Top Ten Best Chests in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a game that you get most of your cards and gold from these chests. Now some are better than others, and we’re going to look at the ten best. Here, we are looking at the top ten best chests in Clash Royale.
The Top Ten
1 Legendary King’s Chest

These are definitely the best chests in the game. Although I do miss super magical chests, these are still better loot wise. Not only do you get to choose between cards, but you are guaranteed a legendary and a legendary wild card. Unfortunately, these can only be bought in the shop, or gotten on trophy road. The only few I've ever opened have been on trophy road and back when quests were a thing.

Guaranteed legendary, draft mechanic, and lots of gold; definitely among the best chests.

2 Mega Lightning Chest

The best chest in the chest cycle, it's basically a lighting chest but with actual good loot. I just opened one for the first time recently, and I got some pretty good stuff.

Guaranteed legendary and the strikes make this a very good chest.

3 Fortune Chest

These are only available in the shop and cannot be obtained anywhere else. I've never opened one because I'm not paying 750 gems for it, but the loot looks decent, and there's a good chance of a legendary card as well.

4 Legendary Chest

This chest, as it says in the name, gives you either a legendary or a wild card. It used to be so much more valuable years ago, but since legendaries are much easier to get now, it's lost a substantial amount of value.

5 Magical Chest

Unlike super magical chests, this chest lives on to this day. It's honestly pretty good, and there's a pretty decent chance for a legendary. I know I've gotten a few from them.

6 Giant Chest

You're very unlikely to get a legendary out of giant chests, but they come with a lot of gold and common and rare cards. They're decent.

7 Crown Chest

The function of crown chests used to be different before pass royale, but they are still in the game, and are honestly pretty good. You basically get 2,000 gold, a good bit of commons and rares, usually an epic, and a chance at a legendary. This is a pretty balanced chest.

8 Epic Chest

As the name says, if you want epic cards, this is the go-to. You don't often get it in the chest rotation, but it can be bought in the shop for 10,000 gold, which isn't too much. Still, it's not a great chest, but pretty average I'd say.

9 Lightning Chest

These are not worth the 250 gems that they are in the shop. You get commons, rares, and epics, and can strike them for a limited time to try and get the cards you want. Kind of an OK chest.

10 Golden Chest

Fairly common in the chest cycle, and come with commons and rares, plus the occasional epic. I think I've pulled one or two legendaries from these in the five years I have played the game.

The Contenders
11 Silver Chest

Probably the worst chest in the game, the most common from battles. I've pulled one legendary from one ever, and that's pretty much it.

12 Wooden Chest

A decent chest as a beginner giving some good loot! It is highly useful providing multiple epics; I mean seriously this thing creates and makes your entire gameplay; for example if you use the chest and get an epic (eg: Baby Dragon) then your entire deck would be centred around this! But overall I am probably defending it to much and it deserves its place at last but it's still a bit better then you think!

13 Royal Wild Chest

Guaranteed wild cards and a guaranteed champion (along with lots of gold) easily make the Royal Wild Chest the best chest!

14 Free Chest
15 War Chest
16 Champion Chest

Guaranteed champion makes this a very nice chest.

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