Top 10 Best For Honor Heroes

If you've been battling your way through the fierce and often brutal world of For Honor, where every choice you make on the battlefield matters, you know the exhilaration of a well-timed strike, the satisfaction of a perfectly executed block, and the sting of defeat when a fight doesn't go your way. You've experimented with different heroes, each one offering a unique blend of attributes that can turn the tide of battle.

In the world of For Honor, not all heroes are created equal. Some are masters of speed and agility, while others possess brute strength that can overwhelm opponents. Certain heroes excel in defensive tactics, using shields and armor to withstand enemy blows. Others might be all about offense, wielding massive weapons that can crush foes in a single strike. The best heroes often have a blend of these traits, with versatility that allows them to adapt to any combat situation.
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1 Orochi

These are the best and yet most difficult of all the samurai classes. These heroes can find multiple weaknesses to hit you in many different ways until you are down for the count and most likely dead.

Orochi, quick when you think you have a hit, his deflects are so punishing, you will cry for mercy. The ultimate light warrior.

2 Nobushi

Quite the unusual one of the hybrids, having a good range attack to trap the enemy in your sights of almost certainly a guaranteed kill.

3 Lawbringer

The highest and perhaps the best of the knights, with a great thrusting attack.

He's trash, but he's also the coolest character as far as design goes.

Very versatile and well-styled hero who has amazing parries.

4 Warlord

Overpowered. Love this character. Honestly, I always win with this character for some reason. It's either I'm good at using the keyboard, or this character is good, but it could be both!

Besides the Warden being very balanced, so are the Warlords, but a lot better. Only a lot heavier to use.

5 Kensei

Yes, the samurai with the most dangerous long attack of all of them if you try to cower away from his clutches.

One of the deadliest ranges, good health, good damage, decent guard break, good attack speed, versatile moveset, decent guard, okay dodge. Kensei has them all. Very underrated.

6 Berserker

They do not call him one for a reason. Most ruthless savages of the Vikings, watch out. Otherwise, prepare to be considered dead meat in their path to glory.

7 Warden

The generic knight soldier who is balanced when used correctly.

8 Peacekeeper

The one silent knight that keeps peace with her dual blades doing the dancing.

9 Centurion

When the first DLC came out, Centurion and Shinobi were the new characters. Shinobi was okay to deal with, but Centurion was a whole different story. His combo games are so good when he lands a hit that it felt like he was the only character in the game with a near-unstoppable 100% combo.

I've been playing from the start and have been decent/good at the game, but I literally had to quit because of the number of unfair games I've had against him. Coming back around the Gladiator DLC, he had been nerfed quite a lot. However, after I got him, it felt like easy mode, and it was so easy thrashing everyone. If you get 15,000 credits, buy him straight away for a really fun and overpowered time.

10 Conqueror
The Contenders
11 Shinobi

Parry his attacks, he is dead. Counter his guard break, he is dead. But he's so cool-looking I want to use him.

12 Raider

No, not the football team, these barbaric-like dudes with giant axes at their disposal of attack.

13 Shugoki
14 Black Prior

A new and awesome addition to For Honor.

15 Valkyrie

Stay away from this warrior. Otherwise, prepare to be speared in the gut.

16 Shaman
17 HighLander
18 Gladiator
19 Shaolin
20 Aramusha
21 Warmonger
22 Hulda
23 Tiandi
24 Hitokiri
25 Jiang Jun
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