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1 Marx Soul - Kirby Super Star Ultra

My goodness, this boss is a pain. Galacta Knight, though tough, is at least predictable. He has clear, consistent patterns that, through practice, can be learned and perfected. Marx Soul, on the other hand, is purely random. He's unpredictable, not to mention an incredibly hard hitter, making him both frustratingly difficult and very rewarding. Galacta weeds out the boys from the men, and Marx Soul weeds out the slightly more manly from the others.

You aren't guaranteed to even start the battle at full health, all his attacks go through guard, comes right after another hard boss, don't have much choice of abilities (and his drops are incredibly risky to get hits with) and losing is Game Over. Sounds about right.

The moment you first face off against him, you think "Oh it won't be too difficult. He's like his regular form." WRONG. He is far less predictable. It's very hard to even land one Hammer Flip. Galacta Knight may have more health, but he's easier to predict and hit.

His attack pattern, no, his pattern altogether is very unpredictable. Sometimes he warps exactly where you're trying to go, and as a result you walk straight into him and get hurt. And after you beat him, as a reward he deafens you with a scream.

2 Magolor Soul - Kirby's Return to Dreamland

It's bas enough when a friend betrays you, but uts even worse to see that friend turn into an eldritch abomination. He has an eyeball in MOUTH, for crying out loud. His attacks are nearly impossible to avoid, and who would've guessed that an object, like, oh, I don't know, a crown, would be not only sentient but also evil. Oh and by the way, the Master Crown is wearing magolor by this point and controlling his every action. In other words, NIGHTMARE FUEL.

This boss wouldn't be too hard if it wasn't for the fact that it had so many phases, even more if including Landia and the Shooting Segment. Despite this, I like the boss. It adds a much needed edge to the story and boosts the challenge factor - as well as the satisfaction you can get from beating it.

In the true arena, he is quite easy. However, the extra mode, not so much. You have lower health. I got a game over when I had my brother (kirby master just like me) and we both had spark!

I could definitely beat this boss now because I was 7 when I got to this and when I got older I gave the game away, I will definitely, get the game again some day and beat it.

3 Star Dream Soul OS - Planet Robobot

Star dream was a pain, but I died in robobot true arena so many times because this guy a jerk. I usually have like 2 hits left and then he goes ahead and OHKOs me. Poor kirby, I've killed him to many times bc of this boss.

Very hard, not only do you have the original 3 phases, but a 4th aND final phase. In which it is similar to the Nova battle in Kirby super star. But as a 3d back and forth action. He will try to crush you, and when you finally defeat him you have to dodge 3 laser sequences where even one hit will kill you. It took me 5 hours to beat him. I had to use stone kirby for invicualblity in order to win. To me it is the hardest kirby battle of all time and it so happens to be in the hardest true arena of all time.

This boss is, most definitely, the hardest boss TO DATE. In this game, you do not have a choice of ability to use for the first three phases of the fight, forcing you to use unnatural controls and weak attacks.
The fourth and final part, however, is quite easy; except for the end. I thought I had won, and then got Screen KO'd. This had ruined my run so many times that I decided to completely give up on a better time than 30 minutes.

At first, it was hard for me to beat him, but then I started to remember the pattern and I managed to beat his first 3 phases. As for heart, I watched a walkthrough and after I seen its attacks, I knew what to do(I used hammer by the way): Laser? Jump over it and then dash+b through explosion. Split attack? Attack through a half and then quickly move nearly the explosion (Watch out to not get hit in it). When its sending drone-like projectiles try to get underneath it (When it shot drones already) and then after it shots 2nd drones get underneath againand quickly go out.

4 Galacta Knight - Kirby Super Star Ultra

In Kirby's return to dreamland, he is a secret boss that you can only fight on THE TRUE ARENA at level 13. And by the time you arrive at that level, your health would be at most halfway down because of all the other bosses. The only chance you have against him is if you have more than one player playing on level 13. He is also super fast and all of his moves are practically impossible to dodge. Also, just to clarify that he is the greatest and most powerful warrior in the galaxy from the ancient past.

Whoever thinks Marx Soul is harder than Galacta was really lucky on the Galacta fight, however others, others weren't, this guy can kill you in just about five hits with his light attacks, everything he has is hard to dodge, if you get to close, he'll unleash a inescapable combo that will take about half of your life away. You never know what's coming next, your only hope is either Yo-yo for the invincibility or Plasma for the charge shot, even then you'll have a hard time if he uses his good attacks, which are almost all of them.

