Top 10 Best Poptropica Islands

Poptropica is an online virtual world that is played by over 75 million people. What do you think the best islands are on this popular game?
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1 Reality TV

I agree with everyone who commented and about the island... It's an awesome island and I like the way everybody had to participate in it and even villains were on the show. And it also had little fun activities you could do with your Poptropican. Some were easy, some were hard. It's challenging and you have to try a lot of times but it's still quite good fun! And the great thing is you can keep playing the seasons of the show!

The only negative thing I find on every island is when you go left or right and there are usually all these ads in between (though none on mystery train island) and it wastes a lot of time.

This island was really, really fun! No, it's not a difficult island, and not as much of a plot entwined as with some of the other islands. But it is so easily replayable! You can just keep coming back, over and over again. I really enjoyed competing against all the different characters, and I always got so nervous when I didn't win a challenge, and then so happy if I didn't get voted off! Which is your favorite challenge? Mine is Hang-Gliding, but I also like Mountain Race and am usually good at Turtle Shell Toss and Shot Put. Though I think very highly of this island, I don't know if it should be number 1. Yes, it is a very fun island, but compared to some of the other islands, like Twisted Thicket (my all-time favorite) which has such an important message, or Mystery Train, which has such an amazing plot, or Astro-Knights, which is incredibly fun and well-thought-out, it's got some pretty tough rivals. Still really good job though!
--Purple Paw

This island is the best! Me and my friends will have duels to see who can beat this island the most. If you don't like it watch Survivor on the ABC channel. The object of this is too not get voted off and you can get "immunity" ( you can't be voted off for one round) by winning the game. A hint that helps a lot of people, after you've filled out the form you may start wondering how you'll get the postage stamp what you do is the number for Pete's pizza call it on the motel phone and send it too Buckys room (4b) hope
This helps and lets you see how awesome of an island this is

I love this island because of the mini games and overall it's the easiest. Now you may not agree but this is my opinion and I also love the funny creative names for you're the other finalists so everyone share your thoughts about this island and vote with me! This island sure is number 1

2 Mythology

Mythology Island is, in my opinion, one of the very best islands they have on Poptropica! The story is so detailed, and it is easy to jump into. I admit, it IS challenging, but that makes you feel like you've actually accomplished something in the end. If anyone hasn't tried Mythology Island yet, I highly suggest you should play it, because it is definitely not a time-waster.

As a player who has completed all the islands and has been with poptropica since shark tooth island, I can for sure say that this is BY FAR my favorite island! It's a bit challenging but really, really entertaining and the story line is great. I could play this island over and over again! Great job poptropica, I'm very impressed!

I used to hate it because I was not a big fan of mythology, and I thought it was too hard. But now I know that this is the best, they did a great job on incorporating parts of mythology in, and being original. The storyline is flawless, and there are so many different original challenges So why is Reality T.V. even in the top 10? That was one of the worst if you ask me. Also, vote for Mocktropica and Game Show so they get in the top ten!

This island was perfect! I love mythology, so when I made a new account after remembering this game, I chose Mythology Island. It was pretty challenging to figure it out, but at the end I was happy! The labyrinth got me stuck and I think battling Zeus was really hard. I'm really glad I did it, though, and I wear my prizes and revisit this island every time! You should try it, it's a beautiful place~

3 Counterfeit

Counterfeit island is one of my favorite islands! You get to learn and figure out if a painting is the real one or counterfeit by using chemicals and magnifying glasses, You get to actually travel to early poptropica to meet someone so it can be confidential, You have to think logically and really feel like your actually in the game as your find the heart pounding clues. So if you haven't played this yet I think you should :) Try doing it with a tutorial/walkthrough because I gotta say,... Its worth it!

I love how you get to uncover the mysteries and use the different gadgets to see if the paintings were real or not. I also really liked the battle at the end where you go against Black Widow! Anyone who hasn't tried this island yet should, it's loads of fun!

I loved this island! So fun! There are a lot of twist and turns and fun games. The storyline is not predictable so there is suspense, which I like! It is not super long or super hard, it is just right! I command (you know what I mean! ) to play it.

Counterfeit is so much fun! I love the mystery in this one and how everything is slowly uncovered! I also LOVE the part where you have to go to Early Poptropica island as a part of Counterfeit island, it's just so cool!

4 Time Tangled

Time tangled island is by far my favorite! The futuristic world at the end is so cool and it's so fun to go to different time periods. Also it teachers you a lot about early world history which sounds boring but the island makes it really interesting! The whole thing is a lot of fun and has a great story line

I loved Time Tangled Island! It was very well thought out, and very much fun to play. This island required thought and knowledge of historical events. Speaking from the point of view of an older student, this island was intelligently crafted.

