Top 10 Worst Things About the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime

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1 The Animation

The animation style sucks. They made Ash look more like a ten year old, but why bother? He always looked like he was 13 to 16 to begin with, so why did they have to ruin it. I hate how they went back 24 frames per second instead of 30 per second, and the sight gags and wacky faces are just awful. If it were up to me, I would have kept the XY style onward.

First of all, I agree, second of all, there are 2 characters who are almost naked, third of all, their reaction looks fake, forth of all, I don't even understand why Lillie is afraid of pokemons (I know why but still don't get it), fifth of all, I'm afraid that the island is going to be washed by Tsunami, sixth of all, this is my thought 'why is Ash the ONLY person who gets a chance to be the chosen one from the legendary pokemon or even get to CATCH IT (I don't know if he did), last of all, I stopped being pokemon fan and threw all my 3DS in the trash because of the surprise of how CUTE Ash looks (why am I saying this... )in the first episode (I meant in the 2018 movie)

2 It's Not as Good as XY/XY&Z

I'm probably the only one who did not like XY/XYZ at all. Ash was not intresting to sit through.
Serena was nothing but an annoying wishfulfillment (She still is). The only good ones are Clemont and Bonnie but even they get shoved to the sidelines for how amazing Ash and Serena are. Even the battles felt flat and have zero suspense in them. Yea the Art was good but the animation was just meh. And the Team flare arc? Edgy for the sake of being Edgy and to show off on how cool they are at everything with zero struggles is not good writing if you ask me. Even Black and White was better. ( let the hate begin)

XY/XYZ had wayy better animation and for once ash and the others looked like they had grown up, my first look at sun and moon I was horrified, but I thought maybe the story is good or the battles but nooo, literally XYZ had it all, amazing fight scenes (ash greninja! ) ash was actually a smart battler then, he didn't look like he is 8 years old and it was wayy less childish and that's what was amazing about it. It was unpredictable, the battles could compare with other animes like one punch, Tokyo ghoul or 7 deadly sins. I'm just very dissapointed overall with that they did my favourite anime, not my favorite anymore and I can't wait till sun and moon ends

3 Filler

As a consequence of replacing the games' storyline with the Pokemon School, there were more fillers than any other series in the Pokemon Anime. In fact, all of season 1 of this series is purely filler.

All seasons have fillers... S/M didn't even have that many fillers compared to AG or even XY (not XY&Z, that had fillers too but less) or Johto (while I find it a bit underrated, it did have many fillers), just because the region is a tropical island which you'd typically go for in vacation and "Pokemon School" (which isn't even an actual school by the way, it's more a "have fun with Pokemons and friends club" just like every other main group) doesn't mean it's filler.

This entire season is pure filler just like the Orange Island adventures.

4 Bad Fight Scenes

It's because battling isn't the main aspect of this series. I personally prefer to see characters and Pokemon interact than battles, so it's fine but it's all a matter of taste. But for those who prefer battling, do they seriously think the OS-AG battles were good? Aside from a few ones, these battles were pretty bad and felt like Ash had to win just because he had to win. He didn't even win half of his Kanto badges by battling. S/M had some pretty bad battles as well (the Hapu one was a little exaggerated, and even so it's just like Brock's) but every series had its bad battles.

The fight scenes are terrible, too short, and super predictable. Unlike Pokemon xyz, which had good action in which the outcome was very surprising at times, Pokemon Sun and Moon has action that is the exact opposite. Watching chaotic scenes of pokemon bashing into one another isn't exciting anymore.

5 Team Rocket Beating Pikachu

I've seen more positive responses than negative actually. I know TR got Pokemons that were presented as strong and turned them into incapables like Seviper, but here Mimikyu pretty much lets its hatred of Pikachu drive it and didn't really obey to Jessie. Plus it was pretty refreshing to see TR win for once. And just because they aren't the brightest doesn't mean they can't win. Ash is pretty much an idiot and yet gets high ranking in every league he's participated in by beating smart people like Katie.

A lot of people were actually happy about this? Team Rocket actually does something right for once.

I personally hated this there is no way Pikachu could lose to these idiots.

6 Ash Beats Everyone but is Stupid

You've got to be kidding me. Obviously we know that Satoshi/Ash is going to win at some point but I think the battles are starting to become much better. I believe the writers are starting to balance losing and winning more. Satoshi's fight against Nanu is a great example; instead of losing because his Pokemon didn't have the brutal strength to beat him, Nanu really did test the bond between him and his Pokemon. There was the fact that Satoshi could not completely bond with Lycanroc due to the fact of its prideful attitude (gets angry when dirty), Nanu took advantage of this and pressured him through this, unraveling Satoshi's battle strategy and completely crushing him. That's an example of a battle that wasn't just two pokemon bashing each other; it was really enjoyable to watch Ash and his pokemon grow through this.

