Top 10 Most Brutal, Gruesome Ways to Die In Video Games

Note: There is a difference between deaths in video games and ways to die in video games. While "ways to die" means that you will be respawned to try again, "deaths" in video games are permanent. Also, they have to make me quiver in fear, and I am excluding Mortal Kombat fatalities. Enjoy!
The Top Ten
1 Needle in Brain - Dead Space 2
2 Killed by Keeper - The Evil Within

Truly disappointing. This scary game isn't the scariest. But, it did have some brutal deaths, like having your head smashed by the giant hammer from one of the bosses, the Keeper. This is why the "real people" were screaming on the game's commercial.

3 Head Impaled - Tomb Raider

The brand new Tomb Raider really saved the Tomb Raider franchise. But at certain points in the game, you have to slide. Fail to dodge the pole? Well, to sum it up, "Brain meets pole, Lara dies."

4 Dissolved - Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario Galaxy 2

I could have gone with being eaten alive in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but I thought this was just scary. If you touch dark matter, Mario will scream in agony as he dissolves from the bottom up. Keep in mind, this is from Mario. Nintendo. So dying like this has to be on the list.

I find that the way Mario dissolves like that is scary. The level itself can be quite annoying and challenging. He has no chance to escape when he touches it once, even the slightest bit.

Good thing this only happens in one level.

5 Eaten by Devourer - inFAMOUS 2

In an amazing third-person shooter, you play as Cole MacGrath, a conduit with electric superpowers. In inFAMOUS 2, you have to defeat monsters called Devourers. Getting eaten by one of these creatures is brutal, as you get attacked by the Xenomorph-inspired tongue, then eaten to death. Beautiful.

6 Eaten by Spider - MineCraft

Imagine it. You have built awesome creations, gathered many resources, and leveled up. Nice! And then, one Minecraft night, you want to become a monster hunter. A giant spider comes up and bites you until you die. What's so brutal about this is that Steve doesn't scream at all. Wow.

7 Head Split Up - Phantasmagoria

Demon. Protagonist. Demon has giant hands. Fail to do the right stuff, and your head is split apart. Yeah.

8 Drill - Silent Hill: Homecoming

I don't really know about this game, but I do know this brutal way to die. At one point in the game, the protagonist, Alex, is tied to a chair, and a drill is stabbed in his thigh. You then break out of the ropes and try to stop the drill from reaching your eye. Fail? You get a drill to the eye.

9 Defeated by Descendant - Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

(Warning: Spoiler) At some point in this game, you have to fight descendants - zombie-like creatures that transformed because of what was inside El Dorado (the treasure you are looking for). You can get clawed to death or have your throat eaten off. Brutal.

10 Sucked Into Black Hole - Super Mario Galaxy

This is one of the worst ways Mario dies because he falls into the void (even a tiny bit) and gets sucked into a black hole, then he gets spaghettified.

The Contenders
11 Impaled by Metal Robot Parts - Five Nights at Freddy's 3
12 Noob Saibot Make a Wish Fatality - Mortal Kombat
13 Eaten by a Zombie - Plants vs Zombies Series

There is no gore, but think about it. The zombies bite through your skull to get to your brain, then you die. Don't remind me about snow weasels either.

14 Getting Mauled by a Mutant - Rage

It's a zombie that has a club, for crying out loud!

15 Electrocuted to Death - Super Mario Galaxy

If you get electrocuted to death in this game, Mario will be reduced to a bare skeleton, which collapses on the ground. I thought this game was kid-friendly!

16 Bowser Burns in the Lava Down to His Skeleton - New Super Mario Bros.

Even though the player isn't the one who's dying, this still deserves to be on the list.

17 Crocomire Melts in the Acid Down to His Skeleton - Super Metroid
18 Drowning - Sonic the Hedgehog

It's quite a psychological pressure for a kid. I mean, how many kids got traumatized because of the drowning tune?

19 Falling Into the Void - Minecraft

Yes, it's the second Minecraft option, but there's nothing really like falling into the unknown oblivion.

20 Eyelander - Team Fortress 2

You're playing as a soldier, blasting the enemy's sentries to bits, when a Demoman swoops out, slashing with his sword. He takes your now decapitated head and adds it to his own health.

21 Jumping Off a Cliff With a Bomb, Then the Bomb Explodes In Midair and You're Corpse Falls Into Lava and Burns to Ashes - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
22 Fatality - Mortal Kombat
23 Impaled by Your Own Icicle - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
24 Getting Your Head Cut Off by a Wingstick - Rage

It's basically a flying guillotine coming for you to slice your head off.

25 Eaten by the Mad Piano - Super Mario 64

In Big Boo's Haunt - the haunted house level - you will likely encounter The Mad Piano, which will eat you alive.

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