Top 10 Best Valve Games

Valve has been a powerhouse in the gaming industry for decades, churning out titles that have shaped genres and captured the hearts of millions.

From groundbreaking first-person shooters to mind-bending puzzle games, Valve's got something for everyone. Whether it's revolutionary storytelling, iconic multiplayer mayhem, or puzzles that make your brain hurt (in a good way), these games offer unforgettable experiences.
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1 Half-Life 2

This game is awesome. I have played it over 100 times and beat it about 50 of those times. It never gets old. Its high-definition graphics are even extraordinary for today. Think of how brilliant they were when it came out.

It is a very long game, which I like. It enables you to learn about the characters and your surroundings. Also, it's not too gory - bloody, yes, but not gory. The only gory parts are performed on zombies, so this technically doesn't count.

Also, unlike Half-Life 1, it has only enough guns and not a whole 2,000,000,000 weapons, which personally makes my head spin laps around the track.

2 Portal 2

I think I'm the only person in the world who thinks this is better than Half-Life 2. The voice acting, the gameplay, the humor, the characters, the story - it's perfect. I replayed the game after a couple of years, and hearing the turret say "Are you still there?" just gives me a feel. GLaDOS, Wheatley, and Cave Johnson are perfect and funny characters.

The puzzles are extremely creative and fun. I can go on forever, and I will. The graphics are beautiful. It has a better story and is longer than the first one. What I like about it is that it seems like there are multiple villains, or just one - but who is it?

The story isn't what makes it my favorite. It's all of it. I'm sure you already know what you do in the game. Puzzles can be difficult but not so hard that they feel impossible.

My battery is at 1%, so I'm done now.

3 Team Fortress 2

This deserves to be in first place, not only for its great graphics and physics engine, but also because of its community spirit. Many of the regular players and users of Team Fortress 2 can share their ideas and make mini-films using the Source Filmmaker.

Next, the style of the game is great. It's not too realistic, but at the same time, it maintains a good and even feel. The nine classes are a great idea, meaning that every user can play as the class they are most used to.

Team Fortress 2 has a certain humor to it which makes it more attractive. Each character has a different personality and has the ability to say phrases in the game to liven it up a bit! Honestly, this game deserves to be first.

4 Portal

I love this game for pretty much the same reasons as Portal 2. The whole idea behind the Portal series is amazing, and it all started with this game. The story was twisty and fun to follow, and GLaDOS was a great character.

Probably the biggest game innovation in history. The mathematics involved in a portal universe are insane. This reminds us all how talented Valve is when it comes to games.

Portal is, hands down, my favorite PC game of all time. It is innovative, funny, the voice acting is great, and the story has plenty of twists and turns. Portal was the greatest thing since Deus Ex. Bloody brilliant!

5 Half-Life

Seriously? Sixth! Behind Left 4 Dead and the first Portal? Outrageous! This was the granddaddy of all these games, introducing scripted events, grenade mechanics, intelligent AI, and a ton of varied and interesting weaponry.

With a detailed and mysterious new take on the hackneyed alien invasion story, this FPS legend at least deserves fourth place behind Portal 2, TF2, and its brilliant sequel.

Half-Life 2 may have improved on the gameplay, but this amazing game put it all on the table. Eighteen years old and still kicks major ass compared to the repetitive, hand-holding excrement that sells these days.

You want to talk about mods? Counter-Strike, Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat - all fantastic games that would have never become a reality if not for this. The list would be half as short without Mr. Freeman's first outing. Graphics that were the best in 1998, an expansive and interesting campaign, fun gameplay, great multiplayer, and a massive legacy are why this game rocks.

Any other Valve game that thinks it can take on its acclaimed ancestor had better have something massive up its sleeve.

6 Left 4 Dead 2

It's an addictive FPS about shooting zombies. They should make L4D3 but with the four survivors being Heavy, Scout, Spy, and Engineer. Mixed mechanics, too!

Best multiplayer team-based game ever made. The strategy that goes into this game gets very complex. The developers did an amazing job!

It has everything L4D has and improves it. It includes all the campaigns of L4D, so just get this game.

7 Left 4 Dead

One of the few zombie games that I have had fun playing.

So much love for this game. I never deleted it. The AI is very good.

The best Valve game ever. Very addictive. I once played it continuously for five and a half hours.

8 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I feel that this multiplayer FPS sets itself apart from other FPS multiplayers like COD or Battlefield. Unlike those others, CS:GO offers different kinds of modes that actually differ from one another. Sure, it has the typical kind of player elimination found in those other games, but it also has these other modes such as Flying Scoutsman, Demolition, Arms Race, and a couple of others.

All these other modes work slightly differently than what I have seen in many other competitive FPS games, and I appreciate a game that offers different experiences from others in its genre.

9 Dota 2

This game has a lot to it: lots of lore, characters, creatures, different kinds of gameplay, and opportunities. I like that Valve decided to go in a completely different direction with this one, making a MOBA instead. This shows that Valve can likely make a high-quality game in any genre they choose.

The original DOTA invented MOBA, and DOTA 2 has 7.9 million people joining every month. The tournaments have prizes of 10 million dollars, and it requires real strategy to play.