Ash had never been the brightest and he always ends up beating everyone, but not always at first try which I assume this is what you mean. But he didn't beat Nanu at first try and this battle was way more interesting and engaging than just seeing Pokemon battle for the sake of battling.

7 The Lack of Humor

Well humour is subjective. But hold on not only the Bewear gag is not the only humour in the show, but do people seriously think the other seasons were any "better", humour-wise? The often used, long Jigglypuff gag that sometimes took the protagonists away from an interesting situation was any better? Misty behaving like a c * nt was better? And the blasting off gag doesn't get nearly as much flak despite being essentially the same thing. People just like to hate nowadays.

Well, I actually thought the Bewear tackling Team Rocket and carrying them off was pretty funny.

8 No Serena

Didn't like her much anyway, "Ash this Ash that Ash Ash Ash" shut up Serena, I didn't come here for the bloody shipping. Her crush was way too forced and she was boring compared to other female characters in the anime. Plus, while I don't hold it against the character herself at all, her fans are so annoying. Get the h ell over her and stop bashing all the other characters.

I was watching sun and moon since the first episode it was so stupid. all the characters are weird and I hate ash even more. I'm only watching it because misty brock and possibly serena might come back. This is garbage

I don't really care that Serena isn't in the Sun & Moon anime. I didn't even expect her to be in it in the first place cause every female traveling companion comes and goes.

9 No Misty

20 years later they're still whining about their abusive, annoying, undeveloped, boring and pointless waifu to come back? Seriously? Also, she DID come back, TWICE, when Iris or Serena should have (I don't even like Serena but the tradition of every female companion coming back, and Iris deserves her cameo more) Misty always gets all the cameos and even more in this season. You're bashing the wrong one sweeties, actually don't bash anything just stay in filler hell watching this brat abuse everyone if you like her so much.

Misty and Brock's return are the only reason I'm still watching the Pokemon Sun and Moon series, they have done very little so far to keep me invested.

As I said 10 years ago Misty should of never been taken out.

10 The Awful Voice Acting

People always complain about the voice acting.

In the Japanese version, some feel that the voice actors overreact. Lillie, Suiren/Lana, Mao/Mallow, and Mamane/Sophocles sound too high-pitched. Mao also sounds stressed out even when she's happy or relaxed. Every single female character, aside from Lusamine, Lychee/Olivia, and Burnet, sounds squeaky and high-pitched. However, that's the case with every anime.

As for the English voices, they sometimes feel too monotonous, skip important parts of dialogue, or have errors. But, again, this happens in many animes, and the Pokemon series is no exception. The important parts that were removed include the whole story of the first movie (which everyone worships; the Japanese version is good, but the dub is a literal massacre) and the addition of meaningless ship moments between two 10-year-olds, including one who was very abusive to the other (Ash and Misty). The mistakes include "Both of Ash's Pokemon are Water types, and they are totally weak against Fire types!" and "It's thanks to Scyther and Pidgeot that [Ash] managed the Johto Gym challenge!" Also, "Which of these Pokemon evolves into Seviper? If you chose Arbok, you were right!" So, I'm guessing that you hate every anime. The voice acting (of the dub) has been the same since D/P, so why are you singling out S/M as a reason to be hated?

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11 Pikachu Beating Hariyama

I can't just stand these two stupid Ashtards (commented before me, Rue and Heavydonkeykong )
They seem to be everywhere trying to make it sound cool that 'hey look! We aren't following the herd' type attitude. But they sound as annoying as the ones they are commenting against.
It's not about winning or losing.
Pikachu beating a rock type or stronger pokemon and then struggling to win (or even losing) against a weaker/inexperienced pokemon is what people are complaining about.
Its sound as dumb as if world's best cook can't remember how to boil water.

And you would bash Pikachu and Ash if they lost. Pokemon fans are never satisfied regardless if Pikachu and Ash do very well and not lose.

Pikachu is the mascot. So he can beat anything. But Ash's gullible fanservice is also needed so Pikachu will also lose to anything..

12 Ash is in School

Easily the biggest problem. It removes the adventure aspect of the show, which is one of the biggests appeals for me. Sure, sometimes they go somewhere, but the fact they always go back to school in the end ruins it. Imagine if in, I don't know, lord of rings every night they walked back to where they started and started again the next day from scratch and most days they don't go anywhere. That's not interesting from an adventure standpoint. Plus the bad action, animation, lack of quality character development, and comedy all pile up to one bad show. Really disappointed. I went into this show ignoring the animation and was pretty excited for some new pokemon but this is just bad. I have no idea what they were thinking when they made this train wreck. 0/10

I agree that this has really change Pokemon for the worse. It is like watching a parallel universe of Ash where he has lost all of the experience and knowledge he gained through his travels. I miss the amazing strategies he use to display during his battles. I do like the Pokemon he befriends in this series and some of the humor. It was also the first time ever I saw a Pokemon die

13 Team Rocket Returns

I do agree that Team Rocket gets a lot of exposure compared to other evil teams, but it's mostly due to Jessie, James and Meowth, the rest of TR doesn't get that much time so I don't get why it's a big deal. Didn't people whine about Giovanni, Matori, Cassidy and Butch (plus grunts and other members) not appearing anymore and when Matori and other TR members return, they complain as well.

