Best Command and Conquer 3 Scrin Units

The third and final faction in Command and Conquer 3 is the Scrin, a mysterious alien species that sought to invade Earth to launch a Tiberium mining operation. The Scrin is more unique compared to the first two factions in that they have a more powerful air force (they have Devastators and Carriers), their infantry are completely immune to Tiberium and can heal in it, and they can store an infinite amount of Tiberium unlike Nod and GDI which gives them an edge in terms of economy. Their early game is somewhat weaker than Nod and GDI but they also have some of the strongest late game units, such as these that I'm about to rank.
The Top Ten
1 Annihilator Tripod

To compensate for their relatively weaker early game vehicles, the Scrin has one of the strongest mechas in the game and that is none other than the Annihilator Tripod. This behemoth packs a terrifying punch in the form of its three laser arms mounted on its top, which allows it to engage multiple targets at once. They are also quiet fast for a heavy walker and can fire on the move! This allows them to chase slow vehicles like Juggernauts or kite enemy units. Another special ability is that they can EMP vehicles and structures if they manage to close in on them, which can be useful in disabling Epic Units or important structures like Nod Tiberium Chemical Plants or GDI Space Command Uplinks, which house very dangerous support powers. They are very expensive however and are less durable than the Mammoth or Avatar but can be upgraded with Shields to increase their staying power and the Scrin's strong economy sort of negates the high resource cost but Commandos and aircraft can still bring them down very easily since they lack any good counters against them.

2 Eradicator Hexapod

Compared to the other two Epic Units, the Eradicator's special ability is arguably less useful since it merely generates extra cash when a nearby unit dies (considering the Scrin's robust economy). Nevertheless, it is very practical since it can double as a secondary income. In Kane's Wrath, Tiberium spike income is cut in half, and the increased cost of refineries makes it imperative that you would want to pay back some of the value spent by killing enemy units. More often than not, if you have no other forms of income in your possession but still have the hexapod, it's your only hope of gaining any cash. Its main advantage over the other two units is that it can be one of the hardest to kill because it can be phased when it is in danger, be teleported by Masterminds in and cause havoc or be moved out of harm's way, and can be continuously healed by corrupters, increasing its longevity. The Eradicator beats the MARV in a one-on-one but loses to the Redeemer, and it is in between in terms of armor and garrison slots (3). Frequently used garrisons include disintegrators and shock troopers.

3 Devastator Warship

The Devastator reigns supreme as an anti-surface spaceship. Its photo discs will quickly level structures and easily kill enemy infantry due to its high damage. However, it is fairly ineffective against vehicles. Like the Juggernaut, it requires Tier 3, but it costs 2400 (compared to the Juggernaut's 2200) and deals more damage. It is generally more accurate because the discs hit all targets in a straight line, unlike the Juggernaut's spread-out and unpredictable splash damage. Additionally, the Devastator moves faster, can evade ground-only attacks, and its durability can be upgraded with force fields. It lacks any anti-air capabilities, so air units like Firehawks, Venoms, and Stormriders can easily take it down. Fast anti-air units like Stealth Tanks and Slingshots can also avoid its slow-moving discs and use their high anti-air damage to quickly eliminate it.

4 Cultist

The Cultist is available only to Traveler-59 but it's the unit that makes T-59 such an overpowered faction with good micromanagement. Cultists have the ability to mind-control a unit (save for Commandos, aircraft, Epic Units, and other Cultists, all of which are good counters against them), this compensates their lack of weapons and with Advanced Articulators, they can dive into enemy columns, mind control a unit (preferably a strong one like a Mammoth or a Juggernaut) to do some damage to the enemy, force them to auto-kill it, and quickly run away. Cultists have no attack and must be kept alive at all costs since they are rather pricey as well but unlike the Mastermind, they can be trained in large numbers allowing them and the Traveler-59 subfaction to be a force to be reckoned with.

5 Prodigy

In addition to its terrifying Cultists, Traveler-59 also has access to a much more dangerous version of the Mastermind, the Prodigy. This unit, like the Cultists can mind control enemy units but can also control structures like Mastermind. This means it can sneak into the enemy's base, mind control an important structure and force a sell-off, earning some cash for the Prodigy's commander. Another feature of the Prodigy is that it can mind control multiple units in a small area (albeit for a short period only), which can throw an densely packed advancing enemy column into disarray and can teleport by itself to, giving it excellent mobility and it can also teleport other units to it's side, allowing for quick relocation of units across the battlefield or saving a badly damaged unit like the Eradicator from certain doom. That being said it lacks defense weapons and is highly vulnerable to anti-infantry units like Commandos, which it cannot mind-control.

6 Shock Trooper

Shock Troopers are the Scrin's primary infantry unit throughout most of the game. The Buzzers are useful for scouting and anti-infantry purposes, but not much else, while Disintegrators are cheap and can be rushed early. However, they often become less useful in the mid-late game due to their squishiness and lack of mobility (unless you're playing Traveler-59). On the other hand, Shock Troopers are incredibly mobile with their blink packs and advanced articulators. They are also well armored for a unit that costs only 800. Equipped with plasma launchers, they become super effective against nearly all targets, including aircraft and infantry. Moreover, they are incredibly versatile. Like all Scrin infantry, they can heal in Tiberium, making them good for guarding Tiberium fields or chasing weakened units that try to cross them.

7 Corrupter

The Corrupter is perhaps one of the Scrin's most valuable assets. Apart from being an anti-infantry and anti-structure vehicle, it can also heal friendly Scrin units simply by force-firing on them (it sprays Tiberium liquid as a weapon), enemy Scrin units will take damage. This healing ability makes it function like sort of a combat medic, damaged vehicles (including infantry) can be pulled back, healed by a nearby corrupter, and quickly be sent back into battle, negating the need to return to a Warp Sphere just to get repairs. Corrupters are often used to support Eradicator Hexapods as their healing can stack, allowing to Hexapod to be almost indestructible. Obviously a smart commander would have to target the Corrupters first due to their healing ability but with units to guard their flanks, the Corrupters should remain safe.

8 Planetary Assault Carrier
9 Gun Walker

Compared to Buzzers, the Gun Walker is much better in the anti-infantry role thanks to it's stronger armor but the benefits don't end there, it is much superior to the Seeker in taking down aircraft due to it's better rate of fire and more importantly it can crush infantry so if it's getting overwhelmed it can simply charge through. It can be upgraded with Attenuated Forcefields for increased protection and at 700 it can easily be spammed and moves quite fast for it's size.

10 Mechapede

The Mechapede is one of Scrin's more unusual units because it has the unique ability to spawn segments (up to 8). Each segment deals differing types of damage depending on the type. This gives the Mechapede a jack-of-all-trades role. Mechapedes, with their fast speed are often used to harass enemy expansions and provide scouting information and while their segments can easily be destroyed they can be replaced quiet easily, making it imperative to target the head to kill them.

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