A lady was actually killed because she interrupted someone's DOTA game. Killed.

10 Half-Life 2: Episode Two

The ending of this first-part trilogy has kept gamers on the edge of their seats for seven years, waiting for its sequel, Half-Life 3. No one knows if Valve will ever get there, though.

One of the Valve games with the best soundtrack. The design of the Combine characters is insane! The destruction engine is insane also and should be number one.

The Contenders
11 Garry's Mod

Do people consider this a game? Is it worth $25? Garry's Mod is a physics sandbox that allows you to do whatever you want. Get it.

Sure it's a mod (it's in the title!), but the game is just so diverse and fun it's impossible to leave it out of this list!

This game is great, with a whole lot of mods, but Garry's Mod needs Counter-Strike: Source to get more textures. Overall, still a good game though.

12 Half-Life: Opposing Force

All Half-Life games are cool! Hoping for more.

Gearbox's greatest achievement!

13 Counter-Strike

I'm shocked at how low this is on the list. It was one of the games/mods that made the FPS genre what it is today and introduced tactical depth and strategy in the form of not respawning until the next round.

It also tops CS:S in gameplay, and many "pros" still play this game. This should be higher on the list. An absence of physics and HD graphics does not make a game any worse than another.

How is this number 10? This pretty much boosted the franchise. People still play it, and it came out in 1999! There's no RIP for this game!

14 Counter-Strike: Source

Addictive. Good in graphical terms. Lots of people still play it. What could be better? In my opinion, it's the best game here. Counter-Strike: GO is just a reskin of this game. Amazing.

CS: Source is the best game for me. Its physics, graphics, and gameplay make this game so AWESOME!

Nothing is better than a modern-warfare FPS. This game gives you money for kills that you can spend on better weapons. And the graphics are great.

15 Half-Life: Alyx

HL: Alyx is the first VR game to have this much work put into it. If you think about it, all the other VR games right now aren't nearly as long, don't have as much expansive detail, or offer as diverse a range of gameplay as this game does. Valve has achieved a huge milestone for VR games with this title, and I believe they have paved the path for much better VR games in the future.

I expect this game to rise up in the list as time goes on. This is still a very new game (at least as of me writing this, it's still very new).

16 Team Fortress Classic

Best game ever made in the world. There doesn't exist a game like this. You can play it for years and years, and it never gets boring. Shame that there are so few players now.

I will always look back on my formative years spent playing TFC with a wide smile and a heavy heart. No game will ever fill the void left by the greatest team-based online multiplayer FPS of all time.

Words cannot describe how awesome this game is.

It's an absolute legend that never gets old.

17 Half-Life 2: Episode One
18 Half-Life: Source

It's the game that started everything. It gave us scripted sequences, realistic AI, grenade mechanics, and team mechanics.

It opened the door for a far more intelligent modding community. If you had a copy of Half-Life, you could get Team Fortress Classic for free! Then Day of Defeat, and finally Counter-Strike for free (a retail version followed, but still).

It gave us Gordon Freeman, the G-man, scripted sequences, realism, AI that worked, team mechanics, realistic aliens, and the greatest multiplayer mods of all time for free.

Yeah, HL2 perfected what was already there, but Half-Life gave us most of that six years before. It's a milestone, a landmark, a triumph.

19 Day of Defeat

I feel like this game is a bit underrated in comparison to Counter-Strike, even though I think it is just as good (Valve did make this, after all). Like Counter-Strike, this game features two identifiably different teams, an arrangement of different types of guns to choose from, and allows people to customize and make mods for the game.

Another great multiplayer FPS game by Valve.

A great multiplayer game with probably the best community I've ever seen. Every player is skilled, polite, and educated. Heck, you might join a server with a blazing political battle, which is pretty exciting! GO REPUBLICANS!

20 Half-Life: Blue Shift
21 Alien Swarm

I feel like many people aren't quite as aware of this game as they are of Valve's others. This is a truly underrated game by Valve. Sure, it wasn't really groundbreaking like some of Valve's others, but I think it was still a great and enjoyable game.

It's a co-op game in a bird's eye view. There are 4 classes, and you have to complete the mission. It's completely free. Unfortunately, it's forgotten because Valve doesn't look at it since it's not profitable. It's a great and addicting game.

This was as good a Valve game as any. Sci-fi, FPS action, superior mechanics, and graphics - you can tell that this is a Valve game!

22 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

If you have played HL2, you are probably wishing you could play with these guns and enemies in multiplayer. This game is just that.

23 The Lab

Great VR game with 8 different kinds of games to play, plus the base starting game. That is 8+ different opportunities you have in this game!

24 Ricochet

I was playing alone for about 25 minutes and found this guy. We played and talked for the whole night. Towards the end, I started to notice his language and actions in the game were a bit off - almost as if he was either really young and silly or had some sort of problem.

I ended up looking at his Steam profile later out of interest after he left. I saw no profile pic, background info, or anything, and only one game: "Ricochet," which we had been playing. Something suddenly caught my eye: "200 HOURS." My jaw dropped. I'm surprised he is still alive!

25 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Having internet problems? No problem, just play this!

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