People think Marx soul is the hardest because he's the one with attacks you didn't predict yet in the final battle...
But, when you compare Marx and Galacta Knight. Galacta Knight deserves 1st position as the hardest.
This guy is just fast. You can't even get too close to him either and most of his attacks hurt you even you're blocking them. He's not much of a problem with Meta Knight (because you could heal probably at any time you wanted during meta knight's battle with Galacta Knight) but when it comes to the battle with Kirby, once you lose your ability, there's a 99% chance of NOT succeeding at all.

Galacta Knight is actually quite easy if you play as Meta Knight. With Kirby, he's way harder, probably because he was probably designed for Meta Knight. He has all sorts of attacks, but his beam, fire and minions are quite easy. His other attacks are very hard though. And if you lose on the True Arena, you have to beat the over bosses all over again.

5 Zero Two - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Well let's see I am obsessed with the dark matters. But I am glued to the awsomeness of zero twos battle. And the most EPIC boss theme EVER! This is my opinion I think he should have been rated number one along with zero. Plus I think zero two has an awesome design. I am in love with zero two for some reason but is he not EPIC. How could you hate that face of his!

Honestly, I didn't really find him too hard. Heck, Miracle Matter was harder to me. Regardless, still a good boss nonetheless.

Blood galore, his but is a cactus, he's an evil angel with a false face, and you have at most 5 hits left to beat him. Good luck.

This is the easiest boss in the game(still a good boss). That being said, Dark Matter from Dream Land 2 is definitely the series' hardest boss.

6 Kracko - Kirby's Adventure

For the love of all thing holy why did HAL labs think making a boss based on high jump was a good idea?

At first, I had NO idea how this boss worked. But nowadays, yeah this one's obvious

Yes! His erratic moves make him difficult to beat.

Complete bull, some Krackos were even harder to beat than the main boss. *looking at Dark Daroach and Dark Nebula*. All Krackos should be on this top 10

7 Soul of Sectonia - Kirby: Triple Deluxe

She's kinda similar to Marx Soul. She kinda loses the surprise factor since Marx was really the first boss to ever come back as an undead boss at the end of True Arenas. In fact, Soul of Sectonia is basically the same thing as Marx Soul just relatively easier. The only thing difficult about Sectonia herself is phase 2 since she starts using four buds earlier

She combines the attacks of some of the hardest bosses in Kirby games. She uses attacks originating from Marx Soul, Drawcia Soul, and Magolor Soul as the ultimate Soul Boss in the Kirby series.

The first phase takes away your copy ability and the second destroys you. You can not even celebrate when you beat her because her scream makes you pity her

Only fought Twice. First didn't bother because I had 2 hits left. Second I had stone and a Maxim in my pocket. Now I'll have to fight her again because I accidentally wiped my K:TD save data...

8 Zero - Kirby's Dreamland 3

This thing doesn't just act strong, according to half the people I told about 0, it also looks disturbing. It shoots blood out of openings in itself (granted the game is old, so the blood looks more like fireballs), and if you get the bad ending, it continues to exist, and you have to start over and get the good ending. This thing is very powerful, not only because it's a final boss, but also because it's a form of dark matter. Dark matter takes so many forms and can possess beings such as Pon and Con, Acro, Ado, etc. 0 even reincarnates and takes the form of 02. This is one of the worst bosses in Kirby. It definitely belongs on this list.

What a crazy battle. You start by destroying a Dark Matter like the one from the previous sequel. Then it explodes to reveal this... THING. You gotta dodge the thing's blood that floats in blobs (because you might be in space or the atmosphere), and 0 rams into you because it can. I died to this so many times in the past... It sends Dark Matters as projectiles, and it heads to the background to shoot more blood like homing missiles from a rocket launcher. This is all happening quickly, but when you "beat" it it uses the "last resort"... which is BURSTING ITS EYE FROM ITS BODY to try and finish you off WHAT THE? 0 was one of those battles that proved that your enemy is smart and it won't go down without a fight!

I don't know why the leader of Dark Matter got number 4 under others being possessed. HE is the most evil character in the Kirby franchise because he KNOWS what he's doing is wrong, and he does it anyway! Not being possessed by crowns or power or a flipping mirror, HE IS CONSCIOUS.