14 No Female Goals

They aren't even traveling yet. Give the show some more time. I theorize the school thing is happening because if Ash was traveling, the anime would end too quickly. They need to to buffer it out until the next generation.

Serena didn't have a go at first either. But well then eventually does. Well then it has only been fourteen episodes so please give it some time lolol.

They do? Mallow wanted to make her cafeteria the best in Alola, Lana wanted to see the ocean with her Pokemon and Lillie had different goals following her development, first she wanted to be able to touch Pokemons, then to befriend as many Pokemons as she could, then wake Magearna and find her father. Your precious Serena took way more time to find a goal, lmao.

15 No Gym Battles

How is that a bad thing? Gym Battles were getting a bit stale. Besides this is from the game, there is no Gym in Alola and it was nice breaking the formula after 20 years. Don't a lot of people love Orange Islands because it changed things up? Or is it because of the word Gym, or because of nostalgia goggles?

It makes it hard to know who can enter the alola league if Sun and Moon anime will have a league like all the other main seasons.

16 No Dawn
17 Lillie Sucks

Why? People usually don't give reasons except "she su cks" or "she's stupid and ugly"... She's shown to be able to be quite smart at times (from memory, the only time she acted stupid was when she went at the Altar of the Sunne with Gladion and she activated the traps), she knows many things about Pokemon and other things. Being "ugly" isn't a reason to hate a character and "she su cks" without an explanation isn't, either.

Even though I hate serena. She is a lot better than this ugly alien

18 No Ash's Eevee

I hate Gary, May, Serena and Gladion too! How DARE they steal an Eevee that Ash wanted so much! What a bunch of worthless thieves! They should all have their Pokemon taken away from them!

What? "These Eevees weren't set up to go with Ash, Ash didn't care for the Eevees nor did the Eevees care for Ash so it's completely stupid to hate them over this"?

YOU'RE RIGHT, MY FRIEND. So why the heck do you keep bashing Lana for getting one under the EXACT SAME CIRCUMSTANCES?! That's plain stupid!

(By the way, I know sarcasm is hard to pick up via text, so just in case the first paragraph was complete sarcasm. Just in case).

After episode 89, Pokemon Company post a poster that seems that eevee is infront of Ash. Everybody thought It's Ash's. But In episode 99, Eevee is caught by Lana by using Dive ball. This is my worst things that pokemon company trick me. I hope Lana will have bad time! and DUMB ASH Also!

19 Ash Didn't Bring Charizard to Alola

Ah, Charizard. After Alain's undefeatable Charizard, and Red's, and even Kiawe had one, do we really need more Charizard fanservice? Do we REALLY? And Ash's Charizard? You really want it to come back for facing an epic opponent... for 2 seconds... in the hecking opening, and doing nothing in the actual show (sounds familiar? this is exactly how its last comeback went)? I'd rather it stays where it is.

20 Stupid Style

The stylization for this series sucks. I really don't like the ugly faces, the terrible rendition of Ash, and the side characters are all poorly drawn.

It hurts my eyes. The hair looks weird.

For me this art style is ugly!

21 Ash Only Has Two Pokemon So Far

What is his rush? He's not going out on adventure as of right now.

He always takes a while to catch new ones in my opinion.

It's a good thing it wasn't rushed. He can't get six Pokemons in 10 episodes.

22 Ash Suddenly Became Inexperienced Again

Ash never really keeps all his knowledge from past journeys. And besides that he isn't really incompetent, he won most of the matches he took part in including the League. Just because he gets excited at many new things (he ALWAYS does that, by the way) doesn't mean he became his season 1 self again. Do you even watch before hating?

It is frustrating considering the power ash possessed in Kalos. However I still really like the second season of the sun and moon anime. The first has no direction and is 90% filler

He actually won the league in Season 22. Fans got their wish. I'm so surprised Ash beat Guzma...

23 Ash Twerking

You're twisting the truth a bit here. Ash was helping Rockruff with its training. Yeah that one shot wasn't really necessary but it was literally something that was in only one episode for like 30 seconds. This is just cherry picking reasons to hate.

We don't talk about that

24 It's on Disney XD Disney XD is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.

Disney for some reason is taking forever to release the dub. Isn't the dub supposed to be out when there are 10 episodes already aired in Japan?

It took forever just to get episode 3 dubbed. Like, what the hell Disney?

25 Ash Being Stupid
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