Time Tangled is a really fun experience, and this is coming from a fourth grader, so a kid who's meant to be playing poptropica. I think that Time Tangled definitely deserves a spot up here because of its creativity and overall fun with learning!

I thought this island rocked! I love how you can travel to different places in time and teaches us about some historical things, people, and places. Time Tangled all the way!

5 Spy

Usually I would say Mythology was the best island, but this one was dead on a winner. I used to be scared of this island because I thought I'd be bald forever but haha that didn't happen at all. The lasers and the robots were challenging and I have to admit: it was hilarious when Director D ripped off his toupee only to reveal a bald head. Plus all the cool gadgets are fun to use, even if I'm terrible at using the grappling hook bowtie :) And like the last person said, I really felt like accomplishing something when I finished.

BEST ONE by far. Love all the cool gadgets and it is so funny, unique and exciting! It is classy and james bond-ish, while still fun to play. I think poptropica has really gone downhill since spy island, when they started producing islands much faster than they used to and they are much less creative and complex.

It is so fun and engaging! You get to use all of these gadgets and I especially like the clue notebook. You're a double agent working for good and bad. There's a twist which is the best part! I played it again and again like ten times but not as much as astro-knights which was fun as well

Spy Island is very fun, with gadgets, costumes, special codes, and more! You have to be clever and witty, as the island is challenging, but it is really entertaining. It makes you feel like a real spy! I suggest anyone who hasn't done Spy Island to try it.

6 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I got really excited when I saw this one! It's exactly like the movie. It's really cool how you get a 6th ticket and it's quite funny when Charlie says, 'I thought they'd tear me up like a chocolate wrapper! '
I loved this island and hope it gets to the top soon.

I really liked this island. It is just like the movie. It's very fun and very interesting. Not necessarily my favorite island but definitely one of the best.

I love all of Roald Dahl's works of art but this island made me love them even more. I must have played this island 4 times in a row and memorized the paths to each room! it never got boring and I still love it to this day. too bad its for members only now. :(

I loved this island! If you love charlie and the chocolate factory, you'll definitely like this!

7 Cryptids

Cryptids is such a fun island to play! I love how they incorporate so many different animal myths. I also love how you get to travel around to several different places to capture each and every mythical animal. It IS challenging, (watch out for Gretchen Grimlock! ) but it makes you feel like you've actually accomplished something. I highly suggest those of you who haven't completed Cryptids to try it, it is very entertaining and fun!

Cryptids is so fun! Yes, Mythology is entertaining, but the Boss fight is so hard! I really like the islands that have an equally challenging story plot, too. And I kinda suck at boss fights, so easy ones are great! Really really love this island mainly because of all the different scenarios you have to get through.

This is one of my favourite islands! It was easy at first then it got harder! I like how you had to travel around the world and capture the creatures. And it has lots of facts about the creatures too. There should be more islands like this one.

It is awesome. I like traveling to look for different animals.. It didn't have a lot of problems. The only problem was that there wasn't enough appearances of the main antagonist, (Gretchen Grimlock) which only appeared twice in the whole game.

8 S.O.S.

This was the first island I did and I loved it! It was fun doing all of the little games to rescue the people, and the problem solving too. I really enjoyed it, more people should play it!

This island was not bad. Tricky but interesting. You get to save all the passengers and have fun along the way.

That's mean this island is good for first island so this should be the island that every body dose

9 Ghost Story

Best island EVER! I was so caught up in the plot, when Fiona's story began to be revealed, I almost cried! this island has the best story line by far and was a pleasure to play. when the voice from the telescope came, I jumped, I was not expecting any actual audio from an island that old! I was holding off from this island for a while because I'm not into things that are scary but surprising enough, this island did an excellent job of tying a some-what creepy subject into a heart-felt journey. I loved every step, definitely recommend.

Ghost Story was one of my favorite islands. I love how the storyline is connected in so many different ways. It always gives me a thrill every time I play it. It has such a sad, yet beautiful ending. I highly recommend it to anyone (whether you're a ghost fanatic or not) because there's so much more to the plot than just "ghosts".

I loved Ghost Story. It had so many twists and turns and things you didn't expect. It had suspense that made everything very fun and exciting. And the romantic twist to it! It totally caught me off guard. I highly recommend this island and it should be put higher than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I LOVED Ghost Story Island. It is DEFINITELY one of my favorites! The ending is sad but very heart warming. It definitely has an unexpected twist to it. I think this island is WAY better than Spy Island. Anyways, I highly recommend this island if your looking for something fun to do in your free time!

