Best Levels from Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

The 3rd Spyro game, while being the least polished out of the 3, was easily the most entertaining to play, the addition of the extra characters and self contained minigames added a level of variety that the first 2 didn't have. As well as this, the levels were much more involved than in either of the other games and could take an extremely long time to beat. These are what I believe to be the best levels in the best Spyro game.
The Top Ten
1 Enchanted Towers

This area is almost as amazing as the fireworks factory. The aesthetics of the level are nice and the inhabitants of the world are interesting. The reason I believe it is so amazing is because of the side areas. The skateboarding missions are without a doubt my favourite part of the game and this area has the best skateboarding course of all. The Sgt. Bird segment is also very unique as it takes place in the exact same area, meaning that the only difference is the fact that you can now freely fly across the level. Also, the dancing skeleton makes a return, which is great.

2 Fireworks Factory

A definite fan favourite area, and it isn't hard to see why. Handel and Greta make a return, which will always grant an area bonus points in my books. The setting of this area is absolutely perfect in every way, a giant explosives factory filled with ninjas and ninja spawners (which are normal boxes with the word 'ninja' on it.) The side areas are all amazing as well, with a dragon fight, an extremely difficult corridor full of ninjas and the greatest agent 9 segment in the game, a Doom inspired first person shooter stage. Perfection in every way

3 Crystal Islands

This level is absolutely gorgeous, the nighttime settings in Spyro have always been amazing to look at, but this one takes the cake. I loved playing as Bentley and smashing the moles, and I loved exploring the level via superflying. The reason that this isn't higher is that I despise the slide section.

4 Charmed Ridge

While not the best of the evening lake levels, (that goes to frozen altars) I always liked this one due to my love of fantasy settings, and its done nicely here

5 Desert Ruins
6 Spooky Swamp

I enjoy the fact that despite the fact it is a swamp, it is the most beautiful area in the game. The gimmick of everyone talking in haiku was surprisingly funny and the eggs were all hidden in good areas. The wizard miniboss was fun and the sheila section was heavily reminiscent of the alchemist from the second game, just less difficult.

7 Bamboo Terrace
8 Cloud Spires
9 Icy Peak

This area starts off in a comedic way, with the entire conflict of the area involving getting to a fishing hole. The use of cannons was good and the secret ice hole was a well hidden area. The egg thieves in the level were a fun test of reaction time, especially the second one which required you to keep chasing without break for over a lap of the course.

10 Haunted Tomb

While the riddle mechanic was stupid and pointless, the level was quite big and entertaining. The demolition derby, while being clunky and slow, still was a blast when you got used to it. the main thing bringing this down was the fact that the Agent 9 mission was pathetically easy.

The Contenders
11 Midnight Mountain
12 Frozen Altars

While this area is hated for a reason I will get into later, I can't help but love the place for the unique nature of every aspect of it. The rooftop gliding is fun, the snowman killing lasers are hilarious and the ice breath is utilized very well by making many points you can only get to by freezing things. The side areas are both extremely unique as well, whenever I play cat hockey, I can't help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. This area would be at number 1 or 2 if it weren't for Bentley Boxing, which has no kind of skill required has godawful hit detection. It isn't the worst thing ever, but it is pretty bad.

13 Seashell Shore

Once again, Insomniac pull out a good underwater level. I loved the shark sub minigame and the clearing of the pipe. The Sheila area of the level was highly satisfying as you went around destroying a giant Rhynoc fortress. The one issue I have with the level is the lack of interest I have in underwater levels, but that is just personal taste.

14 Lost Fleet

This area is massive and was the last place I got everything in due to the fact I didn't realise that there were 2 portals in the level. The skateboarding area, while less fun, was extremely satisfying to pull off a a hard trick and gain massive boosts. The submarine side area was also fun, as it took away the frustration of trying to lead your shots by making them home if you kept an enemy sub in your sights for a few seconds. The only reason this level isn't higher is that I really don't like the characters here because I think they are annoying.

15 Evening Lake
16 Sunny Villa

While the level is incredibly easy, it still holds up quite well for one reason I particular. the skateboarding. While I found this mission to be the weakest of the 3 skateboard missions (4 counting the bonus world), it doesn't change the fact that skateboarding is the best part of the Spyro series in my opinion.

17 Sunrise Spring
18 Midday Gardens
19 Bugbot Factory
20 Molten Crater

It's so iconic and very iconic and the music is pretty appropriate for the environment.

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