Best Gods in Crawl 1.0

Since my original list about the deities in this game, it has gone through many changes that change the meta and balance things out a lot more, as well as inadvertently buffing and nerfing the gods rough these changes.
The Top Ten
1 Odshan

He overtook Momot for two reasons. Odshan now has the best lineup of monsters after the worm tree became worse and the demon and possessed girl became better. As well as this, the slime buffs are amazing and greatly help when you are trying to trap your opponent.

2 Teok

Teok's monsters are better than before, with slight buffs to the gnome tree and demon tree. Her new ability is amazing as well, as her monsters are genuinely better than the others as now they move and charge attacks faster.

3 Momot

While the skeleton tree has become more usable, the spike worm is no longer stupidly strong. However, Momot's special power is much better than it was before. The ability to use spells more often and with higher damage is a great payoff to what is now a B-grade lineup of monsters.

4 Xophant

While his monsters are average (mushroom, which is amazing. Eyebat, which is good after the massive buff applied to the entire tree. And dark minion, probably the worst tree), his special ability is one of the best. You start off with 2 less agility, but 4 more strength. This allows you to last longer, as who needs to dodge when you can destroy things much faster?

5 Murkan

His monsters went from okay to good with the generally great fish tree. However, the biggest change is that the thief enchantment was buffed two or three times throughout the game. Now, instead of occasionally stealing one piece of gold, you occasionally steal three to five pieces. This change made Murkan a more than worthy god.

6 S'hrim

S'hrim is easily the god with the biggest buff out of anyone. His monsters are now passable, with the buffs to all three of them, and his ability isn't useless anymore. Now, instead of a 10% shop discount, it's a 20% one as well as starting off with 40 gold. He has become great.

7 Gor

His monsters are just okay, with only the demon really standing out. His once 10/10 ability has dropped down to an 8/10, as haemophilia is no longer as good. This is because, as well as Ghoul Eye, the favorite item for Gor being greatly nerfed, the item pool has increased, giving less chance of actually getting a blood item. He is still great.

8 Glub

While he didn't get any big changes to him (which is why he is lower, most gods became better), his abilities and monsters are still good, especially starting with a level 2 monster, which gives a constant 10 wrath advantage over everyone else.

9 Gholoth

He probably has my least favorite lineup of monsters. While the mushroom is amazing, the other two are simply okay. As well as this, the extra trap damage is fun, but rarely affects the game in a big way.

10 Chz

While his vampiric ring was slightly buffed, it came to my attention just how problematic the game can be while playing at half health. Early game is a nightmare as you die ridiculously fast and miss out on the first couple of cheap shops. From there, it can be hard to recover.

The Contenders
11 Crees
12 Qaahl

Just as before, Qaahl is easily the worst god in the game. It is quite perplexing that he was left unchanged when he was already one of the worst gods. His ability is the same, a terrible bow, which is definitely worse than the rusted sword.

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