Top 10 Hardest Enemies to Kill in Resident Evil 5

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1 Cockroaches (Reapers)

Giant cockroaches are a lot harder than I thought because they are a lot worse than a chainsaw zombie in Resident Evil 5! The best way to kill this pest is trying to use mines or finish it off with a Gatling gun if you unlock it!

I just died one time when I finished the game for the first time.

2 Clam

Actually, these monsters that looks like a crab-like clam are Duvalias! If your on a dying status and that Duvalia grabs you, then all that is left of you is your legs and bottom! You should either shot the legs or tail of the Duvalia and then you could shoot the opening of the beast and it will be terminated!

You will die, no kidding, the only thing to kill them is by shooting their annoying tail.

3 Licker
4 Ndesu
5 Fat Black Majini
6 Wesker

He can be easy, challenging, or downright insanely difficult to fight with, depending on how you approach the fight. You'll battle Albert 4 times in the entire campaign, first in the Monarch room, then in the Missile facility, third inside the assault stealth bomber (QTE) style, and finally in the volcano, which is also the hardest. Word of advice, make sure you have plenty of ammo, particularly a magnum and an RPG, also be good in QTE, there'll be plenty of them. Good luck!

7 Gatling Guys

I find them pretty easy to tend to, even on Professional, just don't get caught with a lot of other enemies with them or they can down you very quick. Shotgun or Magnum shots to the head are very effective against them plus it gives you an opportunity to unleash a devastating combo melee on him/them.J.J. is his more common name, but you can call also refer to him as a gatling gun guy, but for me he's dead meat.

8 Jill

Pretty much a frustrating fight, especially on harder difficulties (veteran & pro) as Jill can deal massive damage on you or your AI partner sometimes even leave you in dying status. Word of advice try to stay away from her then approach stealthily from behind to restrain her. Be attentive to QTEs as you'll be spending most of the time doing it. Make sure to stock up on health items just in case. Word of advice, don't use magnum or shotgun when shooting her chest device as it can kill her resulting in a game over. Handguns and rifles are safer and much better. Patience is your best weapon here.

Also use the flash rounds. It blinds her and gives you a chance to restrain her.

9 Sunlight Laser Beams

Don't get caught on its path, or its curtains for you. Best way to deal with it is to hide whenever you hear it coming and try to locate it's handler and eliminate him to get rid of this weapon.

these are in chapter 4-2 and for some reason I had a really rough time getting past these things. I finally just got my friend to blow them up with rocket launcher

10 Irving

Long and grueling battle, be prepared for it. Be patient and shoot him with either the mounted guns or rocket launchers on the boat or just use your ammo. However you deal with him be wary of his tentacles or where he may pop out and watch out for QTEs as well and make him come out of the monsters mouth to deal real damage on him, if you have an RPG unload 1 on him to finish the fight.

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11 Chainsaw Guy

This guy is so hard to kill! He is fast and he can behead me when he is close. The best way to kill it is a magnum of the RPG. Land mines also helps.

He is the longest thing to kill when you only have a shotgun.

12 The Boulder

Hardest boss, am I right lads, or am I right lads?

You are right lad!

13 Excella Gionne

The only thing to destroy it, is with the target locater. And the thing keeps moving before you get a chance to lock on to its weakpoints. Also is instant kill is really annoying.

14 Del Lago
15 Verdugo
16 Popokarimu
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