Top Ten Donkey Kong Country 2 Worlds

The Top Ten
1 Krazy Kremland

And the award to best world in Donkey Kong Country 2 goes to Krazy Kremland. This is actually my favourite world in the entire trilogy of DKC, surpassing the other champions Vine Valley and Cotton Top Cove. This world is just, so unique. Every single level is amazing and distinct from one another, partly thanks to the great layout of the world itself. There are actually two halves of this world, you've got the Amusement Park itself, which has got some of the more hectic levels, but you've also got the exterior of Kremland, housing a swamp and bee hives. Yes, Bee Hives. There are levels where you literally go inside of a beehive. How much more original can we get? The hive is by far one of the BEST themes in this entire series. Just the concept is enough to draw me in. And it sure wasn't wasted, as Hornet Hole and Rambi Rumble are some of the best levels in the game. And other levels are great too. Target Terror and Rickety Race takes the Minecart levels from DKC1, and actually makes ...more

Easily the greatest world in the entire DKC trilogy, Krazy Kremland is a BLAST of a theme park, where in one moment you're fighting against zingers, and the next you're riding a rollercoaster while fighting against enemies! And this world has the absolute FORTUNE to contain easily the greatest level in DKC history: Bramble Scramble! While Bramble Blast was an excellent enviroment level where you get shot in barrels, Bramble Blast improves by bringing the BEAUTIFUL night sky, even better enviroment and the PEACEFUL music! Add in that level with rollercoaster rides and zingers, and you get Krazy Kremland, the greatest world in DKC2 and possibly the entire trilogy.

2 Krem Quay

Krem Quay was so close to being my favourite world! It could've been my favourite world, but we'll get to why it isn't soon. Krem Quay is in my opinion, the world when the game takes a drastic step in difficulty. Sure it's not super difficult, but by the end of it, it gets quite hectic. First off, I love the Swamp theme. It's probably one of my favourite settings in any video game. The lush green, the water, it all feels so organic, and Barrel Bayou and Krockhead Klamber perfectly represent the swamp setting. And even though they're the only swamp levels in this world, all the other levels also have a green undertone to them. For example in Rattle Battle the sea is green, in Slime Climb and Glimmer's Galleon the background is dark green, and Bramble Blast is made up of vegetation. It's safe to say that this world is green, and every level looks aestethically pleasing, as green is my favourite colour. And all of the levels except Glimmer's Galleon are fun to play. Bramble Blast in ...more

3 Lost World

DKC2, unlike the first game, actually has a secret unlockable world. However, it's very interesting the way you get to it. You see, you can't traverse this map normally. Instead you need to pay Klubba, this guy, 15 kremcoins in every world he's in, and from there on, you can play one Lost World level, depending on from which world you're entering the Lost World. It's a unique way of incorporating a secret world, and for being a secret world, it's really good. One thing I love about the game is that in the original DKC1, you started your adventure in the jungle, and ended it on a pirate ship. In DKC2, you start your adventure in a pirate ship, and end it with a jungle world in the secret lost world, as two of the levels in this world are jungle-based. Jungle Jinx and Klobber Karnage are both pretty amazing! And Black Ice Battle is a great twist on the vertical level where you go downwards instead of upwards. Now sure, Fiery Furnace isn't very special for the Lost World, but it's ...more

4 Gloomy Gulch

Gloomy Gulch, for being the fifth world, is surprisingly small. While the other worlds after 2 had six levels in total, Gloomy Gulch only has five. However, for being relatively small in size, it makes up for level quality. The main theme of this world is of course, the enchanted forest, with the legendary Forest Interlude playing in the background. Ghostly Grove is a bit basic, but Gusty Glade and Web Woods truly exemplify how great DKC2 can be. The other two levels are..., interesting to say the least. Haunted Hall is the only level of its theme in this game, similarly to how Slipside Ride was the only ice cave level in DKC1. A haunted library with a roller coaster ride on it. It certainly fits the ghostly theme. I can't say the same for Parrot Chute Panic. I'll go more on how great the hive theme is, but it really does not fit the haunted world of Gloomy Gulch. It's good, better than Windy Well which puts Gloomy Gulch higher than K. Rool's Keep. However, this level, and the fact ...more

5 K. Rool's Keep

K. Rool's Keep is an interesting world. On the surface it seems to be a predominately castle-themed world, which is fitting, as this is the last full world excluding the secret world. But then you look at it and..., what the heck is going on. You've got some ice cavern at the bottom, then a castle, then another frozen mountaintop, and another castle on it? What the heck is going on? Either way, this world is pretty good, if not interesting. Castle levels isn't typically something you'd expect from a DK game. The first game did just fine without a stronghold, and even the third game didn't really implement castle levels. But the 2nd game did, and honestly it works really well. The castle levels have got a really omnimous theme to them. Castle Crush and Toxic Tower are both excellent and hectic levels, and Chainlink Chamber really allows you to immerse yourself with the enemy's stronghold. The other common theme in this world is the ice cave, surprisingly, and they're good too. I love ...more

6 The Flying Krock

The Flying Krock is similar to Gangplank Galleon in the original DKC, in that it's the final world where the final boss is fought, and it's a vehicle. The only difference? The Flying Krock actually also has a level to accompany? Yes, one level. Screech's Sprint. It's pretty good, nothing more. The highlight is of course the fight agianst Kaptain K. Rool, one of the greatest boss battles in the entire DKC trilogy. Everything about it improves on the original fight in the first game. It's far more epic, it's longer, and it's harder. The reason it's the third weakest on this list is for the same reason Gangplank Galleon was in its ranking, it's really just two levels. And while the two levels are great, it doesn't hold a stick the worlds with a higher quantity of quality levels. That said, the two levels are better than any level in Gangplank Galleon or Crocodile Cauldron, so that's why the Flying Krock stays in 6th place.

7 Gangplank Galleon

Gangplank Galleon is interesting as it was the last world in the original Donkey Kong Country, housing the final boss. And then in its sequel, Gangplank Galleon is the first world in the game. And it's probably the most consistent world you can get in a Donkey Kong Country game. All of the levels are pretty equal in quality, with no major stand-outs or bummers. They're all..., decent, that's about it. You've got the Pirate Deck levels which are pretty nice and calming, the Athletic Mast levels which gives an energy boost, and the underwater ship hold, Lockjaw's Locker, which is slightly below average compared to the other levels in this Pirate world, but it's alright. All of these levels are kind of basic, as part of the first world in the game and as a result, there isn't much to write about them. It's definitely a decent first world, and a kind of unique one, as we don't really see Pirate Ships being the introduction worlds in games these days, but it should be obvious why it's so ...more

8 Crocodile Cauldron

In last place on this ranking, we have Crocodile Cauldron, the only world I kind of don't like in Donkey Kong Country 2. Don't get me wrong, it has its perks, but overall, I've just never really enjoyed this world. No matter how many times I replay DKC2, I always dread when I reach Crocodile Cauldron, and that's not really a good thing, as it's only the second world in the game. Yes that's right, a Lava world at the start of the game. Take notes Mario. Anyways, I've never liked the volcano theme in any game series. Volcanoes means lava, and lava means bright red scenery, and it doesn't really invoke any feeling in me. Lava destroys beauty, and it's kind of evident in these levels. It's not an all bad world. Hot Head Hop and Squawk's Shaft are great levels, especially the latter. Their level design is good enough. However, the other three levels are very eh. Lava Lagoon is a water level but you need to make sure the temperature is cool enough that it doesn't boil your skin off, and ...more