Scariest Minecraft Mobs

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1 Endermen

The sounds that endermen makes is so scary and if a super shy person heard that noise that noise will scare the living daylights out of them.

The sound they make when they take damage isn't all that scary, but the noise they make when chasing you is really unnerving, like it gets louder the longer it goes on and everything.

The fact that you accidentally look into their eyes or just walk through them will make them open their mouths, then a faint creepy rage sound happens.

Big giant humanoid figures that teleport behind you when you not careful. All ways stalking as well. Weird...

2 Ghast

The ghast is,by far one of the scariest minecraft mobs. It's sound seems to represent a screaming baby as if it were being attacked or killed and the beast's design itself represents that of a pure white entity that takes on the body of a squid.

I saw them on the nether. I saw one and when I was about to shoot it, another one appear! And then another one! I ran, and then I got shot at another one at my face until I panic

So I had my iron stuff on and I was going through the nether portal. When I got there I saw a Ghast in the distance. I ran behind a rock, peered at the Ghast. It shot a fireball at me. I swiped my sword... but it did not reflect back. So I was like "OH CRAP! " and it blu a hole under me and I fell 300 blocks down into the lava and I 😵ed. Ghasts a extremely hard to kill. By the way I think my sword is cursed.

They are really scary when you are walking and there is a ghast fireball exploding right in front of you!

3 Wither

They have ghost sounds that sound like it is going to kill anything! They have three heads too! 3 is better than 1!

This annoying wither effect, who can survive this? A boss, yeah. It have 300 health!

I like it because it's really hot and it's looking like a whole meal.

It literally kills every living thing it sees!

4 Creeper

A full set of diamond armor cannot save you from the full blast of the explosion. You are never safe anywhere in the overworld with creepers roaming within. The scariest thing though is mining in deep caves, where you can barely see anything. If you're lucky, you can hear the creeper's footsteps, but by then they're already too close.

Today I was playing (25/10/2016) and a creeper spawned right into my face and I so screamed like a little girl and my mom was like: "what's going on? " and I was like: "nothing mom, just a creeper"

Creep up on you and blow you up! At least other mobs don't cause damage...

5 Spider

That moment When your mining and you run into a monster spawner spawning spiders with all the spider webs all over the place! The spider's walking sounds are creepy as well!

You can't go to sleep because mobs are near by. So you go outside you don't see any. So you start walking and something attacks you from the roof of your house and you scream like a little girl

They have red, giant grins. They always turn and pounce. AHHH!

Obviously... Who isn't afraid of real spiders?

6 Enderdragon

That end boss, the last one, I saw one in creative mode. It was extremely creepy when it's killed, and shoots dragon's breath that deals so much damage with so much health.

I am afraid of humongous terrifying monsters even though they aren't really. When it charges at you to attack, your life will flash before you eyes. Good luck kilying It!

7 Zombie Pig Man

The scariest, worst minecraft mobs. I hate their green flesh and pink meat and how on earth do they stand? They´re like cursed pigs.

They are so creepy! They look like they are rotting, and their moaning sounds get me every time!

They are terrifying, admit it. Their noises, their rotting appearance, scary!

8 Zombie

When I first started playing Minecraft, the first night was horrible. I was killed by them. In creative they also seem to be saying "Brains..." Super scary.

Today I screamed twice because of a baby zombies groan they freak me out

9 Herobrine

I think Herobrine is the scariest Minecraft mob because nobody knows his weaknesses and how he came to be. Herobrine might even be on your Minecraft sever and you don't know it

Herobrine is said to be the attacked spirit of the creator of Minecraft's brother. He is never confirmed to be a real character in the game,and Mojang will never tell us where he originated from. He spawns in the woods and is often seen outside people's doors,looking in with an all white eyed stare. Herobrine is an entity like no other that only has one goal-To haunt your world and use your world for avenging himself...

I think that this should be number one! He's a dude with glowing eyes that somehow gets into your server! And like that isn't creepy enough, he destroys EVERYTHING! All your buildings, your farms, your castles, all your greatest hits will be destroyed by this random Steve named... HEROBRINE!

He is removed now. Before he used to have a diamond sword enchanted with knockback, and the creepiest thing is his shiny eyes... Wait. Also, he have 500 health points, more than any mob ever in Minecraft!

10 Silverfish

I have a slight fear of silverfish. Whenever I see a silverfish, I immediately think about real life silverfish. I am petrified of silverfish in game and off game. They always make me shiver in terror and fright. By the way, look at pictures of real silverfish AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Silverfish stone spawns near lava. It looks like cobblestone but it's harder to mine. I was mining near lava and I destroyed a block above me and a silverfish fell down and into the lava ha! ha!

Super hostile has given me a strong fear of these things...

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11 Skeleton

With a bow and arrow, these guys are hardcore shooters.

You need arrows when you're around a skeleton. They've got amazing range

12 Blaze

They can fly and make scary noises. They throw fireballs.

13 Witch
14 Phantom

It was night. Minecraft actually said "Phantoms are dangerous mobs at night, so sleep normal!" And it happened, those green eyes, flying blue thing, uh it's creepy

They attack you when you haven't slept for 3 minecraft days. To makr matters worse, they fly straight at you while screeching, then bite you!
They even look intimidating!

The sounds they make are so creepy! They come down from the sky and bite you. And they are hard to hit

They're so annoying and hard to kill...

15 Witherboss

Creepy thing with three heads, and he shoots fireballs at you. Plus, if you spawn them in, they lag the me, I speak from expirience.

They put wither effect on you, no wonder they're called a wither!

16 Entity 303

He dumps lava, blows TNT, even wrecks my house, just to kill you.

I thought he was real

17 Evil Dogs

I just hated it when they ran so fast towards you and knock you over.

18 Elder Guardian

These green Squids shoot lasers at you. There are only a few of them, but they are giant.

WHY isn't THIS HIGHER!? they always stare at you and if that wasnt enough, they cast mining fatigue by a ghostly jumpscare

19 Mutant Zombie
20 Ravager

This is a new addition to the game, but is an extremely dangerous and actually pretty creepy mob.

Want 2 know something creepy? The ravager used to be scared of rabbits but then Jeb said"It doesn't fit with the beasts lore"

21 Cave Spider

They live in mines, have tiny legs, and a giant grin! So creepy!

22 Null

He's just so dark and mysterious. At least Herobrine looks like Steve. I dunno, something about an intelligent, almost human mob just sends shivers down my spine.

I think is scary

23 Mutant Creeper

Those big scary green four-legged creepers are scary and, they have really big explosions
The best thing about them is that you kill them and they lay a egg

Big not little big

24 Husk
25 Stray

These things are like skeletons only they live in snow biomes at night. They wear a gray shredded shirt thing and shoot tipped arrows, like fire, poison, water, ice, and other cool arrows.

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