Top Ten Dirty Bomb Mercs

List of my favourite Dirty Bomb(game) mercs(characters). May or may not be for all.
The Top Ten
1 Fragger

You can't go wrong with the "Hand Nuke," aka his grenades. With 140 HP and access to powerful rifles like the pinpoint accurate M4A1, the deadly burst rifle BR-16, and his all-time favourite LMG, the K-121, he is sure to get the kills if used properly. Noob-friendly and easy to learn. Sometimes considered overpowered but still balanced, in my opinion.

2 Bushwhacker

Bushwhacker is a very good defensive engineer in my opinion. The only class you don't have access to in the beginning is the Engineer, so I would highly recommend buying him with your 50k credits, instead of buying Proxy who is cheaper at 30k. Bushwhacker has 20 more HP than Proxy though he is slower of the two, but has access to powerful SMGs like the KEK-10 and Blishlock, which is a bit difficult to learn. The most important thing is your turret. Placing it at the right point can really help you defend certain points in the C4 maps, and that's where he shines the most.

3 Arty

This merc may be one of the least favourites in the game. Hmm... Only newcomers think that!

Arty really shines in the EV defending situations. His artillery strike is really helpful and has a very short cooldown, making him, in my opinion, better than Skyhammer. Everyone knows how powerful the BR-16 and the Stark AR are. They just need a bit more practice to use. The Dreiss AR is just a less powerful sniper if used properly. He comes at 30k, which just makes him a perfect buy!

4 Sawbonez
5 Vassili

Just a viable option over Aimee. A lesser cooldown on the heartbeat sensor and 10 more HP is always better. Also cheaper, comes at just 30k.

6 Nader

Don't just spam your grenades. Only fire 2 at most in one direction. Never tea bag her! Never!

7 Aura

Her health station can do the magic. In Terminal map, just plant your health station in the room and have a Rhino and any fire support merc take care of both entrances. Also, her speed makes her a tank!

8 Proxy

Just throw the damn Nuclear Pancake and shoot it to get an Ace! A pretty viable option for a fast but fragile engineer. Best used with her vanilla shotgun!

There's a thrill in playing Proxy. Also, you'll get your most satisfying kills from her mines. The quickest of all engineers. If someone kills you, most of the time you'll get your revenge from the mines. My go-to merc.

9 Phoenix

Just for the healing pulse. The self-revive is used only if a sniper kills you from a long distance and cannot come to finish you off. Play offensive with him!

10 Thunder

Really would have been at the 5th position. He is just a better Rhino. He's faster than Rhino and also doesn't slow down using the big gun. Beware, the concussion grenades can blind you too. Don't worry about your teammates. They won't be affected that much, so throw that thing from the top in the Pump Controller room in the Underground map. Then kill all the scrubs like a boss!

The Contenders
11 Kira
12 Phantom

Just pure fun. He may not be helpful, but if you want to feel superior to the players on the other team, he is the one to use.

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