Top 10 Best Fortnite Battle Royale Players

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1 Ninja

Not a popularity vote. Not even my favorite streamer. But I've seen a ton of his highlights and a ton of highlights from Tfue and Myth and Daq, and Ninja is quite clearly the best well rounded player. Whether it's shotguns, sniping, building, editing, Ninja's aim and quick decision making rank him number one in my book. And yes I'm aware that Tfue beat him in a 1v1 before, but that doesn't mean as much as everyone thinks. There's a reason why every major competition has multiple rounds to determine a winner. Stanley cup play offs is best of 7, mma fights have multiple rounds, and will still usually do a best of three fights for major competitors. Ninja was not even aware who he has fighting, so until they do a best of three I think you all should stop placing so much weight on that brief encounter.

In my opinion, so far he has been an excellent player, won in the Las Vegas Video Game Tournament and also mastering his own PC and a skin of his own by Epic Games. All round player, and I am a fan...some might say TheMyth but just being the god at building doesn't make him the best. He has around 100-500 Battle Royales, ( I think) and so far has 10 Million youtube subscribers.

Back when it was season 3, Ninja was all time the best with about 873 wins, I'm not so sure, but now in my opinion I think overtime Tfue had started getting better at the game just a tiny bit, but overall Ninja is always gonna be number 1 because he was so talented at the game and is one of the best streamers yet!

I think Ninja is the best player because he will build really fast to stop your shots and then shoot in the quickest and most unexpected times in the middle of you building, no matter how fast you are at building. this is what separates ninja from anyone else.

2 FaZe TFue

Tfue has some of the most creative and most inventive plays that there have been made in the battle royale franchise so far. There are players with better stats, but it is only about the way in which you play, not about how many noobs you have squished inside of the game for the win. Tfue does what no other streamer can, I focus my playstyle towards him as well as Dakotaz. Overall, he has to be at least third on the list, I think anything lower than even 2nd would be a serious overlooking of his skill

Voting without bias to your favorite Twitch streamer, this guy is easily the best player in the game. While his peeking strategy may be controversial to some, he has simply optimized the way he plays the game, wins every single fight even when he is being overwhelmed 4+ to 1.

The first twitch streamer I watched was Ninja and for the longest time I thought Ninja and Myth were the undisputed best Fortnite players, boy was I wrong. Tfue is incredible at the game, I think he's won like 4 Friday Fortnite tournaments to date (July 8, 2018) and just won another 20k tournament. Tfue (and his teammate Cloak) are the Golden State Warriors of Fortnite!

True is the best at everything in Fortnite. His building is the cleanest, aim is perfect, edits are crazy, strats are great. He has way better results in tournaments than everyone else. Only extreme Ninja fans think Ninja is the best. Tfue is not my favorite content creator but he stands out as a fortnite player. He has hit more no scopes without reacting than Ninja and Myth combined will hit in their life.

3 Daequan

Super entertaining, a true twitch streamer in my opinion. He is what I like to call "the shotgun god" going quad heavy shotgun and destroying players, Daequan is outstanding. The only thing I can think of, is that he has died loads of times In 1 v 1 situation simply because he got too cocky.

People just see him as a comedic streamer, but he's so much more. He's clearly the best user with shotguns in all of Fortnite. He never fails to hit his shots and 90% of his shots are to the head. If you don't know this guy, then watch a couple of his streams, you won't regret it

He is an extreamly agressive player and his videos are always action packed with fights, usually ending in a victory royale. He is good with whatever he picks up, and tried out different weapon combonations, says him to set the meta. An all around great player deserving of number 1.

Best videos I have ever seen, he makes them very fun with his great sense of humor, and his aggressive play style.

4 Nick Eh 30

He is a really great guy all around, and him being family friendly is a big plus for me. But he is also crazy fast at builds and edits. Ninja said that he started editing because he saw Nick Eh 30's edits.

One of the greatest players and such a positive person. Can turn a bad day into a great one just by watching his stream. Very inspirational to see such positivity.

He is definitely the best editor in the game no question. He might possibly also have the best building in general. Ninja may be popular but nick eh 30 is the best player so far in my opinion

As good or at least nearly as good at building as myth. Best editor. Will edit through his walls to get the kill when no one sees it coming

5 TheMyth

Myth is a very funny casual nice streamer. Known by most as the fastest builder in the game. He very rarely loses build battles as he can build at the speed of light and as we all know, Fortnite is not a combat focused game, it is a game based on outbuilding the opponent and if you can do that you will probably win the fight.

