Best Shovel Knight Stages

Shovel Knight is easily one of the best modern games I have played. A big part of this for me is the interesting design of every stage. This list will only include the main stages and none of the bonus, optional stages. Also, the Tower Of Fate - ???????? is not on the list as it is essentially a glorified boss arena without much other substance
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1 Flying Machine

Such a great level in every way. The boss is amazing, the level is a fair but grueling gauntlet with interesting enemies, perilous wind sections, and an extremely fun relic.

The music on this stage is also phenomenal. It's quite funny in the sense that it is some of the most relaxed music in the game, on a stage that has caused much rage in many people.

2 The Explodatorium

A fun chaotic area where it's less about dodging everything and more about perfectly managing your health because of the sheer insanity of the stage. The music encapsulates this perfectly, and the entire stage is rounded off with a fun fight that will definitely be entertaining for everyone who has played this long.

I love this stage. It's really crazy! Rats jump back and explode if you hit them, black bird-like creatures drop exploding potions from the sky, and then there is that weird bomb-chucking enemy.

It's just a very fun and creative level. Not to mention, the boss is epic and creative!

3 The Clockwork Tower

The overall theme and stage design are captivating. The several animated platforms, mechanical enemies, and tricks in this level keep you on top of your spade.

In addition, there is a comedic and unexpectedly challenging boss fight, which makes Tinker Knight my favorite member of the Order of No Quarter!

One of the best settings for a stage. It's just so much fun to bounce across clock gears as you dodge missiles, all while listening to music that is definitely reminiscent of the Metal Man stage in Mega Man 2.

This isn't even mentioning the great, hilarious boss at the end of the stage.

4 The Tower Of Fate - Ascent

A great final stage combining the gimmicks of all the other stages and creating an epic climb up to the conclusion. The boss at the end of the area is the most difficult thing on New Game+ and is an amazing surprise if you are playing blind.

5 The Iron Whale

I liked how it wasn't just a generic side-scrolling water level. You didn't really even have to swim, and if it wasn't for all of the water aesthetics, you'd forget you were even underwater.

While Plague Knight is my favorite character, Treasure Knight has the best stage.

The only stage in the game that I could describe as relaxing. There is just something so serene about the underwater environment and music. It has many memorable points, but the best has to be the angler fish.

6 The Tower Of Fate - Entrance

A great stage in general, with a great background and generally entertaining design. It is capped off with the most insane, fun, and amazing boss in the game.

Cool moving platform things, good music, good design, and the Black Knight boss fight at the end is the cherry on top.

7 The Lost City

The best stage in terms of how well animated everything is. The music is nice and atmospheric, and everything is just generally nicely thought out. The boss at the end is extremely complex - not that hard, but complex.

8 The Lich Yard

This is the point where the game really became something special. The music is extremely Castlevania-esque. The darkness mechanic is the single most terrifying thing in any platformer, and the boss is a ton of fun, as well as the first challenging aspect of the game.

9 Pridemoor Keep

The only issue I have with the stage is its simplicity. There is nothing of particular interest in it.

That said, the grandeur of the level, as well as the awesome feeling of storming the castle, is great and something that is usually saved for the endgame. As you can see, even average Shovel Knight stages have things going for them.

10 Plains Of Passage

One of the best first stages in gaming, introducing you to all of your abilities slowly as well as teaching you that your pogo is the best move in the game.

However, it is still the first stage, which can never compare to ones that come later in the game.

The Contenders
11 Hall of Champions

Very chill... and chilling. Rather than bouncing through platforming gauntlets, you just bounce around a light ball to kill some slow and weak ghosts.

The boss at the end is the most unique boss in the game, and the Kickstarter faces everywhere are cool to look at.

12 The Stranded Ship

A great area, but something about it stopped me from enjoying it as much.

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