Top 10 League of Legends Skill Cap Champions

This LIST IS NOT THE HARDEST CHAMPIONS TO PLAY, This list is about champions with the most potential to outplay and outperform their opponents, therefore they have higher skill caps. It doesn't mean you can't suck at riven and still win as riven, because you can but riven has some of the highest outplay potential against high elo opponents who actually know what they're doing FOR EXAMPLE. Why are there no SUPPORTS? Supports are definitely useful and can make plays but they in no way can affect the game the way other laners can.
The Top Ten
1 Riven

Low-cooldown shield, countless dashes, area knock-up, and insane damage output. She is the true queen of the rift. When played in good hands, nobody can duel nor trade with Riven.

2 Vayne
3 Zed

Zed has literally the highest outplaying potential out of all champions in the whole game. His basic combo is easy to pull off, but his full potential and outplaying potential are extremely difficult to pull off. Precision timing to dodge potentially devastating skills from your opponents with your ultimate (for example, a Veigar), placing your shadows in the right place, and knowing where they are, switching places with your shadows to dodge devastating skill shots such as an Ahri's charm - plus you have to land your skill shots to be a successful Zed. His outplay potential is even higher when near walls.

All of this makes him a fairly easy and boring champion to play if you want to use the same combo every time. But if you want to truly master Zed's kill and outplay potential, you're up for a difficult joyride.

4 Yasuo

Yasuo's base health nerfs have now made him have the highest deaths per game out of all champions in both the Top and Mid Lanes. This is usually due to bad Yasuo players trading without Flow, not using minions to dodge skill shots, and overextending with Yasuo syndrome. Yasuo has very real kill potential at level 2, especially with ignite and 25% crit in lane. However, most Yasuo players ult in and get blown up due to poorly placed windwalls or a lack of coordination with teammates.

Many low-ELO players call Yasuo no skill, but that is them being salty that they got outplayed.

5 Lee Sin

The endless combos you can pull off easily make Lee Sin one of the best "outplay" champions in the game. There is a huge speed difference in ward jumping and flash kick speeds in high elo compared to low elo.

I played Lee Sin for one year, yet he is hard to master.

6 Azir

People forget he is like a Zed and Orianna combined, which makes him harder than both of them. He also can Insec combo, which makes him like Lee Sin. A few well-placed Q's, R's, and turrets win games.

How on earth is anyone over this guy (but Scuttlecrab)? He is by far the toughest champ in the game. Riven and Yasuo? Easy compared to him.

Well, Azir is one of the hardest champions in the game. However, in the right hands, he is probably the champion with the most outplay potential and the best champion in the game. If you have good control, then he is going to be the perfect champion for you.

7 Fiora
8 Fizz

Fizz's E is so OP. You can start a fight with your R, dive in, dodge the abilities like a boss, get the kill, and get out with some HP left.

His E is OP. Well, it's OP not because it can make you untargetable, but it's OP when used smartly.

9 Rengar

Jumping repeatedly could give some skills resets that give burst damage.

10 Ahri

A good Ahri is probably one of the scariest things in League for me. She isn't exactly a hyper-carry, but if her team knows their ass from their toes, she can really ruin your day.

Ahri's E (Charm) is the kiss of death. Follow up her abilities after you land your charm early or mid-game, and you can win an easy kill or, at the very least, burn a flash.

Once again, the difference between low-ELO and high-ELO Ahris is stupendous.

The Contenders
11 Leblanc

All of her kits are versatile and can be used in any situation. Could be unstoppable if used correctly. Also, Faker.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, go look up Faker Leblanc Plays on YouTube.

12 Ekko

His ultimate is that get-out-of-jail-free card in Monopoly. If played properly, you can ult back into your convergence, giving you a stun and a large AOE damage hit. You can then use this to get a bunch of kills.

You need to plan your attacks seconds before they happen and factor in everything to maximize his kit.

13 Aurelion Sol
14 Orianna

When you first start playing Orianna, she feels clunkier than your first car. But she's one of the few champions who scale with skill. A multiman ult on a well-farmed Orianna wins teamfights. Most Oriannas are dreadful at hitting their ults, especially in low ELO.

15 Thresh
16 Nidalee

Easily one of the strongest. If you can hit spears, you can do massive damage along with a missing HP-based Q. Not to mention healing and the ability to jump over walls.

17 Irelia
18 Shaco

Clone usage and box placement. The versatility of your clone is insane. From baiting your opponents into wasting their abilities on the clone instead of you, to timing the ult perfectly to dodge literally anything, his ult is unique and gives him the potential to make some very nice plays and cause the enemy team some very frustrating moments.

Good uses of your boxes can also often make or break fights. Smart placement around objectives or areas that are about to be fought over can cut off the enemies' escape or ensure your teammates can make a getaway if things go south.

If you can outthink and predict your opponents as Shaco, they will see you as some untouchable death machine that is ganking every lane and invading the jungle all at the same time. In summary, his ult dodges anything and, if played well, is the safest way to bait out enemy abilities ever. A few well-placed boxes can quite literally turn a teamfight into a massacre. While not the most difficult to pick up and play, to truly master him requires good game knowledge and excellent instincts as to when and how to ult and use your clone. He is worth consideration on the list.

19 Master Yi
20 Gangplank

He has been generally strong for a while. But now that he has been tuned down, he has a really high skill floor and a very high ceiling. Sure, at most ELOs, you just have to learn barrel chains. But play him mid and then try to say he isn't a hard champ to play.

21 Tryndamere

There is just so much you have to do to master Tryndamere. Clicking on people, pressing R when you're low, clicking on people... The list goes on. I'd rate him somewhere between Garen and Darius on the difficulty level.

22 Syndra
23 Talon
24 Draven
25 Teemo

He has to strategically place shrooms to kill enemies, time his blinds, and act as an ADC.

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