Top 10 Hardest New Super Mario Bros. Wii Levels

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1 World 9-7

I was just playing this and it's close to impossible when trying to get the 3 coins. The floor keeps disappearing and it's annoying.

How is this not number 1 it took me so long to beat this and get all 3 star coins if you want the real new super mario bros wii experience give this level a shot.

This list is broken as heck. Not a single world 9 level, and Bowser's castle was the easiest so far.

This was the last level I needed star coins for... took my lives from 99 down to 84 before finally doing it

2 World 8-Bowser's Castle

You guys are crazy. I played new Super Mario Bros. Wii a thousand times before, you guys are NOT showing the right stages in this list.

And then Princess Peach gets pissed & fussy when Mario has a hard time succeeding levels.

Obviously this level is hard. It's the final boss and the hardest boss in this game.

3 World 7-6

The level is so Crappy. It looks like a Intern has createt it. The Secret exit is also dump. You don't has any hint.

World 7-6 is so hard. I have failed this level millions of times now.

Really bad and hard level and the star coins are kinda difficult

4 World 6-6
5 World 8-5

I really hate this level and the star coins don't make up for it. Really frustrating.

6 World 5-Castle

The boss is hard

7 World 6-Castle

The level is hard but I managed to beat the boss in like 30 seconds so this isn't one of the hardest

8 World 8-7

I LOVE this level.
It proves to be a challenge though.

9 World 4-4 New Super Mario Bros Wii

Worst level in the entire game. Underwater levels are already bad but add in a thousand Bloopers and you've got an atrocity. At least levels like 6-6 or 8-4 have cool concepts. The concept for this one is that a bunch of bloopers attack you. How sad is that?

I think world 4-4 of New Super Mario Bros Wii is hard because the purple cheep cheeps are very annoying. Also, Bloopers chase you throughout the whole level.

This is the level I have the most rage in the bloopers will not leave you alone. The water currents will only push you into the bloopers. Easily the hardest level in world 4

Almost every Mario game has a really annoying water level. This is an example of a really annoying water level

10 World 7-Fort
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11 World 9-4

That last star coin was SO hard, this LEVEL should be #2.

12 World 1-Peach Castle

Absolutey the hardest level due to the fact that our plumber who works so hard for the precious star coins is wasting them on videos. Kinda like paying for youtube

This is the last level where you exchange your star coins... so technically the last part of the game

It's hard if you play it on an older version of Dolphin... lagmania.

13 World 8-1

I have never used so many continues in my LIFE the second half of this is so miserable because the falling lava rocks are completely random every time & if you miss a single jump you're screwed I literally am so mad I came here to say this bc I am STILL STUCK ON IT

It took me like 10 years to beat. It's probably not too hard for pro gamers but it certainly took me a long time

Unpredictable fireballs, lava, lava spires and the crows at the end.

14 World 8-4
15 World 2-Castle

I think the boss of this castle is really hard. Roy goes into one of the warp pipes and shoots pink fireballs at you

16 World 5-5

This level makes it so hard, just by seeing a scuba-diving pteranadon, to do anything.

*Sorry for bad spelling. I can't get used to my new keyboard.*

17 World 3-Castle

I didn't really have trouble with this level. I only died once in it and that was me being an idiot. Also the boss is really easy

18 World 6-2
19 World 3-Ghost House

I thing 3 Ghost House is the easiest ghost house because the boos don't annoy you or chase you through the level.

20 World 4-A
21 World 2-4

If you are getting the star coins in this level you are in for a rough time. There is only 3 Propellers in this level and you need the Propeller for the star coins and the wind is one of the most annoying features in this game.

22 World 9-5
23 World 10-7

The hardest level in the game. It's so hard that it's impossible to get to.

Not even a real level.

24 World 9-6

This stage was fun, but most of the platforms are tiny and almost every platform descend to the lava.

25 World 7-Ghost House
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