Ninja shouldn't be number one, all he does is spam build. Sure he has got good aim, but in a game were building is everything, and you have to spam, that won't help. Ninja even admitted at his own tournament, "I can't do build battles like that, I would just go to the bottom and shoot it down." Myth would easily outplay Ninja because Myth actually knows how to build. All the fanboys of Ninja just voted him. GG Ninja

Extreme at building. Also fabulous at sniping. HE IS THE MYTH! He should at least come second place because he's not 'great' at landing and looting. But he could be the best at lightning building.

By far most skilled builder in the Game. Also this is a young gamer stepping on to a big stage. His streams are fun to watch. can't wait to see how this kid matures throughout his career.

6 Dakotaz

Although this is clearly a popularity contest and not truly best players, Dakotaz is one of the greats, and definitely one of the most entertaining. Obviously players like svennoss and hamlinz should be on this list if it were accurate, but popularity rules on a voting site.

So focused. Easily a 25 kill game and survives tilted every time. Almost never makes beginner mistakes. Plus the best aim and snipes.

Dakotaz is a funny steamer and can easily get tons of kills of he tried and he only dies in unlucky situations. And I love him.

I like dakotaz because he is so funny and entertaining to watch him snipe and by watching him I've got better at sniping.

7 Ceeday

Bro Ceeday definitely in the top ten Even though he doesn't upload much.

I love his usual skin raptor but he should use the female skin for a game.

He's obvouisly not scared of any fortnite player if he was willing to take on tfue so its obvouis that he's not scared and has balls making him a good player.

Ceeday is good in Fortnite and also has funny content.

8 H2O Delirious

He is very enthusiastic about the way he plays and he always seems to predict what the enemy is going to do because everyone usually plays the same believe it or not.

He is a god. His videos are the best. He even got ninja to play with him. I love all his fortnite videos, especially the funny ones, which are pretty much all of them.

He is a funny dude that likes to play with awesome friends.

H says that he can't build, but his aim is amazingly god tier.

9 Maximilianmus

He is the best and funny

Maybe not the best player but one of the funniest and most entertaining

His videos are awesome

Who the hell is this

10 FaZe Cloakzy

I voted not because he is the best but because I want him to be higher than Ali--A I mean seriously this list DO DO!

What the heck! He is way better than dantdm and ali-a. He should be in the top 10! This is crap easy 20 plus kills!

Should be way past Ali-a! Crazy good aim and building skills. Amazing to watch.

He is the best player in fortnite. He can catch all players ninja too in one trap

The Contenders
11 Noahsnoah

He is a amazing player good at memes to. I love his videos and I love the way he plays the game

Amazing but doesn't get enough credit. Funny too

Love then youtube videos

Defaults shall live on

12 Lachlan

Lachlan Is not the best builder in the world, but his aim for sure makes up for it. His sniping can go either way, but his shotgun and AR shoting is almost always on point. He is a good team player in making sure every teamate has a good amount of health as well. Although he often slacks when building, in tuff situations he can triple wall ramp and all that stuff. I find myself slacking and not triple walling because I'm in a hurry to kill the person too. Lachlan doesn't go tryhard and all that stuff but he rather is chill and doesn't work too hard but can still get a dub. Notice how a lot of try hards don't really comment much on their videos or streams, but Lachlan does fairly often. He is more relaxed and isn't in a huge rush to win. He aims for kills a lot and has good plans going into games. All around Lachlan should be number 6 or at least at 8 like now just because of the skill he has.

In my opinion lachlan is really good at fortnite super good at playing he just doesn't act like a try hard and still does really good and I don't really like try hard pLaYers.

Lachlan is so funny and is really good with all the guns, he does some clutch grenade plays and he's basically taught me everything I know.

He is one of the funniest and aldo people used to think he is a default he can surprise a lot of people by playing really good! And I love him.

13 Muselk

You spelled his name wrong. It's Muselk. And just saying he shouldn't be last. He should be fourth or third or something. Even though he isn't that well known for skill he is great at bringing out the fun of it without having to win a match. Instead of his skill he is mainly known for his legendary memes. But I think that's what makes him a great player.

