Top 10 Signs You're Obsessed With Pokemon

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1 You can't stop talking about it

I like Mario and Pokemon. My favorite Mario character is Bowser, and my favorite Pokemon is Slowking.

Yeah, Tentacruel! I even annoy my sister by talking about the Pokemon we resemble.

2 You own all the Pokémon games
3 You always play Pokémon Go

Just don't play it while crossing the road, driving, or riding a bike.

4 You keep a Pokémon stuffed animal nearby

Definitely me. I have a stuffed Pikachu next to me and a stuffed Jigglypuff in my backpack that is near me.

5 You display Pokémon items in your room

I get triggered if one patch of wall isn't covered in Pokemon.

6 You own Pokémon cards

I have about over 600 of them, but I think I'm going to sell them when I can: $2.50 for 30 of them, $5 for 60 cards.

7 You have strong opinions on your favorite Pokémon, gym leader, region, etc.

My favorite Pokémon is only my favorite for nostalgic reasons, so I'll go with my second favorite, Rayquaza. Rayquaza is so powerful that they had to create a separate tier for it. It's the best because it needs a sweeping move to Mega Evolve and can hold items like Life Orbs, Leftovers, or Choice items.

Dragon Claw and Outrage are great STAB moves and can defeat most Fairy types with ease. As for Gym Leaders, I don't have a favorite. In Generation 4, it was the most important for the competitive scene because of Wi-Fi.

The best Champion is Cynthia, who uses some of the most iconic Pokémon from her region. And she's quite attractive.

8 You understand the resistances and weaknesses of every type

Well, this shows I'm obsessed with Pokemon.

9 You create your own Pokémon

150 attack and a 650 stat total. It's pure fantasy, but still great to think about. It's like a more epic version of a spotted bear. And I thought it would be interesting to do a Fighting/Normal type, but I'm still debating if that makes any sense.

I do this too much. I am always doodling made-up Pokemon, coming up with names and attacks for them. It really distracts me in school, but hey, I like doing it.

I do that a lot in school. I start creating an evolution line, ability, types, stats, etc.

10 You aspire to be a Pokémon trainer
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11 You still love it
12 You know the theme song and the Team Rocket motto

This is the only thing I have on this list. Glad to know I'm not obsessed with Pokemon. Lol! I still love it though. It is possible to love something without having an inordinate obsession with it.

Even worse when you know all of them. Totally not me.

13 You frequently draw Pokémon

Yeah, I've made Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Squirtle, Dragonite, Ditto (the easiest), Togepi (I stuck it in my school art corner), Electrode, Voltorb, and many more!

I'm trying to draw them all. I've only done 46 so far.

14 You ask new acquaintances if they like Pokémon
15 You participate in a Pokémon role-playing game
16 You own a Pokémon video game

I thought this would be a bigger sign if you have like five or more.

17 You've caught them all

I need Darkrai. I'd love to catch 'em all.

18 You play and watch Pokémon every day
19 You sing the Pokémon theme song constantly

I am very proud to say that I know every single theme song by heart, except for one of the BW themes (which I am working on).

I can sing all of them without fault.

20 You know all the Pokémon
21 You wish to be a Pokémon
22 You compete in Pokémon battles
23 You engage in Pokémon cosplay
24 You write Pokémon fanfiction
25 You enjoy creating Pokémon-related items
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