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1 Collector Base: Suicide Mission

This is a Mission Where your Chooses MATTER! First time through, I was just like, Oh yer gonna be an epic ending but it will be scripted, then half my squad started dying in brutal ways, Jack got shocked to death, Legion exploded, Thane got impaled, Jacob got his head blown off, Garrus got taken by those wasps, Samara got killed and Miranda died in my arms. By the end I'm like "If this was real, I'd be so dead"

Only mission you can have all of your squad members in combat and crucial decisions make this mission really stand out from all the rest. Team members survive or perish depending on their loyalty, their role during the mission and their power. I don't think there is a flaw in this mission that I can think of, everything was great

2 The Citadel DLC

I think it is the best mission in all the mass effect games. I piss my pants every time I play the citadel DLC. I also like the fact that you can spend time with your squadmates and loved ones outside the battlefield and the party is just EPIC!

By far the most enjoyable Mass Effect Mission I have ever played. It has great romance scenes, great action, a great story and the BEST comedy I've seen in the whole series. I wish more missions were like this

I loved lair of the shadow broker and the suicide mission, but the citadel is just a bit of closure and fun after hours and hours of hardcore Mass Effect gaming. only downside is the cost.

3 Lair of the Shadow Broker

A Thrilling DLC from start to finish. The Flying car chase was fun and Liara unexpectedly becomes the new Shadow Broker following a great showdown with The Shadow Broker, a Yahg.

4 Priority: Earth

I, myself don't despise the endings themselves and thought it had some amazing scenes with all of the fleets attacking the Reapers as well as a full look on The Illusive Man's corruption that has become due to the Reaper Indoctrination. The ending gives off many ideas for a sequel, so many I wouldn't want to give all of them out. Only thing that stops this mission from reaching the number 1 spot is because that it doesn't show much of the characters during the battle and their fate. The ending could have added scenes of where all of your former squadmates and allies were during the shepard's decision and perhaps a glimpse of the Citadel after the dust settled would have been good.

5 Ilos

This is when things start to get BIG. You successfully defeat Saren following a tough climax. The soundtrack was amazing, the decision to save the council or not was great especially at the time. The ending made me feel about what will come next.

6 Priority: Tuchanka

This mission builds up a lot from the previous two games and the genophage is finally cured, or is it? Depending on Shepard's actions, you can trick the Krogans into thinking the Genophage is cured to prevent Krogan expansion in the future and get them on your side in the fight against the Reapers. Mordin also has a tragic but heroic end as he cures the genophage but at the cost of his life.

"I made a mistake! I made a mistake..."

7 Virmire

Has one of the best decisions in the trilogy and also a interesting confrontation with Wrex.

I didn't vote for this...but to be fair, finally being able to get rid of Wrex is very cathartic

8 Priority: Rannoch

Do you take the Quarian or take the Geth and allow Tali to die? Or take both if you have high enough Paragon/Regenade points.

9 Overlord
10 Leviathan

This DLC has it's flaws and doesn't give a heap loads of information about the Leviathans themselves or how the "Intelligence" overthrew them. However the basic plot line is interesting and with this information, it may be safe to speculate that the Leviathans may make an appearance in Mass Effect 4, perhaps rising again?

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11 Dossier: Archangel
12 Kasumi: Stealing Memory
13 Priority: Thessia
14 Omega
15 Race Against Time
16 Priority: The Citadel II
17 Find Liara T'Soni

It's the first time we meet Liara. I like it because it feels like a romantic rescue.

18 Collector Ship
19 Thane: Sins of the Father
20 Priority: Cerberus Headquarters
21 Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons
22 Reaper IFF
23 Noveria
24 Eden Prime: Prologue
25 Dossier: The Convict

A great battle mission with a lot of thrills and it introduces a great squadmate: Jack.

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