I love Muselk because he is really good and really funny when playing fortnite and does great memes especially when it came to Pro Am. But of Coarse "Courage" had to mess it up and not respect the memes!

Muselk is by far my favorite Fortnite player. I think he should at least be 2nd or 3rd not 9th. Also Muselk is very fun to watch and is quite known for pulling off crazy memes. I have watched all of his videos and he always makes me laugh and I think that is a very important part in being a youtuber. He is an awesome youtuber and I love watching him.

There are players better than him, but his playstyle is much simaler to mine. Every challenge that I have seen him do on video he always wins. An example is the crossbow only challenge, that is very tough because of how much damage the crossbow does. One thing that suprises me is that he is not a tryhard most youtubers are a tryhard because they always kill friendlys I know Fortnite is where you are supposed to kill everyone that you see, but those people are not trying to kill you they just want to work together with other people. That is my opion why I think he is the best.

14 JackSepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, born February 7, 1990, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs. His most popular series include Happy Wheels, Five Nights at Freddy''s and Fortnite.

He is entertaining the best player and is smart and made a nice snipe on his first win. Unlike others that have won by either pushing or AR people in the face

Epic Big Brain Gamer, Better at Minecraft though. He rarely plays Fortnite anymore so, yeah. Go Gaelic Gladiator!

I love his channel and I hope he makes more he makes more fortnite videos and he is the funniest youtuber ever and he is the light of my day.

I love his videos and hope that he keeps on doing his best!

15 LazarBeam

Lannan's Fortnite videos were so much better when he treated the game like any other game he played on his channel. Nowadays all he does is call other players sweats and meme in the game. I think calling someone a sweat is basically being triggered about dying to someone who just wants to play the game (I'm actually trash and literally never build in case you're wondering). If you ask me, he's a sweaty memer (I still enjoy his videos though)

Lazarbeam has to suffer the aggressive players. He has to hide in sight and sound like ninja. His magical ninja under pants are the key to victory. He has carried rng fresh 0 times within the past 3 season in season 10. Truly, the bloody legend himself still stands to this day. As a interesting, inspirational, person it is lazarbeam.

LazarBeam is better than any other Fortnite player because he is a bloody legend. Even though he isn't as good at playing as Ninja and Ali-A, he is hilarious and he can entertain anyone. Check him out on youtube and use code Lazar in the item shop. Again, he is the true bloody legend.

Anyone can play the game but only lazarbeam can create original content. Ninja, Tfue and the rest can only play over and over and over again ( boring) were lazar makes it fun by not only playing games but making memes and challenges. Easily number 1 player based on talent and creativity

16 Cleggy

He is underrated and funny, this guy should have 1m subscribers

17 Ali-A Alastair Aiken, better known by his online alias Ali-A, is a British YouTuber known for Call of Duty and Fortnite commentaries and vlogs.

Best Fortnite player, he's very underrated and has over 15 million subs and has the best accuracy ever, he hits his snipes and all of his shots and he's a decent builder but not the best yet ali a is something else he's different in my opinion ali a is the best, content creator fortnite player and Call of Duty player his accuracy totally makes up for his lack of building. Wins almost every game and his clickbait is kinda cool and also, my name is ali and my middle name starts with an A so yeah,go check out my youtube channel at ali the silent gamer/youtube, I hope to one day be as successful as ali a.

He is the best Fortnite player, unlike ninja. Ali a should be the best Fortnite player out there because he does impossible challenge unlike ninja. But Ali a does sometimes do some mistake that makes him loose, one of them hitting a tree with an arpg and he lost. But he did won lots of games. 200 wins he is the best.

Ali A is a great player and is really entertaining more than others. It's hard to play and speak however Ali makes it looks easy. I strongly believe he is a fantastic gamer ever known.He helps others to succeed and gives very useful tips to others whereas other you-tubers don't. He is one of the best and the nicest you-tubers. Ali is amazing xxx.@xxseharsxx10

"He defiantly deserves to be on this leader board because he thinks carefully, plans before he acts, teaches his viewers new ways to become better and doesn't use bad language he is also a family friendly person! "

18 RNG mrfreshasian

Fresh has the highest stats I have ever seen. 25.55KD and wins 69.63% of his games where if you look at Ninja he has a 10.25KD and only wins 35.54% of his games. Not to mention Fresh has actually beat Ninja in Friday Fortnite on 3 hours of sleep. The kid may only be 17, but he's a god. He can meme for YouTube and still wins games if that's not god like then I don't know what is.