10 Astro-Knights

This island is not only my favorite, it is literally the hardest island I ever played. The three bosses on each planet are pretty hard to reach (and beat, if were talking about the Fire Planet one), and the final level with Binary Bard aka Mordred was nearly impossible. You need a LOT of patience with this island

Hands down, the most fun Poptropica island. Not only was it one of the original 9 islands, but the story is great, and the exploration of the planets and the different environments is definitely worth it. Plus the BOSS fights are really entertaining and the island provides a challenge that is both fun and exciting. It's like the best feeling in the world, when you figure out the next step in the game, and it's even better when you beat the level and defeat Mordred.

BEST ISLAND EVER! This was definitely one of the most fun islands ever created. The fact alone that it is basically 4-5 quests is awesome (main land, 3 planets and morded planet). I never used to like this island because of how difficult and time consuming it is. when I was 7, it took me over a month! now that I'm almost 15, I can complete it in about 30 min. because I do each battle in my first time. I've done this island about 4 times total and loved every part, despite how time consuming. I LOVE IT! after finishing, I felt as if I deserved 10 medallions! great island!

This island honestly had the best story plot- who would have thought of combining medieval and outer space together for a theme? It is so fun, you can tell it inspired other outer-space themed islands like Lunar Colony...defeating the dragon boss in Fire Planet is definitely hard, I defeated it using a faster computer in order to beat the heat meter..

The Contenders
11 Mystery Train

I have to admit, this island was awesome. They created a whole mystery for us to solve! It's a very challenging and unique island, the only true mystery on the map. I love how not everybody is who they say they are, which makes it all the more mysterious and fun when you find out. You get all these clues, too! Prune juice, coal marks, suspicious famous folks from the 1800s...where to start? I can tell that the creators really put some work into this island.

Mystery Train Island. It is amazing. I truly believe that this is the best island Poptropica has ever made. Ever. It's the only true mystery genre island on the map, and that's what makes it so special compared to other islands; it's so wonderfully exciting, the tension keeps going up and up, the clues are confusing (like any mystery) but they all fit into the plot perfectly, it's that island that keeps you waiting, that you keep coming back to because it's so darn good! And even after you complete it, it's still so much fun to replay. Simply the best.
--Purple Paw

This is such a cool island! To me, it is very underrated from a educational standpoint, because it has many different historical figures in the storyline, and it made me want to research them to find out more about them. It also strengthened my love for history. Thank you Mystery Train!

I love how you meet lots of different famous people and how you never know what will happen next in the mystery and how not everyone is who they seem to be. It is challenging and as a kid this island was my favorite because of all the exciting adventure and how you learn col stuff about people.

12 Super Power

In my opinion this island should be in the top ten for sure. You get to catch super villains with powers and save the day. You even get to fly at the end! The game is so fun. The only thing I didn't like about it is them giving the island medallion to Ned Noodlehead. I guess it was ok because you just had to give him a hot dog for it, but still. You defeat 5 villains on your own and Ned Noodlehead just finishes off betty Jetty and gets all the credit. And it made me even more furious when I go back to the prison and one of them says. "Now our town is safe again thanks to our hero, Ned Noodlehead. Oh, and you." But overall it's a great island.

I like islands that don't need a walkthrough and can figure out on my own. Super Power island is like that and it more requires skills rather than brains. People who likes excitement and less brain work (though there are still some I mean come on people its poptropica), this island is for you!

Wow. That's what I say about Super Power Island. In my opinion, it is one of the top best islands Poptropica has ever made. Really. It's not incredibly difficult once you get the hang of it, but that's the point; it's so fun and amazing, it's great and easy to just play it over, and over, and over again! I probably have about ten medallions from this island, maybe more, I've completed it so many times already. Truly a work of art.
--Purple Paw

Well I'm speechless I love the island so much but I think it could use a few tweaks. Like how you have to like legit capture like 10 villains and then see the retired superhero just to get the license! I mean come on! So instead I think you just need to show the cops your a superhero making the island that bit easier to complete.
Other then that BEST ISLAND EVER! Right behind POPTROPICON!

13 Wimpy Boardwalk

Eh, Wimpy Boardwalk wasn't truly my favorite... I didn't like it that much, and I rather prefer Classic Poptropica islands besides the copying of a book. I know that the creator of Poptropica is Jeff Kinney (author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid).

I like this island, when it was announced, I was so excited! To this date, it is most likely my 3rd favorite island, next to Cryptids and Monster Carnival.

I like it because you can find coins and put fake vomit and other fun mini games. Also you get to dump popcorn on somebody.

