Best Super Paper Mario Chapters

This is a list of what I believe to be the top 8(there are only 8) best chapters in one of my favorite games ever, Super Paper Mario. There are some MAJOR spoilers ahead, so you've been warned. Each chapter seems to have good and bad in it, so this was not an easy list to make. So let's talk about the best chapters in one of the greatest games of all time.
The Top Ten
1 The Bitlands (Chapter 3)

Easily the best chapter in the game. Francis is the best character in the whole game, 3-1 and 3-3 are some of the best levels in the game, 3-4 actually is the best level in the game, and even the weakest link, 3-2, was still really good. Plus, Carrie is one of the best pixls in the game.

The best chapter in the entire gamer for me, and one of the best in the entire series. I'm not sure why Chapter 3s are always so good, but this one is no different. It has the best levels, best appearance, and Francis.

This chapter was totally HI-TECHNICAL! Each level was well-designed, had unique traits found nowhere else in the game, and overall was probably the funniest chapter in the game. It also included Bowser as its mid-boss, and Francis as the true boss. Both of them are among the funniest characters in the game. Also notable: The level Fort Francis(Chapter 3-4) is single-handedly one of the best levels in the entire game.

Funniest chapter, my top 3 is this:
3. Chapter 7
2. Bitlands
1. Castle Bleck

2 Castle Bleck (Chapter 8)

As predictable as it may be, Castle Bleck is my favorite chapter in Super Paper Mario. The level design is more elaborate, clever, and fun here than in any other level, and each character is utilized to the fullest, with 3 boss battles leading up to Count Bleck's(4 if you count the secret one with Francis). And you can only use one character for each fight-Bowser for O'Chunks, Peach for Mimi, and Luigi for Dimentio.Then for the finale with Bleck, you can finally use all 4-and it's revealed that they weren't destroyed after all. And then there's the ending, of course-Dimentio's surprising betrayal, and then Count Bleck and Tippi's tragic death to stop the void. Easily the most emotional, deep, and elaborate level in ANY Mario game.

This chapter is the best one story and character development is the best in the chapter. The story makes this one the best chapter and the steaks are very high as well as each one of characters disappear. The music is very good as well. Also the ending is very sad.

You get to re fight all the awesome minions with great personalities (o' chunks, mimi and dimentio) and even count bleck himself! +very deep story and awesome plot twists with much depth. how much better can a game be?

Well obviously this would be number #1, it's the definition of something epic yet emotional. Dimentio and Count Bleck were at their best in this episode as well. One of the main reasons I love this game so much

3 The Underwhere/Overthere (Chapter 7)

This is odd. The last 2 chapters at the top 2 spots? Well, don't worry-this won't be too predictable. This level is literally running through the Mario world's equivalent of heaven and hell. THAT is creepy. The levels here are well-designed, as well as introducing Luigi and his high-jump(and utilizes it fully), and has plenty of hidden areas to find. It's also got good music, a deep story for the pure heart, and just was an overall joy to play. I also really enjoyed the battle with that dragon at the end.

Chapter 7 is alright. The two middle levels (7-2 and 7-3) sucked, but the first and the last were amazing. 7-1 had lots of the cools puzzles and 7-4 was really fun to navigate.

I don't think it should be this high up. The overthere stair was tedious and long and overall boring. However I really like the deep story this chapter has

4 Land of the Cragnons (Chapter 5)

My opinion on this chapter has drastically changed over time. I used to hate it, but now, it's one of my personal favorites. 5-1 is one of the worst levels in the game, sure, but all the other three levels are in my top ten. And Cudge is one of the best pixls in the game.

Funnily enough, this used to be my least favorite chapter in the game, but is now my fourth favorite, continuing the theme of fifth chapters in Paper Mario games. Sure, 5-1 sucks and is one of the worst levels in the game, but all of the other three levels are in my top ten. 5-2 is really cool

This chapter gave the very best(aside from Castle Bleck) when it came to puzzle-solving. It had plenty of material in each level and required exploring a lot, as well as being among the deepest chapters story-wise. My one complaint with this chapter is that I didn't find it as humorous as the other chapters, but other than that it's great.

I like the caveman setting, and especially the Floro Sapiens! The croacus family has such an interesting backstory

5 Gloam Valley (Chapter 2)

My second favorite chapter in the game. Gloam Valley is such a pretty looking area, and Merlee's Mansion is really cool as well. 2-2 and 2-4 are both in my top ten levels for this game, 2-1 is really close, and 2-3 is pretty good too.

Why is this chapter so low?! It's easily my second favorite in the game! 2-1 is in my top ten favorite levels, 2-2 and 2-4 are in my top five, and like Chapter 3, the weakest link, 2-3 is still really good, and it has my personal favorite pixl, Boomer.

It had good level design and plenty of puzzles, as well as many laughter-worthy moments. However, my one complaint was the one stage where you have to pay Mimi for her vase and literally hold the right button for about 10 minutes to make the money.

This chapter is so much fun!2-2,2-3,and 2-4 are some of my favorite levels in the game.

6 Lineland (Chapter 1)

Of course this one won't be too high-it's the only chapter without any of the later 3 characters(unless you replay it), and it's really just getting you ready for the rest of the game. That's to be expected, though, and it was still good.

So fun to play

It's a classic, and does a great job showing that it's the best mario game of all time

7 Outer Space (Chapter 4)

Paper Mario Galaxy. This one's main gimmick was that it took on an arcade-style shooting area in a couple stages. It felt slow-paced at times, but nothing too notable.

Tbh this is the only chapter I didn't like. The space setting allowed for floating in space but it made the levels relatively uninteresting (especially 4-3 that level just sucked). 4-4 was just plain weird with the whole setting that didn't make any sense. 4-2 was the only somewhat decent level.

Love the gravity gimmick

8 Sammer's Kingdom (Chapter 6)

Here we have the only chapter I didn't like. Essentially, you're told to beat 100 minibosses(which are really easy most of the time with Bowser), and you only beat about 25. Then the void grows bigger and the others just give up, and it's honestly monotonous. However, this is the only chapter when you actually witness one of the worlds being destroyed completely by the Void.

I thought this chapter was decent, Chapter 4 was way worse in my opinion, this chapter is unique in a way because it's the only chapter in the game that gets destroyed completely by the void while you're in the chapter! Didn't expect that.

The only chapter in the game that is short enough, always keeps you on your toes and has good music to top it off

Fun boss though.

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