Top 10 Worst Types of Gamers

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1 Cheaters

These people ruin online games a lot. If you want to cheat play singleplayer games so that way we don't have to notice your crap.

I've seen some people cheat in Mario Kart Wii.

2 PC Gamers

They mean the PC Master Race that thinks they are better than everyone else.

I'm a PC gamer and I don't think PC gamers are better than console gamers.

There's nothing wrong with playing on a PC.

3 Trashtalk Gamers

I find this offensive because I consider myself a trash talk gamer.

4 Trolls

In call of duty black ops one I always encounter a troll not reviving you if no zombies are around, using you as a human shield lots of other examples in that same game.

5 Perverts

Many games generally have a friendly community, but I have blocked one of these guys before. (In two years, I have only blocked three people, so that's saying something with how disgusted I was.)

6 League of Legends Gamers

Damn, these gamers know nothing else besides LoL. I have a friend who I want to play Robocraft with but however is busy with LoL that we did not play that game. Not to mention these people are the majority of the Trashtalk Gamers including the Call of Duty Gamers. It's real annoying if you want to play with them but these guys cancel just to play LoL. Not to mention if you live in South East Asia, These pricks don't even have a job, they just play 24/7.

7 Tech Gamers
8 Nintendo Gamers

Even though I am one myself, I am not the least bit surprised and I have no reason to complain. Nintendo kind of sucks nowadays (at least for me as they made like a million Mario games, most of them are pretty cool but some of them are just mediocre).

Seriously these are people with disabilities in the head. I mean would a normal person DDoS a website because he gave Breath of The Wild a 7/10. Of course not and these people have the nerve to defend Nintendo if they made a bad buissness move like making the Nintendo Swich just another gimmick laden mess.

9 Social Justice Warrior

Can we have ONE thing that isn't ruined by politics?

Social Justice Warriors should focus onto themselves instead of ruining any masterpiece work of art

10 Gamers Who Play Music Over Their Microphones

It's just really annoying because you can't hear your surroundings and it's especially annoying when your in a bad position in a stressful game of Call of Duty and you're the last teammate alive but while I do listen to music while I'm playing I don't play it over the mic.

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11 Spoiled Brats

Grow up! That's what I say to them

12 Sexists

I would like gender equality in gaming, or maybe even some Gay/lesbian characters in games

13 Let's Players
14 Salty People

These are the worst kind of people even in real life.

15 Minecraft Gamers

What's so bad about Minecraft gamers?

16 Call of Duty Gamers

It is mostly angry 8 year olds playing on the newer ones. Actually I find the trolls and jerks are more present in more modern games. I had a really good time playing with randoms in MW2 search and destroy. What I'm saying is Call of Duty fans have evolved in a bad way since ghosts.

17 Fortnite Haters

What's so bad about Fortnite gamers?

18 Sony Fanboys
19 Graphics Whores
20 Fortnite Fanboys
21 Sore Winners
22 Kingdom Hearts Fans

My friend is a Kingdom Hearts player and he is a total weeb, arguing that it's the best series and deserved GOTY 2018 despite the existence of Red Dead Redemption 2.

They should give up on that overrated Disney trash and get a life

23 Platform Fanboys
24 Total Noobs

We all used to be noobs and don't disagree because noobs is the term to describe someone that is new to sometging.

noob is a term to describe a player who is dumb, I have changed my Avatar on Roblox from Bacon to man with red hair to American tall boy, so I won't get bullied for having no Robux.

25 Uber-Virgin Tryhards

In games like Destiny 2, Call of Duty and, dare I say it, Fortnite and PUBG, everyone has dealt with the sweaty, overweight forty-year old man who's SO PROUD he's using every cheap tactic at once. Go ahead, try to win in a game.
These basement-dwelling a-holes will just show up and melt you with more OP glitches and combos than you can shake a stick at.
It just seems wrong that, in a server, you could have seven hobbyist gamers just looking to hang out and have fun, and one sweaty jerk who breathes into his mic and tells you your sexuality every time you MANAGE to kill him.

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