Top Ten Colour Codes for Wolf Online

Hey I'm also a huge fan of wolf online and know a bunch of colour codes. I don't know the rainbow code apparently it's a hack and not a code. Note* This also works for life of black tiger and themepark rider.
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1 Aqua Blueish Name: 11FFDA

This is really good I completely recommend it and my name is usually Haunting with the Night Blue collar code.

Any color code from here can be used in dinos Online so use whatever! by the way I really do like the the color On Dino's Online my name is Aqua and I hope you enjoy!

Really worked! I thanks you guys for all the help I can get!
Like me on wolf online named pup!

So fresh colour I like it thanks to send this colour code's code!

2 Royal Blue: 0000FF

How do I code it?

Its magestic and perfect for this little aquamarine. Are you my dad?

It didn't work

Awesome I love blue

3 Light Green: 00FF00

Hey guys why is the pink color code the same as the light green color code?

It didn't work

4 Black: 000000

Black is a great color, especially for really dark nights.

Amazing! I try to do it but it might be hard to do.

How you put it in?

Favourite colour code =3

5 Purple Violet: 8A2BE2

An easier color I made is 7e00ff its like a darkish neon purple I can't describe it but check it out!

It's really pretty and mysterious at once! This color is amazing!

6 Silver: CCCCCC

I love these color codes! There really great and pretty colors
to use for your wolf's name. Great choices for Wolf Online,
wolf color codes are great for everyone. I don't know why
I didn't think of these before I started up playing
Wolf Online! Thank you for picking these beautiful colors.
Such a great help to know how and where to find these
codes for this AWESOME game Wolf Online! THANK YOU
for Wolf Online! I'll use these codes forever and never stop
using them.

The person that said it did not work does not know this is awesome at all...
I don't know why.
Anyways, my name will be SnowStorm or rage. Bye!

I tried this one, but it doesn't work. But I give you credit for the amazing color codes

I love this color thanks

7 Tan: FFCC66

It's a nice color code

8 Red: FF0000

It didn't work, but it you see me. It will either be A Mistake. Or 666 Error 666! I've the color R3D

It's amazing! It really works and I use it all the time!

9 Invisible: 4040

Oh my lord on this color. I absolutely love this color so much. I have tried this color and its amazing for name to be invisible.

It works good it's so clear thanks for the code its awesome!

Wait, if it's invisitble than how do they see your name? (P.s that was a joke and Imma try it)

What's so invisible to you I see a name!

10 Gold: FFD700

I find it a very pretty awesome color code thanks so much for telling it

The Contenders
11 Yellow: FFCC00

Yellow is the greatest color. It the supreme form of color. It is a holy and heroic color.

Yellow is a awesome color. If you see me my name will either be Diego or tiny. My name might also be Greely at some times.
Roses are red
Violets are blue,
Wolves are black,
And so are you!

12 Misty Rose: FFE4E1

It's a really beautiful color and I use it a lot hope you like it if you try it!

My name has changed completely and a really nice color. If you see MistRose that's me!

This is a cool color

Ill like this color

13 Maroon: 800000
14 Neon Green: 2EFE64

How do you put it in though?

I like green and neon!

Great color code check out rainbow color code at youtube my name is sweet wolf

15 Mint: 00FFBF

I mostly like the mint color code because it looks so pretty of the color it would fit the names Minty,Grace and others.

16 Cyan: 00FFFF
17 Cranberry Red: 610B21

It works with the name Berry or Demon for me..

18 Teal: 33CC99

I'm opinion tealis one of my favorite colors and even though it doesn't look like the color teal it's a beautiful color! =P

19 Hot Pink: FF00FF
20 Night Blue: 000033
21 LILA Black: FF00C4
22 Light Purple: AAAAFF

I love this color

It's great I would definitely recommend this color it's so pretty

23 Lilac Purple: 727ACA

Great color! My name is Polly if you see me, I will be sure to Make a friend

24 Purple: FFAAFF

Hey did you know when I try the code it's colour pink.. Maybe my tablet is diff with people's phone...

25 Very Dark Blue: 000033

In my opinion, I really liked this color! It really brought out my wolf's name, Night.

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