Telling you that this island was awesome. It was quite short but slightly hard ( for example, the Baseball game and the Mt Everest game ).

14 Nabooti

This island is really, really fun! It's not extremely difficult, but it's not easy either. It is what you could call a stereotypical 'adventure' island. But, it's not stereotypical at all! It is a very unique island, traveling around a map of Africa on a plane, collecting jewels in so many different places, and what a creative ending! It is not a predictable island, that's for sure. One of my current favorites! If you love exploring, mysteries, maps, entering mysterious places, or are just an adventurous Poptropica fanatic, I highly suggest you try this island!
--Purple Paw

It is fun how you travel around Africa to find the lost Jewels! I just can't stop playing it!

Great island! I played it a long time ago when it first came out but I can't anymore because its for members only now. :(

15 Poptropolis Games

Really fun game! In my opinion it's way better than reality T.V. However, I think it would be a bit more accurate if you had to be naked, being that's how it was in ancient times. But, I guess that would also mean that girls wouldn't be able to participate which wouldn't be fair.

This island is totally flawless. You get to walk around playing very fun olympic games. So fun! In my opinion the best island there is.

This island reminded me of the Olympics as it came around the time of the 2012 Olympics. It's fun and the bonus quest will make you say, "WHA?! "

I like how this island is like not really an island. I just like how it's so different to the rest of them.

16 Back Lot

Back Lot island was super fun. It had my attention the whole time, I found it extremely entertaining. Ha! I found back lot island, which is about entertainment television, to be very entertaining. Pun. Anyways, Back Lot island is very fun, and I highly recommend it.

This island is one of my favorites it should definitely be at least number 8, because to me it was much better than red dragon, and I really like California and film so it was fun.

This island is fun because it makes you feel like a real star and it is not as complex as other islands and in the end you get to watch your movie. It's super fun people!

Back Lot is such a great island. Nothing too difficult to stress you out, but also unpredictable. Very entertaining! Definitely recommend for any level player.

17 Steamworks

This island deserves to be ranked number one. It's story line is interesting where some of the other island's story lines are completely predicted. Other than Astro knights and Skullyduggery, this is in fact one of poptropica's hardest islands. Unlike some of the others, it uses actual combat. It deserves more credit!

Very challenging island and very visually interesting. Probably the darkest scenery of any island.

Fells good after completing the game at the end.
Since it's a mass island, it gives you it a challenge, but the plant monsters make it fun when defeated
Especially the plant core one of the toughest games ever created in poptropica history right now it's
Only 2012 so there may be more.

Steamworks is just my all-time favorite island! I love the steampunk feel to it and the storyline is great!

18 Shrink Ray

It was the BEST. Period. Mythology is fun, but isn't there supposed to be something to actually do with the Sphinx? And the battle with Zeus is super hard. If you know how to beat shrink ray, it is by far the best poptropica island.

This was such an awesome island! You really have to think in some spots like the time when you have to go to the bulletin board to find the combo for the telescope, or when you have to make the salt catapult, plus when move things around in the garbage. You have to think sciencey in order to complete this island. The science lovers out there will have to play this island! =D

Shrink ray is no way a tool, my friend played it and said it is a tool. I do not use that kind of language, but that is what she said and I feel bad for her that she did not enjoy it.

SO FUN! It's funny how you're small for most of the island. And what the end of CJ's Science Project is. It has puzzles, never-expected-things, and most importantly it's a whole lot of fun.

19 24 Carrot

I loved it because it was interesting and it had me on my toes the whole time. Some parts are kinda funny, and Dr. Hare was pretty cute! (Though he was evil... ) The story is really unique, but a challenge.

Dr. Hare was pretty cool and it was like so interesting! I think everyone should check it out as it is easy and fun!

I love Doctor Hare, He really is the BEST bOsS ever... I wish he would join the tribe I am in... Oh well -Lauren205**

This is one of the original islands! It's simple yet entertaining.

20 Skullduggery

This island is clearly the most thought out and carefully coded! It's not a typical Poptropica island because along with solving puzzles and riddles, you get to earn money, hire people, trade objects, and rank up to defeat the evil pirate. It's the most intense and difficult island by far and it took me days to finish, but it has so many characters, places, objects, and mini games that I'm surprised and mad that it isn't in the top 10. This is the best Poptropica island!

I joined Poptropica a few months before Time Tangled was released, back when there wasn't even a second page to the map. Fast forward two to three years and I start to move on to other things. Now, it's 2016. And I still remember my experiences on Poptropica. My favorite island, hands down, has to be Skullduggery. I loved the ship battles and such (obviously, or else I wouldn't even remember it! ).

