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Enchantments have been in Minecraft for a while, and they can really turn the tide of a battle. However, I think some new enchantments would be cool and interesting. Add any enchantment ideas that you would like to see in the game to this list. It can be for any tool in the game.
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1 Frost (Bows and Crossbows)

Since there's Flame on bows and crossbows, it only makes sense for Frost to be an enchantment too. It makes mobs slow down. Think of the Snow Pea from Plants vs. Zombies. It deals more damage towards blazes. Flame and Frost can't be on the same bow or crossbow. Do I even have to explain why? Also, shooting arrows on water would turn them into ice, like what the Frost Walker enchantment does on boots.

Good list! I think Minecraft should put these ideas into action. They would be very cool!

Very good idea, just like Plants vs. Zombies. Minecraft should actually take these ideas into account.

2 Double Jump (Boots)

This allows you to double jump when you have this enchantment. There's not much to add apart from you being able to have Stomp and Double Jump on the same pair of boots, which is pretty cool.

It would be super for climbing walls. Double jumping can also help you build a project in Minecraft. Also, you could add "Jump 2," which allows you to triple jump!

3 Boomerang (Bows and Crossbows)

This is kind of like the Return enchantment for shields, and I think it would be better if it was an actual item, but this is the next best thing. If you know what a boomerang is (I hope you do), it's obvious what this enchantment does. After firing an arrow, it will come back after a little bit or when it hits a mob. The arrow won't be reusable once it hits a mob.

4 Return (Shields)

I thought that shields should have their own enchantment, so I came up with this. Shields can bounce back arrows, and this enchantment affects how far they are deflected. It goes up to level 3. The shield must be combined with a book in an anvil to get the Return enchantment.

5 Fire Touch (Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe)

This would be one of the most useful enchantments because it would eliminate the need for furnaces. When mining blocks, they would drop as if they had been smelted in a furnace. For example, iron ores would drop iron ingots, oak wood would drop charcoal, and clay blocks (when out of water) would drop bricks.

This enchantment works on hoes too, but only for potatoes. Harvesting potatoes with a hoe enchanted with Fire Touch would yield baked potatoes. This would probably be one of my favorite enchantments. Oh yeah, you can't have Silk Touch and Fire Touch on the same item for obvious reasons.

6 Zero-Gravity (Bows and Crossbows)

For this enchantment, arrows fired by bows or crossbows will not be affected by gravity, but it will slow them down a little. It would definitely be a unique one.

7 Timber (Axes)

A rare enchantment for axes that can only be obtained in a chest at a pillager outpost with a 2% chance of appearing. When an axe has Timber, it will chop down all the wood in smaller trees like birch and acacia.

This would be perfect for gathering materials for building projects in Minecraft. Using Timber makes it much easier to collect wood from small trees. You could also add "Timber 2," which would allow you to chop down entire tall trees.

8 Vampire (Swords and Axes)

An enchantment for swords and axes that makes you regain half the hearts of the damage dealt to something 40% of the time with every attack. Fire damage from Fire Aspect doesn't make you regain hearts. Hopefully, this isn't too overpowered.

9 Stomp (Boots)

When the player falls onto a mob, the mob will take damage and be knocked back seven blocks. You will still take fall damage, and you can't have Feather Falling on boots that also have Stomp. The damage dealt depends on the level of Stomp, which goes up to level 4. However, this doesn't affect how far the mob is knocked back. You have to hit the jump button when you land on the mob for this to work.

10 Aqua Aspect (Swords and Axes)

This is basically the opposite of Fire Aspect. It makes your sword or axe more powerful against mobs like blazes, endermen, and magma cubes. The enchantment goes up to level 5. It's similar to Smite or Bane of Arthropods but for different mobs. It can be found in chests, obtained through villager trades, or from the enchanting table. You can't have Fire Aspect and Aqua Aspect on the same weapon, obviously.

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11 Reach (Sword)

This enchantment makes the sword reach farther. The max level is 3.
Level I: +2 block reach
Level II: +3 block reach (excluding level I)
Level III: +4.5 block reach (excluding level II)

It would be good for fighting and would also give a massive advantage to the player using that sword!

12 Range (Lightning Rod)

The Lightning Rod in version 1.17 has a reach of 64 blocks, and this enchantment increases that reach. The maximum level is 4.
Level I: +30 blocks
Level II: +32 blocks
Level III: +35 blocks
Level IV: +56 blocks

Level IV extends the reach from 64 to 217 blocks. It can only be obtained from a mineshaft with a 10% chance of appearing in a chest. The other levels can be obtained from the enchantment table (not directly on the rod) and villager trades.

13 Explosive Defense (Chestplate)
14 Mercy (Sword, Axe)
15 Zoom (Spyglass)

The max level is 3. Every level increases your zoom. Just right-click while zooming in, and you'll zoom more.

16 Counter Attack (Shield)

It reflects 35% of the attack damage back onto the attacker, which can always be useful for PvP or against mobs.

17 Fangs (Chestplate)
18 Metal Detector (Pickaxe)
19 Aqua Efficiency (Pickaxe and Shovel)
20 Steadfast (Max III)
21 Decimate (Sword and Axe)

Decimate is an enchantment that will knock back, set mobs on fire, and deal large damage in one blow. However, it makes the weapon move much slower. It is useful for mobs but not for PvP.

22 Creeper (Armor)

Allows you to blow yourself up, keeping half a heart. The higher the level, the higher the blast, with the highest being level 5. It can only be used at max health. Hold L on the Switch or keyboard to start detonation.

23 Bond of Death (Chestplate)
24 Bond of Death (Sword Axe)
25 Bond of Regret (Sword, Axe)
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