Hardest Yoshi's Island Levels

Which Yoshi's Island levels are the most annoying to get 100% or just complete?
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1 Kamek's Revenge

This level was pretty short but had one of the hardest skiing segments in Yoshi's Island history particularly that sudden change into the helicopter near the end. Never 100%ed it.

A variety of challenges to get 100. I recommend using a pow or similar power up at the helicopter section.

Is this the level after the bowser castle?

2 A Light in the Dark

Again the skiing section is the icing on an unusually long and treacherous level.

3 Superhard Acrobatics

It surely is super-hard particularly at the beginning with the pinwheel platform and the potted ghosts.

4 Rompin' Stompin' Chomps
5 Poochy Ain't Stupid

The fact that this is an auto-scroller, you have to rely on Poochy for most of it, AND a single mess-up means you die, means this level was a complete nightmare to get 100% on. Honestly, this should be #1.

You Need to Ride on Poochy for the Entire Level, if you get off of him, you'll die in the lava, staying on poochy would be simple, if not you're going for 100% and the Fact Poochy Controls Awkward

6 More Monkey Madness
7 Quit it Already Tap-Tap!

An unnecessary Tap-Tap themed level. The rising wind section leaves absolutely no room for error just like the mine cart segment later.

8 Items are Fun!

Items may be fun but trying to get 100% in this level isn't.


Another long level that is hard to 100%. Though the biggest problem for me was always near the beginning with the rotating platforms.

10 Teeth-Chattering Chill Zone
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11 King Bowser's Castle (Door 3)

The Tap-Tap chase is the worst part of this level for me, no matter how many tries I just can't find all of the collectibles AND keep all my stars.

12 Watch Out for Lakitu

I've been playing the game for a while, and I can't beat this particular level. Ironically, Lakitu is barely something that you have to watch out for. Overall, this was a difficult level.

13 Fight Toadies with Toadies

Surprisingly I've never had a problem with The Impossible Maze but this one has cost me many lives particularly the... Auto-scrolling section.

14 Frustration

Which level even is this? I don't recall any level ever called Frustration, unless this is a ROM hack.

15 All Aboard the Terrain Train

Of corse, I spent 4 flat legit hours trying to beat it and FINALLY I beat it! I did not collect everything at once, I first collected smiley flowers. Next red coins, took me 2 hours. And finally star man to 30 took me an hour and a half!
I'm relieved

Particularly, this level was hard for me, but it was just to get me prepped up for the WHITE HOT HARD SNOW GO MOUNTAIN LEVEL! It's difficult to get a 100% on this level, but if your a hardcore gamer, someone who's played hard games like Contra and Ghosts n' Goblins, then this is your secret level!

16 The Potted Ghost's Castle
17 Jungle Rhythm...
18 The Very Loooooong Cave
19 Hit that Switch!
20 The Fort of Moltz the Very Goonie

This level has very tight platforming with the face statues while making very precise jumps between spikes. This is possibly the hardest level in the main game (not Secret or Extra).

21 Snow Go Mountain

And I though the previous 4 secret levels were bad enough, Snow Go Mountain has you jumping on Bullet Bills and Goonies to get to the warp pipe leading to the area to leave the level! Did Panga make this level, as well as the other 5 secret levels? Hopefully the sixth secret level isn't as bad.

22 Leapin' Lava Meltdown

Well, I was right, Leapin' Lava Meltdown was hard for me, but it didn't cost me 1 million lives like Snow Go Mountain did. But the part that angered me the most was the rising lava part of the second and final area. But still, if you're a daredevil, I'd recommend this to you if you're looking for a challenge.

23 Dire Dire Docks
24 Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts
25 Danger - Icy Conditions Ahead
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