Plus it's pretty hard to dodge a bunch of floating bloody bullets.
Oh, and phase 2 is a nightmare.

Hell yeah! First, Dark Matter softens you up with a small challenge, then comes the 2 form nightmare! His attacks are tricky to dodge and do a huge amount of damage!

9 Void Soul - Kirby Star Allies

I didn't see Astral birth void(final boss of soul Melter EX)on this list but this is definitely a difficult boss. The best way to beat it is to take as little damage as possible on the first 3 phases and have a chef Kawasaki on your team so he can make healing items mid battle. Also I personally like to use Magolor for this boss since he can disappear and reappear to avoid the many difficult attacks that this boss dishes out. And Magolor can also place a black hole on the screen and deal gradual damage to void while staying invisible. And lastly I also found the Parallel three mage sisters extremely difficult to beat in the hero's in another dimension game mode since player one has to be Kirby.

Kirby as the final boss? It's genius. Plus I love how every single character ends up finishing him off. Plus, kirby's scream while you are doing the last part in the final part is so funny

He's hard because of the moves... I don't know what to say...

This boss is extremely very hard!

10 Miracle Matter - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Miracle Matter is by far one of the hardest boss battles in the entire Kirby series. He has different abilities, one for each of Kirby's copy abilities in the game (Electric, Ice, Rock, Fire, Bomb, Needle, and Cutter). The only was you can damage him is with the copy ability that he is using (Which you have a VERY limited time to do). Not only that, but he takes very little damage when you attack him! There is a HUGE spike in difficulty when you get to this point of the game.

I hate this guy with a burning passion, I want to strangle this thing so badly!

Took me almost an hour of playing to beat it. I found miracle
Matter to be much more difficult than 02.

This guy... THIS ONE GUY is a pain in ass! Took me hours to beat him!

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? Morpho Knight - Kirby and the Forgotten Land
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11 Chaos Elfilis - Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Though the "soul" boss of Forgotten Land (soul forgo) was a bait-and-switch for morpho, Chaos Elfilis is definitely harder anyways. I may have cheated by using 2 health bars, a hp refill, speed and attack boosts, and morpho sword. But that's literally the only way to beat it.

He's the only true final boss I've ever beaten. I've never fought any other true final bosses other than Void Soul who absolutely destroyed me when I finally got to him.

12 Meta Knight - Kirby Squeak Squad Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. He is one of Kirby's rivals, but occasionally teams up with the pink puffball to defeat a common enemy. Meta Knight is known for his powerful slashing attacks and flight in the Super Smash Bros games, and is widely considered to one of the best characters to appear in the series.

The Star Allies version of this is a bit hard. The first phase is pretty easy, but once he gets to phase 2, it gets a bit difficult. First of all, you have to deal with multiple copies of this boss (depending on how many allies you have when he gets to this phase). Then there are the rocks. You have to be fast on this part so you can get more damage on him. I failed on my first try because I almost instantly lost the sword and had to get water from my Driblee. The second time, I used Ninja and beat him.

I have beat all bosses in kirby games I have played without losing health, except for meta knight. This guy is completely unpredictable.

Most meta knight battles give you a sword to duel with, I'm not talking about Dark meta knight or Galacta knight.He does not give you a sword to duel with.Only stars are your power if you don't have a power.He is easy with a power, but hard with out a power.

13 Dark Mind - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

I beat Marx Soul, Galactica Knight, and Zero all on the first try. This guy took me an uncountable amount of tries, even though there were 4 of me.

He has a lot of phases, and in the middle of those phases you go in a mini-dungeon. He's like a True Arena. But he's only one boss.

The number of phases is really annoying, and it takes a huge amount of time to beat Dark Mind. And the master sword deals very small damage to him

He has Rotating Mirrors, So it's hard to attack using the master sword.

14 Dark Matter - Kirby's Dreamland 2

This boss will Kill you if you can't react fast enough. The first form charge at you sword first, generate dark energy to destroy you, and shoot laser beams from his sword. He can be quite difficult until you learn his pattern. But like other final bosses he has 2 forms to kill. Phase 2 is much much harder. He can shoot lasers from his eye semi-bullet hell style, ram into you at fast speeds, and shoot lightning bolts from his eye, and did I mention that this fight has a maximum time limit of 2m and 5s! And if you get Game Over You have to fight King Dedede again, as if he wasn't hard enough.