Was very fun getting ranked up. I liked exploring all of the different islands and getting clues to make the map. I also liked destroying ships and killing sea animals to get money to buy boats.

I remember playing this island at least 4 separate times, and every single time was an amazing experience. I'm surprised that fewer people mark this as their favorite.

21 Early Poptropica

Early poptropica was the first poptropica island ever! It was super fun and pretty simple to play. I mostly just like flying around with the jet pack though...

I really did not like early poptropica that much. But the jet pack was awesome!

Its really easy but fun

22 Red Dragon

Red Dragon's story plot and well developed story characters made this island one of a kind. The story really came to life and was never a time when you weren't doing something exciting and challenging. Not to forget the beautiful scenery and detail that resembled the book in Japan so clearly. One of my favorite islands by far...

I DISAGREE! The Red Dragon island is so hard, especially when you have to defeat the fire dragon! I kept throwing my amo at him, but I didn't see him being defeated! Trust me, it's hard and I've tried it so many times! It's also kinda boring to me. Overall, it SHOULDN'T be in the top 10!

There were a lot of interactive things we could do in that island. Honestly, it had the most action in my opinion. I mean, who doesn't love climbing walls and feeling powerful? This was like the most interesting island too, especially because it was based off a book!

I LOVE this island! It is certainly high up in my list of absolute favorite islands. It is one of the very few islands on Poptropica that takes place in ancient times, and I would say that it is the most fun 'ancient' island. Why? Well, who doesn't like becoming a ninja and breaking into a Japanese fortress to save their friends from disaster, and then ride on the back of a cloud dragon to save the city!?
--Purple Paw

23 Super Villain Island

I really did love this island! The super villain and super hero islands are SO interesting. I mean, my personal favorite out of super hero and super villain island... Well, there isn't one! My favorite in the experience would probably just be super villain island. Since super hero had flying powers in it, I loved it! But I really did Love Super Villain island and I highly recommend it.

Super Villain Island is amazing! I love that they brought back so many characters from previous islands, even the ones you only see for a few seconds in the elevator. It was a bit confusing, because I did this island before I completed AstroKnights, but it was set up in a way that was easy to understand and very entertaining.

It is such a fun island, my favorite part about this island is that you can go into the villain's dreams and the most challenging part for me was Black widow and Binary bard's dreams. I definitely recommend it!

This island is what I would call the best island in Poptropica. The fact that you get to explore the minds of 4 amazing villains is extraordinary! The dreams are quite detailed and fun to explore.

24 Night Watch

I am not a member, but I just completed this island yesterday, in 2 days. It keeps you on your toes and includes tons of thrilling things you can do. I take back what I said about Spy Island. This totally rules! It's open to anyone now, so I reccomend you try it. I also liked how you could visit these different stores. The best parts were the air vent chase at the end and the scooter. The smartphone was extremely cool, too.

Fun, but wayyy to tedious. I liked the plot but I personally don't have the time to go back and forth between 3 scenes. I enjoyed it but I thought there could have been a better change of scenery. it get kinda boring when your'e just walking between 2 or 3 scenes. I liked playing it the first time but I probably wouldn't play more than once.

This island is the best. I finished it ages ago, but I still play it heaps. Trying to capture the bandit is so fun for me, I just never want to stop playing.

Night watch island was fun to complete. I loved being able to go to different stores and find out who the criminal was.

25 Survival

Survival island is THE BEST! I think this because:

1. It's a great difficulty, not too easy or not too hard, just right. It's great for nearly all level of Poptropicans.

2. This island always kept me on my feet, especially episode 4 and 5, the story line is perfect.

3. You have to figure this out pretty much independently, you don't have to talk to people on the island to achieve anything, it's all in what you do and the items you find all by yourself.

For all 45 islands I've complete, the Survival Island Episodes tick all the boxes. It's a must for everyone.

I have earned every single medal thus far, and I can honestly say that this island is definitely my favorite. It isn't even a close second. Episodes 4 and 5 are VERY intense, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time during episode 5. The first time I played the island, I was on Skype with my cousin. He eventually had to ask me if I was okay, because of how I was out during the last two episodes! Yes: it's THAT good.

This game is amazing. Finding food, to shelter; its about surviving in forest after a plane crash. And then you get rescued. Right? Wrong! You have to send a radio signal so someone can find you, and this animal hunter comes and rescues you and takes you to his house. Then you find a note telling you to escape, so you do and realise the hunter is hunting you!
It has so much adventure and tells an amazing story as well.

The best island of them all! Easy to complete and super fun! Keeps you on your toes, especially episode 4 and 5, you can use your logic and it makes you feel like you are apart of the game!

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