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1 Dr. Zomboss

Dr. Zomboss because he has a robot who has the power to shoot fire and ice balls out of it's mouth and it's able to stomp on plants, throw trucks on plants and summon bungee zombies and zombies.

This guy is not good at all... Every time I think I'm in a good shape he just throws a damn truck on my plants... I hate this guy.

He's actually easy too defeat. When he's about too use his ice/fire balls, use an ice-shroom and then just keep on attacking.

Question: How is he so low? Fact: He places so many zombies and is the only a zombie in one entire level unless you count the zombies he makes

2 Gargantuar

Gargantuar is the most beautiful spectacle on the face of the earth. How dare others have varying opinions?!

You place a tall-nut and spend 125 Sun and... BAM! -he kills it. How annoying!

Giga gargantuar should be in this list in second.

You need slowing plants, heavy damage plants and sun for instas. Winter melon is good for these

3 Football Zombie

Magnificent speed with a great health gauge. A true work of art.

I've beaten him more then the wither.

Just use a hypno shroom.

Magnet shroom plus some decent damagers like repeaters can beat them

4 Bucket Head Zombie
5 Dolphin Rider Zombie

WHY does he have to be so fast?

This guy is WAY too fast

6 Zomboni

In the mini-game, Invisible-ghoul, I very annoying Zomboni.

How is this guy so low?

Squashes your plants like gargantuar, giga gargantuar, and zomboss

7 Catapult Zombie

Throws basketballs at your plants.

You can use umbrella leaf if you want plus some decent damagers

8 Giga Gargantuar

SCREAM! They're WORSE than Gargantuars! Giga Gargantuar are SO STRONG (stronger than the real one)! It has to take at least 3 massive plants to kill it (if it gets hit by the massive plants 2 times... then it throws that idiot IMP!

Somehow harder than the boss in the game. How does the zombie get over the fence in the pool area though?

How is this below gargantuar? A giga gargantuar has 300 health and a gargantuar has 150 health.

The most annoying zombies in survival for any defense forms.

9 Zombie Yeti

Big and strong. Not as good as gargantuar though

Not too difficult

10 Ladder Zombie

He climbs over your nuts

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11 Pogo Zombie

Jumps over every plant except Tall-nut and all instant kills except Cob cannon.

Is really fast and goes over everything except for tall nuts.

In 4-8 they are very difficult because they come before you have time to put tall nuts out

12 Zombie Bobsled Team
13 Screen Door Zombie
14 Dancing Zombie

Super funny to watch

15 Digger Zombie
16 Jack-in-the-Box Zombie

These insane zombies strapped in straitjackets play the worst song ever, and then they blow up your plants. They are my favorite designed zombie, but on Survival Endless, I hate em as much as I hate the Bobsled Team Zombies!

They're only at number 43? They should be in the top 5 because they're one of the very few zombies in the game that can insta-destroy your plants!

17 Giga-Football Zombie

Best in the online version.

18 Scientist Zombie
19 Pole Vaulting Zombie
20 Octo Zombie

This guy is just plain insufferable. His health is really high and his octopi jump lanes and cover up plants and are almost impossible to remove unless you have an insta-kill plant like Cherry-bomb or Jalapenio. As soon as I see this guy, I'm almost tempted to spend a lawn mower rather than put up a fight.

Covers your plants with almost indestructible octopi.

21 Imp Zombie
22 Wizard Zombie

Why sheep? Because they are useless.

23 Conehead Zombie

I'm beaten the Wither more than I've beaten him.

24 Basic Zombie

Is the first zombie

25 Imp
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