Top 10 Best Minecraft Parody Songs

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1 Don't Mine at Night

A masterpiece of editing, autotune, and genuinely better than the original song. Features clever lyrics and amazing animation, simply the best of it's time.

The My Little Pony parody with Buttons and Sweetie Belle was better than the original.

I really liked this song when I was younger. I miss this song.

2 Fallen Kingdom

This song has shaken me to my core. Truly a worldview-changing song, and not only the lyrics but the music is almost ethereal. Herobrine, not only the antagonist in this gruelling story, could also be representative of his fear and how the king is slowly being broken down by his ages "wearing the crown," pun not intended. This masterpiece clearly deserves the number one spot, and the fact that songs such as Revenge, with horrible singing, and Don't Mine at Night, a song with next to no meaning, have overtaken this song is unbelievably disappointing to me.

This reminds me of the days before Fortnite and before memes, when being called a Minecrafter wasn't an insult, but an honor. When people didn't value a game that was, at its core, like every other FPS game, but instead treasured a game that was new, innovative and infinite. Minecraft was there for us, and it is here now in our time of desperate need. It will always be here, and we can always come back to it. Minecraft is like an old friend.
This song brings those days back. It sings of a glorious past, a chaotic present, and an uncertain future. It sings of a world lost. And that is why Fallen Kingdom brings me to tears with every listen. Not because of its amazing story, or its unreal animation, or TryHardNinja's nothing short of beautiful singing. No, the reason I weep is because it makes me aware of the harsh reality of today. I weep for Minecraft's loss of well-deserved support and praise. I weep for the fact that people keep their Crafting a secret to their friends. I weep for the beautiful game, community, and world that is Minecraft and its abandon into the darkness. I weep not for the world that king has lost, but for the world we have lost. I weep for a golden age gone.

3 Revenge

First Minecraft song I've ever watched, still shed a tear every time I watch it.

This is a masterpiece. The best song makes me squirm.

I mean, it is the most viewed Minecraft song.

4 Mine Diamonds

The words that came out of that kids mouth truly touched me.

It's good for the deaf people, and it's a bloody masterpiece!

This is clearly the best minecraft parady every made and if you don't think so you are autistic.

6 Screw the Nether

The best advice I have ever been given.

My mum heard the word 'screw' and banned me from her iPad mini for a week. still epic.

7 Despacito 3

Better than Fallen Kingdom. First on my list.

Kid actually makes some decent songs.

Epic gamer moment

8 Found a Cave, Hump a Tree

This song is great

9 Take Back the Night

It's so strange how this song has only 1% of votes. Well I still thought it was great and had a really good story to it.

I used to run around the house swinging a wooden toy sword around and listening to this song. Good times.

Wonderful melody, my favorite along with fallen kingdom.

10 Enderman

Best song ever!

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11 Promise
12 This is my Biome

Can't listen to this song and not want to escape to my own little minecraft biome that I call home.

It's got something I find that many other parodies lack. 10/10 worth a listen even if you like others more

Particularly the version by ABTmelody, whose other two songs I prefer, Minecraftable and My Revolver, aren't on this list.

13 New World
14 Trade Shop
15 Revenge Cover
16 Flee for Your Life
17 Mining Ores
18 All I Do Is Mine
19 The Miner

There goes the miner!

20 Minecrap
21 Running Out of Time

Too sad to be top 10, made me cry, too sad.

Quite a sad ending...

22 Mine It Out
23 Thank You
24 MC Gang
25 Safety Torch
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