you attack.

Overall, the weapon has few big downsides and features some minor utility. It is a good weapon overall and functions as a sort of middle ground between the Mad Milk and Stock Pistol.

7 Winger Winger is an American rock band that has combined elements of glam metal and progressive metal. Formed in New York City, Winger gained popularity during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

This little pistol has only 7 bullets in the clip! But the damage is quite high, and it reloads in half a second! Its fire rate is insane. It is able to kill all characters in the game (maybe even Heavy) with 7 bullets at mid to close range. Best secondary weapon.

Better than the Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol. I don't understand why the Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol is ranked higher.

It allows you to jump higher and is a straight upgrade from the pistol.

8 Shortstop

Shortstop looks better than even Scatterguns because it can shoot fast like the Force-A-Nature and Soda Popper but with four-bullet clips and full reload in one time.

The quick reload makes up for the clip reduction. However, the reload animation disturbs a great deal of your view, which is a minor drawback.

Like the other comments said, it's a good weapon if you know how to aim very well. Also, a great combo with Crit-a-Cola.

9 Flying Guillotine

Scout doesn't have a great deal of health. Throw a knife, run away, pick up health, and come back in time to fling them another. Great weapon.

Great weapon. After you stun them with a Sandman, 150 damage!

10 Mad Milk

The weapon is great to throw at enemies and even find spies. You can extinguish yourself and other players. You can also throw it at enemies and get health from them with every shot. You become invincible when you're battling someone because you can constantly get health from that. Come on, this has to be a good weapon.

Why is Mad Milk not number 2? It is fantastic for spy detection and is like having your own pocket Medic. Before you engage, throw the milk at them, and then attack. They will have a tougher time combating you because you're healing.

The Contenders
11 Bonk! Atomic Punch

If you're in a fight against a Pyro, drink Bonk! and you'll become invincible. Great way to quickly get health without taking damage.

12 Wrap Assassin

Not the best weapon for direct combat. However, this weapon has the ability to shoot a ranged projectile, a rare attribute for the traditionally close-ranged melee weapons. This weapon is underappreciated, not because it is bad, but because it is overshadowed by the Sandman.

It is actually similar to the Sandman in terms of use. The Sandman immobilizes people. The Wrap Assassin causes their screen to shake, their accuracy to decrease, and their health to decrease. Both weapons are excellent for softening up opponents for a follow-up attack with a primary weapon. The big difference is that the Wrap Assassin has a less painful drawback, affecting the weapon itself instead of the player (the Sandman has -15 HP).

The Wrap Assassin's ball cannot be picked up after being thrown, unlike the Sandman's, which can be picked up even after a direct hit. To compensate for this, it has a 25% faster recharge rate.

13 Atomizer

I love jumping in the air and crashing down upon my enemy, whacking him in the head, delivering a crit likely killing him.

I personally never find myself using the triple jump. Even then, the damage debuff allows me to be an easy target.

Shouldn't this be higher? This adds Scout mobility. Sure, the triple jump will damage you, but it's only 10 damage.

14 Holy Mackerel

The best melee weapon for Scout without dispute. It looks good, smells good, and makes the opponent feel like a loser.

So satisfying to see your nemesis's name following the words "FISH KILL!" Best reskin ever. Also, it can be good against Dead Ringer spies.

This is great for checking for Dead Ringer spies. When you "kill" them and they use the Dead Ringer, the killfeed doesn't say "FISH KILL." When you actually kill the spy, the killfeed says "FISH KILL!"

15 Crit-a-Cola

If used well with Force-A-Nature, bam, you can 2-hit everyone who isn't being healed. In a Scout 1 vs 1 with all but the Shortstop, bam, the other Scout is dead. The Shortstop becomes like a Scattergun at short range and can still 3-hit Soldiers at medium range. Best Scout secondary. Overpowered. Go and get this drink right now. Valve, please nerf.

This item makes you extremely fast and do more damage, while making you a little more vulnerable to damage (10% more damage).

16 Back Scatter

One of the most pointless Scout primaries, despite being so beautiful. It really needs a buff. Seriously, Valve, maybe turn its minicrits into full crits?

Basically, this weapon loads only 4 shots into a clip. It has 20% less accuracy compared to the default Scattergun and no random crits. So what is its upside?

MINICRITS to the back at close range. Alright, so it is a lot better than the default Scattergun at killing people quickly and only slightly better than the Soda Popper. It takes only 1 shot, instead of 2, if you are skilled enough. But the lower accuracy and lower clip ammunition? Please Valve, buff this.

17 Boston Basher

Worst Scout weapon so far. Scouts just swing around randomly with their melee weapon! Doing this with the Basher would kill you! I like to kill with my weapons, not be killed by them!

Who gives a crap about its effectiveness? This weapon is fun to use! And fun is what TF2 is about.

Great for helping get Medic's Uber up.

18 Candy Cane

Great weapon. If you kill a Pyro and you are on fire, you just pick up the health pack!

19 Pistol

It's good for battling Scouts. It may not be the best, but it can save your life.

20 Cow Mangler 5000

This "Scout" weapon allows you to jump very high. It has a huge splash radius, deals immense damage, has infinite ammunition, can disable buildings (like a sapper), and can set people on fire. It used to be paintable, and real painted Cow Manglers exist, with visible color differences, and, previously, projectile differences. This weapon shoots a glowing but hard-to-pinpoint rocket. Its only downfalls are its extremely low damage to buildings, its lack of crits, and its inability to be equipped by Scout.

21 Sun-on-a-Stick

This is an awesome weapon that looks really cool and has a barely noticeable downside. The only problem is that its upside isn't very noticeable either. I'd say it's better than the Stock Bat and Fan O' War, but not as good as most other Scout melees.

The Fan O' War is bad because of its extremely high risk and the fact that a Soldier with a Buff Banner or a Sniper with a Jarate-inflicting weapon can do the same job more effectively. Its only niches are in Scout 1v1s, tracking spies, and hitting ubered enemies without losing the buff. The Sniper's Jarate can also be applied to ubered enemies, but the debuff only lasts a few seconds because of healing. The Fan O' War's debuff can't be removed in any way, other than by dying or waiting 15 seconds.

22 Frying Pan

Why the hell is this on here? It's just a stock re-skin.

Well, I guess it makes quite a lot of noise.

23 Saxxy

You brag about the Saxxy, and it turns your enemies into gold! What's better than that besides the Golden Pan?

24 Dead Ringer
25 Fan O'War

Best MLG Scout melee ever! Although if you hit someone, you gain crits, but the base attack is weak! It's like 9 damage per hit! Mine now is an unremarkable scarcely lethal epic legendary server-cleaning face-melting Hale's Own Fan O' War. Kills: 1.

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