Top 10 Worst Things About the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime

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1 The Animation

The animation style sucks. They made Ash look more like a ten-year-old, but why bother? He always looked like he was 13 to 16 to begin with, so why did they have to ruin it? I hate how they went back to 24 frames per second instead of 30, and the sight gags and wacky faces are just awful. If it were up to me, I would have kept the XY style onward.

First of all, I agree. Second of all, there are two characters who are almost naked. Third of all, their reactions look fake. Fourth of all, I don't even understand why Lillie is afraid of Pokemon (I know why but still don't get it). Fifth of all, I'm afraid that the island is going to be washed by a tsunami. Sixth of all, this is my thought: why is Ash the ONLY person who gets a chance to be the chosen one from the legendary Pokemon or even get to catch it (I don't know if he did)?

Last of all, I stopped being a Pokemon fan and threw all my 3DS games in the trash because of the surprise of how cute Ash looks (why am I saying this...) in the first episode (I meant in the 2018 movie).

2 It's Not as Good as XY/XY&Z

XY/XYZ had much better animation, and for once Ash and the others looked like they had grown up. My first look at Sun and Moon horrified me, but I thought maybe the story or the battles would be good. But no, XYZ had it all: amazing fight scenes (Ash-Greninja!), Ash being a smart battler, and a less childish tone. The battles were unpredictable and could compare with other animes like One Punch Man, Tokyo Ghoul, or Seven Deadly Sins. I'm very disappointed with what they did to my favorite anime. It's not my favorite anymore, and I can't wait till Sun and Moon ends.

3 Filler

As a consequence of replacing the games' storyline with the Pokémon School, there were more fillers than in any other series in the Pokémon anime. In fact, all of season 1 of this series is purely filler.

This entire season is pure filler, just like the Orange Island adventures.

The fillers in SM suck so bad. They're boring. And people seriously claimed XY's fillers were bad...

4 Bad Fight Scenes

The fight scenes are terrible, too short, and super predictable. Unlike Pokémon XYZ, which had good action with surprising outcomes at times, Pokémon Sun and Moon has action that is the exact opposite. Watching chaotic scenes of Pokémon bashing into one another isn't exciting anymore.

The fight scenes look great when they happen, but the problem is that there aren't enough, and they are very short. I think Ash's battles with Hala and Totem Gumshoos are the only ones that were not interrupted.

5 Team Rocket Beating Pikachu

I personally hated this. There is no way Pikachu could lose to these idiots.

6 Ash Beats Everyone but is Stupid

Ash has never been the brightest and always ends up beating everyone, but not always on the first try. He didn't beat Nanu on the first try, and this battle was more interesting and engaging than just seeing Pokémon battle for the sake of battling.

I would have preferred if Ash kept his intelligence from Diamond and Pearl and XY and dialed down his immaturity.

7 The Lack of Humor
8 No Serena

I mean, come on, it's not like 10-year-olds really watch Pokémon. They could at least bring back Serena so that she could date Ash.

9 No Misty

Misty and Brock's return is the only reason I'm still watching the Pokémon Sun and Moon series. They have done very little so far to keep me invested.

As I said 10 years ago, Misty should have never been taken out.

Misty finally returns. Hallelujah.

10 The Awful Voice Acting

I think the original Japanese voice actors did a much better job than 4Kids.

Please change the voice actor for Ash. His voice sounds off.

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11 Pikachu Beating Hariyama

Pikachu is the mascot, so he can beat anything. But Ash's gullible fan service is also needed, so Pikachu will also lose to anything.

12 Ash is in School

Easily the biggest problem. It removes the adventure aspect of the show, which is one of the biggest appeals for me.

Sure, sometimes they go somewhere, but the fact they always go back to school in the end ruins it. Imagine if, in, I don't know, Lord of the Rings, every night they walked back to where they started and began again the next day from scratch. Most days they don't go anywhere. That's not interesting from an adventure standpoint.

Plus, the bad action, animation, lack of quality character development, and comedy all pile up to one bad show. Really disappointed. I went into this show ignoring the animation and was pretty excited for some new Pokemon, but this is just bad. I have no idea what they were thinking when they made this train wreck. 0/10

13 Team Rocket Returns
14 No Female Goals
15 No Gym Battles

It makes it hard to know who can enter the Alola League if the Sun and Moon anime will have a league like all the other main seasons.

16 No Dawn
17 Lillie Sucks

Even though I hate Serena, she is a lot better than this ugly alien.

18 No Ash's Eevee

After episode 89, the Pokémon Company posted a poster that made it seem like Eevee would be with Ash. Everyone thought it was Ash's. But in episode 99, Eevee is caught by Lana using a Dive Ball. This is the worst thing. The Pokémon Company tricked me. I hope Lana will have a bad time, and dumb Ash too!

19 Ash Didn't Bring Charizard to Alola
20 Stupid Style

The stylization for this series sucks. I really don't like the ugly faces, the terrible rendition of Ash, and the side characters are all poorly drawn.

It hurts my eyes. The hair looks weird.

21 Ash Only Has Two Pokemon So Far

He always takes a while to catch new ones, in my opinion.

22 Ash Suddenly Became Inexperienced Again

It is frustrating considering the power Ash possessed in Kalos. However, I still really like the second season of the Sun and Moon anime. The first has no direction and is 90% filler.

He actually won the league in Season 22. Fans got their wish. I'm so surprised Ash beat Guzma.

23 Ash Twerking
24 It's on Disney XD Disney XD is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.

Disney, for some reason, is taking forever to release the dub. Isn't the dub supposed to be out when there are 10 episodes already aired in Japan?

It took forever just to get episode 3 dubbed. Like, what the hell, Disney?

25 Ash Being Stupid
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