P.S. Use code Fresh and you can watch him at twitch.T.V./mrfreshasain or on YouTube (Mrfreshasain)

Without a doubt, the best player in the game. He has the best stats, and in general he is just the best. The only reason a lot of people know about him is because he plays with Lachlan, Muselk, and Lazarbeam. He is very underrated and should be number 1 on this list.

Most underrated player. Best player in oceanic servers, and around the same skill level if not better than ninja and tfue. 70 percent win rate and works for a bunch of Australians, Lachlan, Lazarbeam and Muselk. What a legend!

He is just good. Fun to watch, great attitude. Easily should be top 5 for mechanics and game knowledge but I see this list isn't "best fortnite players" and is rather "more popular streamer/youtuber. All good, one you'll get it right.

19 Fe4RLess

The Best Fortnite player according to me and should be according to everone else. He deserves one of the top 5 BEST fortnite player list. He is EXTREMELY funny. (There is literally no video of his in which I don't laugh ;-;) He is a GOD at No-Scopes and is probably better than Dakotaz (current #1 sniping position). Fe4RLess is my favorite fortnite youtuber and yes he might even win a 1v1 with Ninja or Tfue or anyone else. I just LOVE his content and he is a really GREAT fortnite player and deserves #1. (Continue the good work at youtube) TRULY AMAZING!

Fe4RLess is the absolute best player in the game. He should at least be in the top 10, he has the best and funniest content on YouTube, and hits the craziest no scope shots. also, he is able to kill a whole lobby without even trying. Amazing! (make more content on YouTube please)

As I was watching Videos on FB I came across one of his videos and I instantly loved how funny he is. I think I have watched his videos over a dozen times just to laugh. I think he is the best Fortnite player and agree he should be in the top 10.

Fe4RLess proved us console players are actually also true gamers and not just some expensive PC. Also, he is very funny. No, seriously, sometimes I can't stop laughing.

20 Pokimane

She is good and plays with Cizzors sometimes but I would like to play with a streamer sometime in my life. I have been playing Fortnite for more than 2 months and have no wins. I don't like how I don't get wins easy like every else. But my Fortnite Username is jodojordancovent

She is very funny! Even though she builds slowly, she easily make sure up for that with her gunplay!

She's hot asf and I wish I could play 1 game with her but I'm not good enough at fortnite to play 1 game with her and she's really good at the game!

Pokimane is very good in 1v1. But I think she can do better if she plays a bit more seriously

21 CDNThe3rd

Amazing but sucks

Top 10 no question

He is the best

He is great at building and he pushes really hard and he make's fortnite easy

22 High Distortion

Can solo squad like a god and has a tendency to get a ridiculous amount of kills. HD was the first player to reach 100,000 kills. I can't fathom how he is so low.

Super underrated because he doesn't talk too much or have a cam. The best one against squads.

Best fortnite solo squad player by far. Got second in fortnite Friday in his first try.

Clearly the best player. Ninja is not even top 20.

23 VanossGaming Evan Fong, is a Canadian internet personality and video game commentator with 24 million subscribers. He is best known under his online pseudonym VanossGaming, where he posts montage-style videos on YouTube.

Vanoss Is good but messes around a lot but his content is way better than anyone I have ever seen.

Good jo in animation

He has 2nd most wins

You are the best

24 Gingerpop

Insane player. Easily the best fortnite player I have seen.

Its me I'm Gingerpop I can't believe this I'm top 4!

You are not gingerpop

Now you top seven

25 Typical Gamer

I think that TG is the best because of how he snipes and how he tries to win a match in a funny way. Like when he flew on his jet pack, threw a impulse grenade and made a guy fall off a mountain. That is how he won.

Extremely underrated player; he deserves more attention for the skill that he has playing the game!

I love you and the way yo play fortnite, is a proof that you are better than NINJA.

I've been watching him since I was a little kid and when fortnite came out he was just instantly a god at it GO TG win the world cup!

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