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1 Dungeon Duos

My first favorite 2v2 minigame from MP4 requires really good teamwork and focus on what buttons and luck on what pipe. the only thing that throws me off is the depth perception but other then that. it should of been in top 100.

This minigame was the best idea ever. I love every obstacle, and it's just awesome. It's always been my favorite by a landslide

Back when Mario Party had great skill minigames.

Yes. Best by a landslide.

2 Dunk Bros.

This is good, but what I hate about it is the very horrible AI.
every time I play this the CPU team of Toad and Toadette just literally make shots all the time and it makes it every time. While the CPU on my team is just a IDIOT. I don't really take 3 pointers or 2 point shots, I just dunk. Its much easier.

3 Pushy Penguins

This should be higher. This game is a great mix of thinking and reflex skills. No other game in Mario Party is as addicting as this one in my opinion except for maybe Booksquirm from Mario Party 4.

The player with the most agility wins! the others are frozen solid.

4 Grab Bag

A very, very good mini-game. This is my favorite mini-game of all time.

Definitely my favorite!

5 Booksquirm

One of the best minigames of all time, the challenge and being able to push your friends out of winning makes it a very competitive game, whenever my fiends and I play mario party 4. we pray this appears on the roulette when we party. Best memorys.

The fact that this isn't in first place is a blasphemy!

I was honestly expecting to see this at number 1.

6 Shy Guy Says

Pure classic The first minigame that represents Mario party as a whole that comes to mind is that troll of a shy-guy and us waving our flags frantically in hopes of winning coins!

Dude, this mini game was awesome.

7 Grin and Bar It
8 Shell Shocked

Mario party 2 classic with good tank controls and feels good to win.

9 Mushroom Mix-up

How dare you say that the N64 Mario games don't have the best minigames!

Always a classic and a joy to play!

10 Real Smoothie
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11 Meanie Match

You win by remembering which enemies go where, and you lose by not having a memory and picking the wrong color (or enemy, because not all the enemies are used).

I love this game because it gives me a chance to show off my memory.

12 Chump Rope

If you are the 1 in 1 v 3 in this game you will win. If you are one of the 3 in 1 v 3 you will probably lose.

Generic but I liked it

13 Tackle Takedown
14 Hexagon Heat

My personal favorite. It originally was known as mushroom mixup in MP2 but the faster and lava rendition in MP2 is way better, very competitive and fun to play.

I love this one.

15 Bumper to Bumper
16 Peak Precision

I'm good at this and won every time except once but that was with master. In fact I'm so good at it that I can control 3 players at different times before my brother can do 1.

I love it I always win to. You can take advantage of the buttons.

17 Shorty Scorers
18 The Final Countdown
19 Bumper Balls

This entry is already on here!

This was the first mini game I ever did in my life and it was the most bloody best mini game of them all, I loved smashing everybody

Yeah! I love this!

20 Camp Ukiki

It is an adventure and fun to do every time.

21 Platform Peril
22 Bubble Brawl
23 Bumper Ball Maze
24 You're the Bomb-Omb

Luck based but done good

25 Slaparazzi
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