Top Ten Gangs in Cyberpunk 2077

A list of these futuristic gangs of Night City and the Badlands in the game.
The Top Ten
1 Aldecaldos

A good group of nomads that hangs out in the Badlands led by Saul Bright and a few more characters like Panam Palmer and Mitch Anderson. If V goes with Panam to take down Arasaka and keeps his or her body, he or she can go with Panam and the gang and leave Night City with a good ending.

2 The Mox

An all-female (well, very few guys) motley crew gang that runs Lizzie's Bar and took business very seriously. Judy Alvarez was one of those girls that makes great braindances. If you mess with those girls, they'll come for you and tear you up.

3 Maelstrom

These sinister-looking gangers with robotic spider-eyes and altered facial looks, plus wore leather and chrome. They did have leaders that run the group like Royce and Brick. Let's not forget they do run a nightclub, Totentanz, in Watson.

4 Tyger Claws

An all-Asian gang that can be found around Japantown, Little China, Kabuki, and Charter Hill led by the likes of Jotaro Shobo, Maiko Maeda, and Hiromi Sato. They run certain operations like braindance bars, joytoy business, and casinos. These red and green-looking gangers are well-organized, efficient, and savvy - but also unpredictable.

5 Valentinos

An Hispanic gang that can be found in Heywood, and Jackie Welles was one of them. There are few leaders like Sebastian "Padre" Ibarra that do business for their groups, even though certain Valentinos can kill each other. They usually do business in bars, gay clubs, garages, and funerals for secret operations.

6 6th Street

A very strong American patriot/supporter-like gang that can be found around Santa Domingo, and they take their country very seriously. They operate in robbery, extortion, and gun running, and they usually do certain deals with mercs and nomads. You can find them partying right next to a dam in some badly shaped buildings.

7 Animals

An over-juiced up, meathead-looking freaks of a boostergang that seems to be found in Pacifica, and they have a taste of nature and hunt like beasts. They're also addicted to the drug juice, and on top of it all, they're idiots with mostly brawn.

8 Voodoo Boys

These guys from Pacifica got some voodoo tricks up their sleeves whenever they plan on hacking the systems with netrunner/edgerunner skills. They are led by Brigitte and second in command Placide.

9 Wraiths

Another nomad group but only the mean ones that terrorize the Badlands. Aldecaldos have their feud with these teal-wearing marauders, and with V's help, the Wraiths can't handle fighting a deadly merc.

10 Scavengers

They have some Eastern European/Russian accents and wear holographic masks on their faces to terrorize the neighborhood. They even look to tear cyberware off their victims and take advantage of using it on themselves.

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