Top 10 Cutest Video Games of All Time

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1 Yoshi's Wooly World

Yoshi and Kirby dominate this list. Peaceful music, no jumpscares, no guns, simple but exciting storylines, no swearing, no drugs, no adult themes. Just cuteness! I love Nintendo.

Love this game it is my favorite Yoshi game it is SO CUTE I've played it almost over 20 times is so addicting.

You can't seriously NOT feel remorse for allowing Poochy to fall into a ravine or hear him whine. You just can't.

I hate Poochy, but the fact that YOSHI has the spotlight makes up for it completely. Go Yoshi! Kick kirby's ass!

2 Yoshi's Story

I own this game and to be honest, I still play this game even though I've completed it about 7 or more times already just for the god damn cutness. Cuter than a kitten.

Yes, this game is cute, but at some parts, it becomes a nightmare fuel.

That theme song though

3 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

I remember playing with my little sister and she was so happy because everything was so cute. It's only Kirby games that can recall such memories...Not only good for little kids. I think we all need to feel young again. This is a BOTH cute AND great game.

Whenever I play smash Bros online and come across a Kirby, its hard to actually fight it because he's so adorable. Well done Nintendo.

Kirby has always been the cutest video game character ever to me, but this game took it to the next level of adorable!

This is how cutesy Kirby is: rainbows are a curse.

4 Kirby's Epic Yarn

This is such an underrated game, but this is SUCH a good game. It's heartwarming. I remember that my favorite memories with my older brother was when I was about 5, and me and my older bro (by about 15 years) were sitting in front of the T.V, and we were just having so much fun. I remember the joy when we finally beat it. Now, I am leaving for my home back in Nova Scotia soon, and I will be passing the joy down for my younger cousin to enjoy. Again, an AMAZING game. Perfect for young children.

Yes! This game is incredibly underrated, just because you can't die. It's not meant for that! It's meant for collecting things! Finally this game is in the top 5 for something!

This game is near perfect. It has a great art style, a great soundtrack and great gameplay. The only problem (spoiler alert) is that there is no completion bonus.

Its KIRBY! This game is unbelievably cute, and was my first ever Kirby game. I also love the yoshi one, but oh my god Kirby is just outright too adorable.

5 Nintendogs
6 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Should be higher

7 UmJammer Lammy
8 Cave Story

Home to the cutest video game characters of all time: the Mimigas.

9 Yoshi's Island

This game's background looks like it's from a children's book. Why wouldn't it be cute?

10 Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Kirby is cute all around!
No! Don't take the wrong angle of view!

Haven't played it, but any game with Kirby is bound to be cute.

This game is SO cute!

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11 Cuphead
12 Vib-Ribbon
13 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
14 Animal Crossing

I like the Villager.

I love this game!

15 Okamiden
16 Pikmin

While the game can be quite dark if you think about it, so many of the creatures (Especially Pikmin and Bulborbs) are simply ADORABLE!

17 Harvest Moon

Animals are precious

18 Undertale

If you play True Pacifist, this game is absolutely adorable! I'm not done playing yet but Papyrus' innocence had me in tears. All the characters have their cute moments, except flowey, he's terrifying

It's straight up horror if you do genocide though...

A lot of the characters are cute but this game is actually pretty dark.

How is gaster "cute"?

Wait I take that back-

19 Little Big Planet

Sackboy is love. Sackboy is life.

It should be number 1

It's my childhood

20 Kirby's Adventure

It's personally a fun title for the NES. If you wanna play it and don't own an SNES, play it on an emulator or Kirby's Dream collection on the Wii.

21 Kirby: Planet Robobot
22 Bubble Bobble
23 PaRappa the Rapper
24 Kirby: Squeak Squad
25 Nintendogs + Cats
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