Blobs are very strong. Blobs that can possess and be a swordsman with more blobs at his back, are much stronger. After you die, you need to defeat dedede all over again. A utter pain in the neck.

It's like trying to kill a demon with a stick underwater. If you can't tell, that isn't fun.

How did star dream clone this guy?

15 The True Arena - Kirby Super Star Ultra

How to beat any boss: get a friend and go on coop mode. Then have your friend be a wheelie. When Kirby is on wheelie he has an op star cannon that can be aimed in 8 directions and it does tons of damage.

Oh yeah this ONE boss! It's not like it's a short game or something! But also milky way wishes was also a difficult boss also!

I've come very close to finishing it, but this is quite tough. A tip for fellow players-USE THE HAMMER.

Beware the galacta knight of legendary sword fighting!

16 Masked Dedede - Kirby Super Star Ultra

A really awesome fight, AND really hard as well! He has a spin attack, shock waves, flamethrowers, missiles, and you're fighting in an electric cage!

Dedede ain't messing around this time! He's made sure all of his weaknesses were taken care of to have a better chance of beating Kirby!

He can create shockwaves, "give" you flames or rockets and do a crazy spin that causes bad damage with his hammer and also you are fighting in an ELECTRIC CAGE. - Revenge319 in Top 10 HARDEST Kirby Bosses

Well, actually, he is much harder in triple deluxe, but that electric gammer...

17 Galacta Knight - Kirby's Return to Dreamland

Confused by super star ultra being #2. Literally you don't stop ducking and you avoid most of SSU's attacks. This one, however...
Part of it is b/c I thought I could just duck and avoid stuff. Boy was that a mistake. Only reason I beat him was that I cheated with spark.

I have tried battling him numerous times in True Arena. However, even with my sisters, I rarely win, and simply because of luck. He is POWERFUL... Especially with his tornado. How to dodge without a dash attack?

I can't believe how Super Star Ultra version got Num. 2 and this one which is EVEN HARDER got 13. He has a lot of more powerful moves than the other one so I think THIS ONE should win.

I consider this one harder than Super Star Ultra. He has a laser, mach tornadoes, multi slashes, the ability to guard, AND can make it rain swords!

18 Void - Kirby Star Allies
19 Meta Knight - Kirby's Epic Yarn Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. He is one of Kirby's rivals, but occasionally teams up with the pink puffball to defeat a common enemy. Meta Knight is known for his powerful slashing attacks and flight in the Super Smash Bros games, and is widely considered to one of the best characters to appear in the series.

He is so hard! I this was that one level that I got a bronze star on because of all the beads I lost to his purple and red swords. The fight starts out pretty easily though. But it really is a pain to try this fight on 2p mode.

I love meta knight, but I don't know why he's so hard on Kirby's epic yarn, he's so easy in Kirby star allies.

If you could actually had a health meter in this game, then we'd all be dead.

Once you get used to the game and the controls all of the bosses become pretty easy. I was working up to 100% but then I had to restart when I got my Wii you :(.

20 Nightmare - Kirby's Adventure

I only consider the first phase hard. And NOT the gba version, but the NES version. He has so much health you are put under a time limit to beat him!

Why is this in the list? I beat him literlarly 25 times in a row without dieing once! Just say in the corner and keep shooting when he attacks!

This guy is insane! It took me forever to kill this son of a gun! You can only hit him when he is attacking. He has a TON of HP, and he's a lot of fun to battle

The first form is easy a hell, But when it comes to that hard second form..

21 Whispy Woods - Kirby's Dream Land

I haven't beaten Triple Deluxe's True Arena, but I imaging he's at the end. It would only make sense to put him there as a secret boss.

A stupid person put him on here! He's the easiest boss in the game!

Oh man! This is the 2nd hardest boss after waddle dee!

22 Computer Virus - Kirby Super Star

I lost the arena because of this.

23 Morpho Knight - Kirby Star Allies

Morpho knight is ez, but ex is downright impossible. I barely scraped by when I cheated using magolor, marx, and mage sisters.

He's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. But for the first time it's very hard

I did want to fight galacta knight the way he was before. I like that song

Bro is crazy tough

24 The Three Mage-Sisters - Kirby Star Allies
25 Marx - Kirby Super Star
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