Top Ten Hardest Mega Man Zero Series Bosses

List of the hardest Mega Man Zero boss in the whole series (hence, from Zero 1 to Zero 4)
The Top Ten
1 Copy X - Second Form (Mega Man Zero)

Let alone his almost impossible to dodge Tentei Laser attack (multiple laser beams), the area is limited allowing insta-deaths. His attacks do massive damage and the possibility of being dragged down to the abysms make this fight a complete and utter nightmare. Strangely, he is weak to Ice Element (which makes absolutely no sense), which may have been put as an extra handicap as if the developers had recongized how insane is this showdown. I just lost count of how many attempts it took me, and considering that the first installment of the Zero series didn't allow backtracking, I fought him without Sub-Tanks having to use those recoveing life Cyber-Elves. The one and only time I used the Cyber-Elves in the whole series.

2 Craft (Mega Man Zero 4)

After four of the regular missions you are obligated to deal with him. Without this knowledge, I went without a Sub-Tank which makes this boss impossible, I'm-possible! There is no wall to slide and jump over him and Craft has no elemental weakness! I had to start over the game, get a Sub-Tank and then fight him. Just one hell of a battle!

3 Dr. Weil - Second Form: Ragnarok Fusion (Mega Man Zero 4)

This is the real deal in terms of difficulty, utter madness and unfairness! Every attack of this beast hits like a truck, and, except by the spike attack, hardly ever you will succeed in dogding (I still don't know how to protect myself against the beam attack); you're likely to refill your energy with your sub-tanks every two attacks or so. It's ridiculous! To sum up, he keeps guarding his only hit spot the whole fight, he just opens it when he is ready to launch an attack; so you have to attack and immediately be ready to evade. Oh, and I was just forgetting: you have two minutes to kill him, otherwise you're dead! Recommended, at least, two sub-tanks FILLED! Which means finishing his first form in an almost perfect run!
If wasn't for Copy X - Second Form insta-deaths possibilities, this would be the hardest of the series!

4 Cubit Foxtar (Mega Man Zero 3)

Holy Lord! Never could I expect a regular boss so damn hard as this. With an undodgeable movement (when she separates herself into 5 dancing flames) and little window for attack, pray for her to use her rare spiral flame attack wich makes her extremely vulnerable.

5 Omega Zero (Mega Man Zero 3)

The pinnacle moment of the series! Fighting the old Zero body from Mega Man X's series provided with all his signature movements was astonishing... but very hard! To compensate the fact that the final boss has three forms, the previous two forms of Omega are easy; so reaching this final form with the two Sub Tanks full is doable and required!

6 Hidden Panthom (Mega Man Zero)

The hardest Guardian by far, in a fashion that he is fought in the very beginning of his level instead of in the end. His clone attack is painful and the fact that he has no elemental weakness make this a long fight. His dashing attack with the katana and the giant shuriken combined with his down thrust blow transform him in one of the coolest character in the series

The hardest guardian by far! In a fashion that he is fought in the beginning of the stage instead of the end. This son-of-a-bitch has no elemental weakness and the windows for attacking are scarce, which makes this battle very long. The annoyance of his clone movement, his swiftness and his dash and katana move are extremely hard to escape.

7 Copy X - First Form (Mega Man Zero and Mega Man Zero 3)

He is capable of using all the elements and can recovers himself during the fight. Until I figured out the strategy of running from him expecting his super punch attack to counter-attack, this battle was unthinkable to pass through.

8 Dr. Weil - First Form: Core Fusion (Mega Man Zero 4)

His attacks do more damage than normal but after some practice you will be able to learn his pattern and evade his attacks, still, the high amount of life taken after a silly mistake is a cruel punishment. Invoking the attacks of the Weil's Numbers Bosses from Mega Man Zero 3 is a cool touch, which rekindles the feeling of a very true sequence from the previous game.

9 Phoenix Magnion (Mega Man Zero 2)

This boss is all about patience and sticking to a strategy. He can only be hit in a given moment of his moveset; so charge your Z-Saber with the Thunder Chip and wait

10 Burble Hekelot (Mega Man Zero 2)

Despite his pathetic appearance, this guy is a pain in the ass. His M.O. is all about eating the little caterpillars to inflate himself turning into a big ball that varries the stage (a movement that is excruciating to dodge); but since he sometimes inflates out of nowhere (arbitrarily, without eating the caterpillars) the battle become very unfair. Also, he is hard to hit, can negate your Buster shots when standing still and has no elemental damage

The Contenders
11 Elpizo - First Form (Mega Man Zero 2)

The easiest final boss of the series but still relevant. Just be ready to react immediately when he comes thrusting with his spear, which do a lot of damage

12 Mino Magnus (Mega Man Zero 4)

The hugest regular boss of the series. Has some unfair attacks (when he separates his body for example) and it's nearly impossible to attack him with ice (his elemental weakness)

13 Aztec Falcon (Mega Man Zero)
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